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Warning: smut, language, threesome, twincest *giggles*, and psuedo-beastiality!

Tabby Lust 4 by Boogermeister

A pure white stray cat trotted soundlessly through the dark and empty streets. Considering his fur color, he would have been easily spotted in the dead of night and sent to an animal shelter. But he hadn't been picked up by any human, though he was once owned by one along with his littermates. But it had been years, in cat time, since he had last seen any of them and been wandering from one alley to another.

But there was another reason why he hadn't been owned by the humans, it was mostly had to do with his eyes that creeps them out. It was fairly normal for felines to have golden yellow eyes . . . . but not as normal with black coloring where the whites of the eyes should be. He had been noticed by the humans before but by the looks of the eyes would make them wary of him. As if he was a demon.

But he didn't care, it wasn't like he didn't like them back. In fact, he had spent several weeks with an eccentric man who owned a black cat with sharp golden eyes. He was cared for by him, but wasn't given a name by the blonde man who would walk around with a cane and a green-striped hat, since the human said that someday he will be adopted by someone else. The white cat didn't want to believe that, but black cat named Yoruichi assured him about it.

After all, her Master had never steered one wrong. The white cat simply shrugged before going off to another adventure, wandering around in one area of the town for a few weeks before noticing something in the air one day. It smelled . . . . so very familiar to him, like he hadn't forgotten about it after so long. He wandered to where that scent was coming from, until he came across an apartment complex. He let out a grumble-like merow, there was no way that he can in by the front door.

He sniffed again and realized the subtly sweet scent was coming from behind the building. Under the darkness, his fur seemed to glow from the yellow streetlamp but he trotted into the dark back alley. He glanced up and sniffed again, the scent was definitely strong around here. His gold-black eyes stared and blinked in surprise.

An orange-striped tabby was lounging by the opened window, dozing as he was relishing the warm night air with tail flickering around. He didn't realize that he was being stared at by the white cat, who seemingly smirked at the surprise. He knew who he was, but before he could call out, someone else had beaten him to it. "Ichigo . . . .! Come, it's time for bed . . . .!" White ears perked up at the sound of a human man's voice and frowned, as 'Ichigo' turned his head for the voice before pouncing back inside.

The white cat grumbled but smirked again. So his little brother was owned here by that man, as he purred softly.


Ichigo purred calmly as he kneaded his paws on his Master Grimmjow's lap before earning a scratch behind his ears. He was getting a last few moments with him before the human goes to work, but he didn't mind as long as he had his young kittens to tend to for the day. His honey brown eyes glanced up at the handsome man's face and purred again to get his attention from his reading the newspaper. "Reoww . . . ." he mewled, pawing at the man's thighs.

"Hmm, you just love attention, don't you?" smirked Grimmjow when he glanced down at him, in response Ichigo purred and nuzzled against his stomach. "You know that I gotta go to work, Kitten, but as always I'm coming back," he sighed before putting the paper away. Ichigo leapt out of his lap as his Master got up from the living room couch.

"Merow . . . ." Ichigo rumbled but Grimmjow smirked as he reached down for him.

"Don't worry, soon you'll be back to your other self . . . . and then we'll have some good time, all right?" he muttered, scratching behind his ears before standing up. "See you later, Ichigo . . . ." he called out, leaving him finally in the empty apartment.

"Mew . . . ." yawned Ichigo. 'Man . . . .' He trotted into the kitchen and leapt onto the counter for the opened window. Today was going to be warm sunny day, and he couldn't wait to sunbathe for a while. "Reuww, reow-mew . . . ." he rumbled, stepping onto the ledge before curling up with the sun rays on him. 'Hmm, maybe I can lay here for an hour . . . .'

"Ruff, ruff . . . ." The tabby's striped ears perked up and he grumbled by his Master's neighbor's pet dog Renji's so-called greeting. 'Hey, what's up . . . .!' barked Renji, his head sticking out of the window next to him with his open-mouthed grin from his panting.

"Rreww . . . ." frowned Ichigo as he gazed at him. 'Shut up . . . .'

