Um, this is based off a hentai manga I've read a while back and . . . . you know what, just enjoy the show.

Warning: smut, language, implied M-preg, and a broken leg to ice the cake!

Tabby Lust by Boogermeister

For a couple of months, Grimmjow had been looking after a stray cat that he had encountered on partially rainy day, and he didn't regret one bit. It happened on a Spring day, on a way to his apartment when he heard a weak mewing in a nearby alley. It had just rained so the handsome blunet could smell the old garbage as he quickly stepped into the narrow, dirty space. He could hear the weak noise getting louder and louder at each of his step, until he saw a flicker of a slim, orange-striped tail underneath a soaked pizza box. He blinked, and saw the tail again, twitching a little as he realized that it was a cat.

"Aw, shit . . . ." he muttered softly, he stepped carefully and slowly for the crumpled box, hoping that he won't scare the poor injured kitten away. But as soon as his fingers gripped at the edge of the box, the feline seemingly mewed in relief and Grimmjow carefully lifted up the flimsy contraption. "You okay, Kitten?" he muttered, only to see two bright eyes, mixed of honey-gold and brown, peering right back at him.

". . . . Merow . . . .?" the kitten rumbled softly, wondering who was the nice human was who paid attention to him when nobody else didn't. But he was still wary, as he slowly stepped out into what little sunlight that peered into the alley.

"Hey there, Kitten . . . ." Grimmjow smirked at the sight of the orange-striped tabby, who flicked his ears before cocking his head to the side. The kitten stared at him and let out a soft yet quizzical meow, the man's smile was a bit scary and yet it was appealing to him. Like he could get used to the one who 'saved' him from the rain and the soaking box. "Aw, come here . . . . you wanna come home with me?" smirked the human, slowly he reached down and picked him up.

The kitten instantly purred at the warm hands and chest and curled into a ball, immediately glad that he was being taken care of. And now the young cat was named Ichigo, after staring curiously at a couple of strawberries when Grimmjow were snacking the day he brought him home, and he enjoyed every minute of the day with his Master. When Master left for work, Ichigo would make a sad mew.

"Come on, I'll be back, Ichi," smirked Grimmjow. And that was the promise everyday, as Ichigo would immediately rub tenderly at his Master's ankles the minute he came home. The cat loved being scratched behind the ears and down his back, and loved to snuggle on his Master's strong chest around bedtime. But sometimes he wished to show how much he really loved his Master, after being rescued after the death of his mother and the adoption of his littermates before his predictament.

But all of that changed when Grimmjow broke his left leg at work, which was hard to believe when it was a white-collar job and the cause of it was him falling over a flight of stairs after accidently missing a step. He was bed-ridden most of the time, only to use crutches for the bathroom and to feed him and Ichigo. But it seemed that his pet could understand his pain, as he would give the concrete cast a dirty look before curling up against his Master.

"Tch, I know, Kitten . . . . but nothing can be done about it," Grimmjow mumbled, scratching behind his cat's ears. It was bedtime, as Ichigo climbed onto the strong chest and purred softly, his bright honey brown eyes gazed at his Master's sleepy cyan-colored ones before Grimmjow put up a soft smirk. "Don't worry, tomorrow's gonna be better . . . ." he mumbled before closing his eyes for a deep slumber.


Grimmjow yawned in his sleep, his mind wouldn't let him wake up just yet but he didn't mind to sleep in late. "Hmm . . . . Murning . . . . Ichi," he mumbled thickly, his heavy hand reaching up to scratch behind his pet's ears.

". . . . Good morning, Master."

". . . ." Grimmjow just grinned tiredly through closed eyes, there was no way that his cat could talk to him. After all, he could hear the tender purring against his chest. But then again . . . . there was no way that his cat could feel heavy against his chest as well as his stomach and his good leg. "Heh . . . . like Ichi could talk and feel this heavy . . . ." he mumbled, continuing his scratching.

"Master, I already said good morning . . . ."

That opened his eyes immediately, and stared down at who it was. But his eyes caught the same bright honey eyes of his cat . . . . only that it was a orange-haired naked young man draped over his body. ". . . . The fuck!" he gasped in disbelief, as the youth simply smiled.

"Master, it's me . . . . Ichigo," smiled 'Ichigo'. Grimmjow just stared at him with wide eyes, noticing the striped ears and tail, then back at the man's calm expression before letting out a confused chuckle.