"Wrroooh, ruff-wruff wroof," grinned Renji with his tongue hanging out. 'Aw, don' be like that, Ichi.' "Rooff, rhuff arff-arff." 'Just because your heat's coming soon, it doesn't mean you should act prissy about it.'

"Mew merow-meww, reow," Ichigo huffed. 'Doesn't matter, you won't be able to fuck me anyway.'

"Ruff-arff arff, wroof," the crimson-furred canine rumbled sounded like a chuckle. 'We'll see this time. Can't wait to dominate you again.'

"Merew . . . ." 'My Master'll fix you if you try.' Renji chuckled again and shook his head.

"Roof-ruff . . . ." 'Maybe if I cross over the fire escapes-'

"Mew," frowned Ichigo. 'Don't.' Renji grinned before going back inside. The feline just frowned, it had been a while since he had last sex with Renji. By the canine's instinct, he was rough but he enjoyed it. Yet he couldn't tell that to his Master, who hated the mutt so much. It was bad enough the first and only time was when Grimmjow found Renji bent over him with his knot stuck inside of him after his climax. Since then, Renji had lusting after him but had to settle to screwing his own Master Rukia whenever he smelled sex in the air.

Ichigo sighed in his dozing and stretched his limbs out as he laid on his side, his ears flicked every now and then to hear random sounds. He could feel it stirring, the urge to change into his other self for his Master's pleasure. It might come later today or tonight. But it was the middle of the week, his Master cannot afford to miss work to curb his heat cycle at its peak. Maybe he might relent into asking Grimmjow to bring Renji over just in case.

Suddenly, he jolted up when he heard a loud crash below and blinked. It sounded like trash can had toppled over, as he glanced down. He was right, the metal container fell and old trash spilled out across the ground. But by what? Street rats are not that strong to do that, he thought, but his fur bristled in case of any intruder he sees who disrupted his morning nap.

"Reww . . . ." he growled lowly with his ears flattened back. His eyes darted around to see anything but nothing. Nothing except . . . . a furry white form behind the fallen trash can. "Mereow . . . .?" he frowned as he glanced closer. Who was that?

". . . . Reow . . . .!" Ichigo's ear perked straight up at the sound and froze. To any other human, nobody would know the difference between the sounds. But he knew who it is, as he stepped down to the fire escape and peered down. It couldn't be him . . . .! It had been so long since they last saw each other.

"Mew . . . .?" he called out. '. . . . Brother?'

"Reow . . . .!" A snow-white cat leapt onto the trash can and smirked up at him. 'Yo, what's up . . . .!' Ichigo blinked again before smiling, he recognized those unique gold-black eyes from he was a kitten. That has to be him, his older brother.

"Merow, mereow . . . .!" he mewled. 'Is that really you, Brother?'

"Mreow-reew," grinned the white cat, his slim tail swishing about. 'In the flesh.' "Merow, mew-merew?" 'So how 'bout lettin' me in?'

"Mew!" nodded Ichigo. 'Ah, okay!' But before he could ask him how, the white cat gracefully leapt onto the metal ladder and climbed up. Ichigo stared in amazement as his brother jogged up to his floor and walked up to him.

"Mrew mew . . . ." he purred as they greeted each other with a nuzzle of the forehead and face. 'It's good ta see ya . . . ."

"Mew . . . ." purred Ichigo, imprinting the long-forgotten scent of the other into his memories. 'Same here . . . .' The white cat purred deeper, inhaling the submissive scent on his younger littermate and grinned. It won't be long until he has plenty of time to 'get to know' him more.


"Mew . . . .?" asked the white cat as the two brothers lounged on the bed. 'So yer name's Ichigo . . . .?' Ichigo nodded and nuzzled his face into his furry chest.

'That's the name my Master have given me, Brother,' purred Ichigo. 'Did you have a human to name you?'

'Nah, hadn't had one since I was a kitten,' his brother shrugged. 'Some months back, tho', a guy took me in . . . . but he didn't give me a name.'


'Somethin' 'bout findin' a better owner on my own,' he purred. 'Maybe this is a sign, Ichigo. Now that I've found ya, yer Master could take me in.'

'I dunno, Brother,' frowned Ichigo. 'It's pretty cramped with my two kittens already.'

'So that's yer kittens I saw,' the white cat grinned. 'An' judgin' by yer scent . . . . ya smell like a female, right?'

'Uh, yeah . . . . they're almost grown, so Master might find them a new home,' he sighed. 'But still, I'm not sure if Master could take you in right now.'

'Well . . . . maybe if ya ask him nicely, I could stay wit' my precious lil' brother,' purred the white cat as he nuzzled and licked at his face. Ichigo purred at the nostalgic feeling, since when they were young kittens his brother had been the most affectionate towards him. In the back of his mind, though, it had been somewhat more than a brotherly love. Before the adoption of their other siblings, when they would play around, his brother would often mount him and nibbled at his ears in a playful dominance.

But both of them were now adults, and the feelings might have developed much more for the white cat. Ichigo purred and gazed at the gold-black eyes. '. . . . Brother?' he purred softly.

'Yeah . . . .?' grinned his brother.

'My . . . . heat cycle's coming up soon, and I'll change into a human-like form,' he said. 'During that time, my Master takes me during that time. That's how I became full of his kittens the first time we did it.'

'Oh, so now yer ready ta get taken by him?' he muttered.

'It's not that . . . .' Ichigo shrugged. 'One time, his neighbor's dog could do the same and we had sex then. Another time, it was a lost dog we took in.'

'Shit, Ichi, didn't know that yer such a slutty cat,' grinned his brother and Ichigo frowned at him. 'An' wit' dogs too?'

'It wasn't my fault, I needed something when Master was away,' he grumbled.

'Then . . . . what 'bout me, Ichi?'

'Huh?' he frowned in surprise.

'Ya should know that I've always adored ya, lil' brother,' purred the white cat. 'I knew ya were different from tha rest, but this is somethin' that I've always wanted to do wit' ya.'

'But . . . . with my own brother, are you okay with that?' muttered Ichigo. His brother grinned before licking at his face again.

'I would always fantasize myself wit' ya, Ichi,' he purred. 'Besides, ya said yer Master's out at work an' yer heat'll come at any moment. What can ya do 'bout that wit'out him 'round?'

'. . . . That's true, Brother,' Ichigo smiled a little. 'I love you, but only on a brotherly sense. My Master's the one I truly love and want to have his many babies.'

'Oh, I get that . . . . but I still love ya, Ichigo,' he purred, as he nuzzled at his face once more.


"Oh . . . ." Ichigo blinked when he suddenly went into his other form. He was completely bare aside from his striped ears and tail before glancing at his brother, who seemed unfazed by the transformation. "See, Brother . . . .? This is what happened," he shrugged, but his brother grinned nonetheless.


"I see . . . ." Ichigo blinked in surprise at what was once his feline sibling. He should have assumed that he could do this, but he didn't expect that his brother would look like the exact copy of himself. It was like looking at one's reflection but his brother was albino white, from his bare skin to his hair to his ears and tail. "Well, Ichi . . . .? Ya didn't think I could this?" his brother asked with a wide grin, his watery voice differed from the other's light baritone one.

"Well, um, I just didn't know that we look alike, Brother," frowned Ichigo but the white-skinned feline cackled a little.

"Well, I guess we're twins in a way," he grinned before leaning close, his unusually blue tongue swiped across his younger brother's lips. Ichigo blinked when he was pulled into a light kiss before his brother nuzzled his nose at his own. "Hmm . . . . ya feelin' that need, Ichi? That ya need something inside ya?" he purred.

"Um . . . . yeah, Brother," he moaned softly as he was kissed again.

"Ah, but ya know . . . . cuz yer in yer heat cycle, there's a possibility that I might get my own brother pregnant," he purred deeply. Ichigo frowned lightly but his instincts was going against him as usual as he inhaled the clean yet masculine scent on him. "Are ya alright wit' that, Ichi? Usually, our instincts are smart enough ta not breedin' wit' our own siblings," the pale feline purred, nuzzling at his collared neck. "But yer so special . . . . I wouldn't mind if ya carry my kittens."