"It's gotta be a dream, that's it . . . . Ichi can't be a naked dude on my bed," he chuckled, nearly surprised at himself for not laughing louder. "That's it, the real Ichigo's just hiding in my apartment somewhere." 'Ichigo' frowned lightly, one of his ears flicked as he sat up on the man's waist, much to the other man's deeper confusion. "And you . . . . I don't know who you are, buddy, but I'm a bit freaked out that you're ass-naked and in my house-"

"Master, don't you recognize me?" the man frowned sadly. "It's really me . . . . look, it's my collar and everything." Grimmjow blinked in utter puzzlement when 'Ichigo' bared his neck, and blinked again when he noticed the black leather collar and the jingling name tags attached to it. All of sleep evaporated from his mind when he realized what it said.

'Ichigo', it said on the first tag, as well as his name and the contact number on the second one in case his pet accidently wandered into the streets. "It's me, Master . . . . I'm Ichigo, the who you rescued after that rainy day in the alley," Ichigo frowned, his ears folded down when Grimmjow stared at him as if he wasn't the same cat as before. "You're the only human who loved me, and . . . . I love you back, but since you don't believe me . . . ." Ichigo just bowed his head, fearing of getting kicked out by the only person who cared about him.

"Wow . . . . didn't know you can become like this, Kitten," Grimmjow sighed in relief, and Ichigo glanced up in a mix of surprise and relief. "Whoo, thought I was going crazy from the pain medicine but good thing you're still my Ichi," he smirked lightly, reaching up to scratch behind his ears. Ichigo immediately smiled and purred and leaned in for the scratch, practically lying back over his Master. "Ah . . . . Whoa, wait a sec," he muttered almost nervously, and his cat . . . . or person glanced at him with a light confusion.

"What is it, Master?" he frowned.

"Well, you're naked . . . ." he pointed out but Ichigo still frowned.

"I've always been naked, Master," he muttered, his tail flicked around. "That hadn't bothered you before."

"That's . . . . different, you're naked like other people," sighed Grimmjow, but clearly his pet doesn't understand as he smiled at him.

"It's not that bad, Master, I've also seen you naked," he smiled, nuzzling against his hard warm chest. Grimmjow frowned but said nothing else to deter his mind. But that was true, many times he had walked around the apartment in the nude and Ichigo had gazed at him as if it was nothing. "Master . . . .?"

"Ah, yeah?" muttered Grimmjow.

"Do . . . . do you still love me?" Ichigo frowned sheepishly. "I know I'm like this but . . . ."

"Of course, Kitten, you're the same cat I love," sighed the blunet but the feline youth sat up again and shook his head a little.

"I know but . . . . would you love me as a . . . . mate?" he mumbled, his clawed fingers fiddled at the hem of his Master's shirt. Grimmjow blinked and his jaw dropped, leaning onto his elbows to stare at him. A mate? A mate as in . . . . a lover? "Please, Master . . . . I've never felt like this before, but my feelings for you are true," sighed Ichigo. "When I said I loved you, I really do . . . . and . . . . I want you to be the one to take me." At the last words, he mumbled so quietly that he assumed that the blunet didn't hear him.

". . . . To take you?" Grimmjow muttered, yet didn't sound surprised even to himself. Ichigo folded back his ears and nodded meekly. Grimmjow gazed him then at his body, he was lean with some muscles but he really was good-looking. Even if he was his cat. He sat up, ignoring the dull pain on his injured leg, and cupped his pet's face. "You really want me to take you, Ichigo?" he murmured softly.

"Yes, Master . . . ." Ichigo muttered, nearly purring into the man's warm palm when he was treated with a light smirk. "I really love you," he purred softly.

"I know . . . ." Grimmjow's hands caressed at the slim shoulders of his pet, surprised at how smooth and flawless he was. "But . . . . do you really want me to do it now, Ichigo?"

"That's why I'm like this, Master," Ichigo purred. "I want it . . . . I want you." Grimmjow smirked lightly and cupped his face again, leaning close to stare at the amber eyes.

"Well . . . . it's been a while since I got laid," he sighed.

"What's 'laid' . . . .?" his pet blinked innocently and Grimmjow smirked.

"You'll know soon enough," he smirked, leaning to plant his lips against Ichigo's. The feline youth perked up his ears at the action, yet purred when his Master nibbled at his bottom lip. "Open up . . . ."

"Hm . . . .?" Ichigo tried to ask what he had meant, but his Master immediately muffled his noise when he stuck his tongue into his mouth. He was a bit taken aback by the humanly action but complied as he tasted the sweet taste of his Master. "Hhmm . . . . Hmm, Master . . . ." he purred deeply through the kisses.

"Hm, you like the kiss?" murmured Grimmjow.

"So that's how human mates kiss . . . ." smiled Ichigo, revealing the small but pearly-white canines. "I like that." He then returned the kiss, though it was a bit different as he gave coyful licks to his Master's lips. Grimmjow chuckled before kissing back, his slightly calloused hands traveled down to his pet's slim waist. "Mmh . . . . my Master . . . . you're getting aroused . . . .?" he mewed as his tail swished around slowly. "I can feel it under me."

"Ah . . . . yeah, a little," murmured the blunet. Now that he thought about it, he hadn't taken in much of Ichigo's nude form. He glanced down to his bareness, but his pet wasn't aroused as his member was still limp between his legs. "But . . . . it's no fun if you're not as aroused."

"Huh . . . .?"

"Come here," he smirked, his hands now grasping at his behind. Ichigo mewed out of surprise when his hips were being lifted, but gazed at his Master in confusion.

"Master . . . .?" he frowned but was reassured with a kiss.

"As a cat, you know how to lick yourself, right?" he smirked, Ichigo blinked at that but nodded. "Well, I guess that means you should try licking me . . . ."

"Lick Master's . . . ." Ichigo pondered before a sudden realization came to him and he grinned widely. "Of course . . . .! Anything for you, Master . . . .!" he grinned with a happy purr.

"Ah! Careful with my leg," he winced a little when his pet crawled off his lap. But he didn't mind the pain as Ichigo removed the bedsheet covering his waist. The youth could see the aroused bulge tenting in the cotton boxer and he rumbled out an excited purr. "Don't worry, Kitten, there's nothing to be anxious about it," smirked Grimmjow, and his pet purred some more as his Master scratched behind his ears. "Come on, Ichigo . . . ." he groaned softly, through the opening of his boxer he slowly pulled out his partial arousal. "Do it, do it for Master."

"Yes . . . . Master," purred Ichigo. He smiled fondly when he grasped it, feeling that it was a bit heavy but he could feel that it was getting harder by the second. "Hmm," he purred and couldn't wait any longer, as he stuck his tongue out to swipe at the tip.

"Fuck . . . . your tongue's like a fucking sandpaper," groaned Grimmjow, as his pet proceeded to take long licks up and down the straining shaft. He inhaled deeply to control his long unused sexual needs, that precome began to ooze out. But Ichigo quickly caught it, purring lovingly at the taste of it.

"Master, you taste so good . . . ." purred Ichigo with a small grin.

"Really . . . .? Come on, you gotta do more than that, Kitten," smirked Grimmjow. His pet nodded, licking at the tip one more time before finally engulfing the straining member. "Ah, fuck . . . . that's it, Ichi," he groaned softly, gripping at the tangerine-colored hair. Ichigo rumbled out a deep purr, and his Master groaned at the sexy feeling of the vibration. "Good, you're doing good," he put up a smirk as Ichigo bobbed up and down slowly, one hand gripped at his inner thigh the other grasping at the base of the erection. "Keep doing it, and you'll get Master's milk . . . ."

"Mmhh . . . ." Ichigo moaned as he continued, the lewd act was soon making him hard but also making his entrance wet. The thought of being with his Master was making his body hot. His free hand reached into the hole of the boxer to fondle at the soft testicles, and his Master groaned deeply.

"Fuck, you're getting impatient, huh?" he groaned, hanging his head back as tightening feeling coiled in his stomach. "Shit, Ichigo . . . ."

"Hhmm, Master . . . ." Ichigo grinned as he removed his mouth, saliva connected to the damp tip.