"Brother . . . ." sighed Ichigo, but his brother leaned over him and began licking at his peachy-tan skin.

"Hmm, ya smell like that Master of yers," he rumbled as his clawed hand roamed over the flat stomach. "I wonder . . . . would he really mind of us brothers fuckin' on his bed 'til ya get full o' my babies."

"Brother, you talk so dirty . . . ." Ichigo moaned softly from his brother's touch before his lips were nipped into another kiss.

"But ya like it, right?" he sneered.

"Master would do the same . . . . as did Renji, the neighbor's dog," sighed the orange-haired. His hands reached up to caress at the sibling's face and smiled softly. "My Master might be weirded out by this but I doubt that he would be angry at us."

"Let's hope not, Ichi," smirked the feline as he shifted his body over his younger brother's, he nearly purred in delight when their arousal rubbed against each other. But Ichigo mentally frowned by the friction, despite of the pleasure he felt. He didn't get the chance to glance down at the other's nether regions but from what he felt, it seemed that his brother's arousal might be different from his Master's as well as those mutts'.

"Brother . . . .?" he muttered, cheeks tingling at the thought of asking as he gazed at his unique eyes.

"Hm?" purred his brother.

"Can I see . . . . you know . . . .?" he mumbled sheepishly. The white feline grinned as he sat up, pulling him onto his splayed out lap.

"Yer so perverted, lil' brother . . . ." he chuckled, taking Ichigo's hand to place it over his alabaster chest. "Ya really wanna touch me down there, Ichi?"

"Just that it felt a little different from my Master's, Brother . . . ." he purred softly. His claws deftly trailed down the hard abdomen, noticing that his elder sibling was slightly more muscular than him before finally touching at the growing arousal. Ichigo could hear the pleasurable purr by his ear as he lightly gripped it, and he purred just the same. When he stroked down, it felt somewhat normal, but he immediately noticed the different when he moved up. it was as if his brother's hardened erection was covered in tiny pricks. "It is different, Brother . . . ." he sighed.

"O' course, Ichigo," purred the other feline. "Mine's meant ta give ya a far different pleasure than yer Master. But we won't know sure if ya keep actin' coy 'bout it."

"I'm not, I'm just being submissive whenever there's an alpha around in my presence," he playfully pouted. "But please . . . . I want you to take me now, Brother. The urge is getting too strong for me . . . ."

"Heh, I can tell by yer smell," grinned his brother before he reached behind Ichigo for his two fingers to prod for his hole that was getting wetter by the moment. The tabby moaned softly, his body reacting at the slim fingers pushing into his entrance as he began riding on them. "Fuck, Ichi . . . ." groaned the albino when Ichigo gripped at his shoulders and whined. "Do ya want it that bad?"

"Y-yes, Brother . . . ." mewled Ichigo, licking his sibling's lips for a lustful kiss. "Please, dominate me . . . ." His brother chuckled and removed his now slicked fingers, licking the secretion off the digits before nudging him off his lap. Instinctively, the orange-haired tabby laid on his stomach before raising his hips up, eagerly displaying his sumbmission to the alpha with his striped tail straight up.

"Fuck . . . ." purred his brother, moving to mount over him with his tip prodding at the winking entrance. "Ya sure want this, Ichi?"

"Quit asking and just do it already . . . .!" whined Ichigo. The albino feline grinned and gripped at his hips tightly, before pushing himself into his younger littermate. Ichigo moaned from the intrusion as he grasped at the bedsheets, he could feel the warm body above him before his ears were playfully nipped.

"We're just gettin' started, Ichigo . . . ." he grunted with a sneer before slowly pulling out. Ichigo suddenly felt the tiny barbs scraping at the wall of his insides, and let out a loud yowl. It wasn't painful, but he felt the pleasure intensifying for some reason before his brother thrusted back in.