"Don't stop, Kitten," Grimmjow grunted softly. "As a matter of fact, why not bring your ass here as you continue?" Ichigo purred and shifted his lithe body over the injured man, who smirked a little when his pet lifted up his hips close to him. "Shit," he smirked before Ichigo resumed sucking him off, "I didn't know that male cats can get even wet." Reclining back, he gripped at his cat's cheeks and spread them apart, revealing the leaking entrance. He could feel Ichigo's rumbling purr over his erection and he groaned. He knew he couldn't wait any longer and subconsciously bucked his hips up, nearly startling his pet. "Sorry, Kitten, but I'm getting close . . . ."

"Mmh . . . ." Ichigo got the message and bobbed his head faster. He wanted to taste his Master, to feel the warm 'milk' sliding down his throat. "Hm- Mmh . . . .!" he muffled, when a finger suddenly thrusted into him, and he clenched around it out of reflex.

"Aw, you didn't expect that, did you?" smirked Grimmjow, observing that his pet's tail stood straight up when he stuck his finger into him. But he could feel the wet and tight muscles around the digit. "Don't stop sucking, I'm almost close and we both know that you want my milk." Ichigo shuddered but quickly resumed, though he couldn't concentrate with his Master fingering him right now. "Fuck . . . . fuck . . . . fuck, Ichi . . . ." groaned Grimmjow, as the feeling was building up too greatly. "It's coming . . . .! Ichigo . . . .!"

Ichigo muffled out a moan when his Master finally climaxed, swallowing load after load of the seed before pulling away and eagerly licked up the last of it from the gradually lax member. "Tasty . . . . that was tasty, Master," he purred, his tongue swiping up the last drops off his lips. "Your milk was so good, Master."

"Fuck . . . ." Grimmjow panted lightly from the climax, but put up a smirk when his pet nuzzled his member back to arousal. "You're such a good-ass pet, Kitten . . . . I can't believe it."

"Thank you, Master," Ichigo grinned as he glanced over his shoulder.

"But . . . . guess I continue what I was doing," he smirked, suddenly putting a second finger into the tight entrance. Ichigo tensed before letting out a shaky mew. "Hmm, you like that, Ichigo?" he mused, seeing that Ichigo's face were blushing deep red.

"Nnh, y-yes, Master . . . ." he moaned softly, his ears flattening down submissively.

"And it's getting loose a little . . . ." Grimmjow noted as he twisted his fingers around. His eyes glanced up at the still stiffened tail, and an idea came up as he smirked a little. "I wondered . . . ." he smirked, gripping at the base the striped appendage.

"Reaow!" Ichigo squeaked out and he stared wide-eyed at his Master. What was he doing?

"Tch, I heard that when cats are in heat, they like to be touch right here . . . ." Grimmjow smirked, taking out his fingers to press at the sensitive skin connected to the tail.

"Wha- Ah, Master . . . .!" Ichigo whined, shivering at the pressure as his hot body began to sweat. "Mreow . . . . Master, please . . . .!"

"It's really that sensitive, Kitten?" grinned Grimmjow.

"Y-yes . . . .!" he moaned, biting back his mewing as his entrance was getting wetter. He needed this, it was getting too much for him. "Please, Master . . . . h-hurry up and mate with me!"

"Ahh, it's that what you want?" his Master grinned but he let go of the tail to stick the two fingers back in. Interestingly enough, the once tight hole was getting more and more loose while clear secretion was oozing out. It was like his cat was acting like a female in heat, aching to be dominated. But for some reason, it was turning him on by the thought of it. "Shit, Kitten, if that's what you want . . . ." he growled lustfully.

"Yes, Master . . . . I want you," mewed Ichigo. "I can't wait any more . . . .!" He quickly sat up, gripping at his Master's full erection, and suddenly impaled himself onto it. "Guh . . . .!" he winced out at the sudden penetration from just the tip alone.

"Shit . . . .!" Grimmjow groaned out in surprise, feeling himself getting swallowed up by the warm contracting muscles. "Fuck, Ichigo, give me a warning next time but you're feeling so good . . . .!"

"Master . . . .!" moaned Ichigo before finally being filled up, panting deeply as he tried to get used to the stretch inside of him. His striped tail twitched around when his hips were suddenly gripped.

"Tch, maybe next time, when you look like this again, I'll give you a serious punishment for being so damn impatient," Grimmjow gritted with a devious smirk.

"Master- Ah-ahh . . . .!" Ichigo moaned out when Grimmjow pulled up his hips before slamming him back down. "Ah! So g-good . . . .!" he yelped as his Master thrusted his hips up to meet his.

"Good is fucking right . . . . I can feel you so deep, Ichigo!" grunted Grimmjow.

"R-really, Master . . . .?" moaned his pet. "Does it feel that good . . . .?"

"What do you think . . . .? I'm practically feeling dizzy from this hole of yours," he smirked weakly, watching his pet bouncing violently on his erection.

"Mmm . . . . must be f-from my pheromones . . . .!" Grimmjow didn't care either way, as he thrusted harder into him. "Nnghh, Master . . . .! Master . . . .!" Ichigo whined loudly.

"Call me Grimmjow, Kitten . . . .!"

"Gr . . . . Grimmjow, p-please, fuck me harder!" he yowled. Grimmjow growled and thrusted up harshly, and Ichigo yowled even louder. "There! Fuck me there, Grimmjow . . . .!" he cried in ecstasy. "That felt so good . . . .!"

"All right . . . .!" grinned Grimmjow, he knew what 'there' was. "Turn your body so I can get it!" Ichigo barely nodded as the bouncing reluctantly slowed down before twisting his body to face his demanding Master. "Fuck, you're one sexy Kitten . . . .!" Grimmjow grunted with a lustful grin as he resumed to thrust. The look on his pet writhing and moaning with his face drenched with sweat and red from blushing so much was making him harder than possible.

"Fuck . . . .! Grimmjow, you're getting there so deep!" he moaned.

"I know, even though you keep clenching me so tight!" the blunet grunted. Ichigo barely nodded, even being wet his insides couldn't help but trying to milk his Master dry. He wanted to be filled up by him, as he stared down at Grimmjow's half-lidded eyes. "Fuck, Ichi . . . .!" Grimmjow groaned deeply as he sat up, Ichigo moaned when the thrusts were getting more erratic before his lips were captured by his Master. "Mm, you taste just like my milk . . . ."

"Heh . . . ." Ichigo was in euphoria, his dream will come true in only a few thrusts. It wouldn't be long until he will have a part of his Master inside him. "Please, Grimmjow . . . .! Fill me up, I want it . . . .!" he moaned through the deep, sloppy kisses. "I want your thick seed, please . . . .!"

"You want it, Ichi?" smirked Grimmjow, soon the great feeling was building up once last time.

"Yes . . . .!" moaned Ichigo.

"You want it . . . .?"


"You want it!"

"Yes, Grimmjow, I want it!" screamed Ichigo.

"Here . . . .!" Ichigo arched his back and tossed his head up in a silent scream, his insides clenching even tighter as Grimmjow exploded into him. He finally let out a choked gasp at the hot and sticky feeling, while Grimmjow managed a few last thrusts before letting out a deep breath. "Fuck . . . .!" he panted breathlessly.

"Master . . . ." moaned Ichigo, his slender arms wrapped loosely around the bigger man. "Thank you, that's what I wanted . . . . to be with you . . . ."

"Shit . . . . you even came and you didn't realize it," Grimmjow smirked weakly as he hugged back and he could feel the sticky mess between their sromachs. "But it was worth it, I hadn't fucked like that since ever . . . . you're really a good pet, Ichigo."

"Thank you, Master . . . ." Ichigo purred deeply, smiling when his Master's seeds settled inside of him. He licked softly at his lips before being dragged into a deep kiss.

"Mmh . . . . I could just fuck you again, but I'm getting tired again," Grimmjow smiled tiredly. "Maybe we can do it after one nap, right?" Ichigo gazed at him and smiled softly as he purred.

"Okay . . . ." he replied as they laid down. Ichigo got off his Master's finally spent member and placed his head against the strong chest. It wasn't long until he felt the gentle scratching behind the ears and his purrs deepened. But he mentally frowned, because his instincts will soon tell him to do something that would devastate his beloved Master.

He doesn't want to do it but he has to.


Three months later . . . .

Grimmjow just frowned sadly as he stared down at the black reflection of his coffee. It had been three months, and he still hadn't found Ichigo. The moment he woke up from his slumber after having sex with him, he had realized that his pet wasn't in his bed. He had called him throughout the small apartment but he was nowhere to be seen. He was truly devastated, he had loved that cat, even though he could turn into a person for that one day.

During the first few weeks, he had hanged up flyers with pictures of his orange-striped tabby but nothing came up. Some of his friends understood his grief but a few suggested to give up and get a new pet. But he couldn't do that, because he really loved Ichigo. ". . . . Shit," he grumbled, tossing his now cold coffee into the kitchen sink.

He had done everything to search for him, even searching in that alleyway where he first found him, but still nothing. Then where could have Ichigo gone to? Strolling up to the window next to the stove, he opened it and stuck his head out. Maybe some fresh air could clear his mind a little.

". . . . Where are you, Kitten?" he frowned, staring into space.

". . . . . Reow . . . ."

Grimmjow blinked and glanced around, he lived on the third floor but frowned in confusion at what he had just heard. Could it be . . . .? ". . . . Ichigo?" he called out.

"Mreow . . . . .!"

"Ichigo . . . .!" Grimmjow gasped in surprise and glanced down, through the gated vision of the fire escape he could see something orange. "Ichigo, is that you?"

"Mew, Merow . . . .!" And he saw him, the same orange tabby with the honey-brown eyes. Grimmjow's lips stretched to the biggest grin he can do, without thinking twice he jumped onto the fire escape and climbed down.

"Ichigo! Ichigo! I am so fucking glad that you're all right!" he laughed in glee, swinging off the ladder and landed onto the ground as soon as the feline ran up to him and jumped into his arms. "Aw, Ichi . . . .! I was so worried about you!" he smiled, hearing the loving purr against his chest. "But . . . . how, and why did you run off a few months back?" he frowned a little, scratching behind his ears.

Ichigo glanced up at him and let out a sad mew, he knew that it was his fault for leaving his Master but he blamed his instincts for making him leave his love. ". . . . But . . . . it doesn't matter now, Kitten," Grimmjow sighed deeply. "I'm just glad that you're safe and sound now. Now let's go home . . . ."

"Reow, reoww . . . ." rumbled Ichigo, wiggling from his Master's hold as he pawed at his chest.

"Huh? What is it, Ichigo?" frowned Grimmjow.

"Mew . . . . mew . . . ." The blunet blinked at the tiny noises nearby and glanced around, before Ichigo leapt out of his arms.

"Ichigo . . . .?" he frowned in light confusion as his long-lost pet trotted to the nearby trashcans, only to widen his eyes in disbelief when Ichigo hauled in a young kitten by the scruff of the neck. "Wh-what . . . .?" he gasped softly as Ichigo then hauled out another kitten. He couldn't believe it, Ichigo was clearly a boy and yet . . . . he had kittens? "These . . . . these are your babies, Ichigo?" he questioned, truly not getting it as he stepped closer.

Ichigo glanced at him and mewled happily, rubbing at his ankles. Grimmjow had a hard time to believe this, but then again, he did have sex with his pet. Wait . . . . Grimmjow stared at the kittens, who looked no more than four weeks old, and just blinked dumbly.

Did he . . . .?

The kittens, one was smokey greyish-blue and one orange-striped with white paws, glanced up with clear blue eyes and mewed squeakingly. "Oh fuck . . . ." he sighed in disbelief. "That can't be fucking right." All the while, Ichigo purred tenderly as he glanced up and Grimmjow glanced. "Are they . . . .?" he tried to ask, but his pet replied with an eager nod, practically mewing out a 'yes'.

"Oh . . . . that's fucking great . . . ."



Special Omake Time!

A day after finding out that he 'fathered' kittens with Ichigo, Grimmjow decided to take the new family to the local vet to figure out Ichigo's . . . . condition, if he has any. And it turned out that the cat does have one.

Even though that Ichigo was a male and have male genitals, he also have reproductive organs like a female and can get into heat and have babies. In a way, Ichigo was some sort of an hermaphodite, but that just confused Grimmjow even more.

But in the end he was still happy as long as Ichigo and the kittens were healthy and gotten used to his 'unique' family . . . . until Ichigo went into a heat one day when his Master was showering, and surprised him in the bathroom. "Ich . . . . Ichigo!" Grimmjow yelped out, when his pet happily jumped into the shower.

"Hello, Master . . . . I think you know what this means, right?" Ichigo purred, kneeling in front of the shellshocked blunet and quickly fondled at his Master's member into a full erection. "I want you again . . . ." he purred before engulfing the man's erection.

"Oh, shit . . . .!" Grimmjow gasped, but mostly out of lust.


The End.

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