"Ah, ya felt that one, right?" he purred. "The barbs are meant to stimulate ya durin' yer heat cycle. Meanin', it'll make ya get pregnant faster whenever we fuck." Ichigo yowled again when he felt him pulling out, already he was sweating from the scraping as pheromones emanating from his body. "Don't worry, it may hurt now, but it'll make ya shiver wit' delight later on . . . .!" he grunted as he continued.

"Ah! Fuck, fuck . . . .!" yowled Ichigo, his ears flattened down as his urge seemed to increase rather than being curbed down. Maybe his brother was right about the barbs, he was feeling stimulated by his quick thrusts as the instinctive need to get pregnant was warping his mind. Right now, he didn't care that he would carry his blood's kittens, as long as he was feeling gratification from this. "F-fuck, Brother . . . . harder, harder!" he moaned.

"Shit, seems like yer enjoyin' this . . . .!" grinned the older brother, nipping at his ears again as he bucked harder. Ichigo yelped when he was suddenly pulled onto his lap as the pale feline sat back. He moaned at the new angle, as the erection went deeper inside of him.

"Brother . . . .!" he moaned, but he was cut off when his chin was gripped and his lips were captured into a deep kiss. "Hmm-mm, fuck . . . .!" he panted, both tongues tangled with one another before the siblings kissed again with the elder one reaching down to grip at the younger's arousal. "Hmm, Brother . . . .!" he breathed with a shaky grin.

"Ya have no idea how good ya feel ta me, Ichi . . . .!" he rumbled, grunting at the clenching feeling around him as he began stroking the other feline off. Ichigo wauled intensely and bucked over his brother's lap. Relishing at the mingling scents of their pheromones, he was in complete euphoria that his ears didn't pick up the distant noise of the apartment door opening and closing.

"B-Brother . . . .!" he moaned out, their tails interetwined with one another as he kept bouncing, his inner muscles convulsed by the barbs.

"I know . . . ." he purred as he nipped at his neck. "It won't be long 'til we're truly complete-" But both cats instantly froze at the sound of the bedroom door opening, and Grimmjow stepped in only to stare wide-eyed at the sight of Ichigo riding another cat-person. Ichigo stared back in shock, while his brother just blinked in surprise, before Grimmjow finally stepped back.

"Sorry to disturb you . . . ." he mumbled, closing the door. Both feline blinked at the unexpected action with their ears twitching. What was that about? "Hey, wait a fucking minute!" Grimmjow slammed opened the door as senses finally came to him, narrowed eyes zeroed in on the albino. "Just who the fuck are you!" he seethed.

"M-Master . . . . t-this is my brother . . . ." mumbled Ichigo, ears flattened and head bowed slightly as if waiting for punishment. Grimmjow blinked in shock but frowned as he stepped closer.

"Brother? Then what's his name?" he questioned.

"Don't got one, I'm just a simple stray who found his lil' brother," smirked the white-skinned cat. "Who could imagine that I'm reunited wit' my twin an' littermate after so long . . . .?"


"We're a coupla minutes apart," he smirked, nuzzling into Ichigo's neck. "Our bonds are that close. That's why we're fuckin'."

"Brother . . . ." pouted Ichigo, but moaned when his brother wiggled his hips against his.

"Fuck . . . . for some reason, I don't that much surprised about this," huffed Grimmjow as he glanced between the two. "So . . . . your brother don't got a name, Kitten?"

"No, Master, he doesn't have an owner for a long time," Ichigo answered. "In fact, we was hoping that you can take him in. After all, this is my family."

"Oh, is that right . . . .?" he muttered with a raised eyebrow. He stepped closer, hand extended to scratch behind the albino's ears. The pale feline purred at the feeling and leaned into the touch. Even if he was the alpha one at the moment, he didn't seem to mind to submit to the blue-haired human. "I suppose . . . . I can call you Shiro," smirked Grimmjow as he moved away.

"Shiro . . . .?" asked the white feline.

"Since you're completely white, it fits you," he nodded.

"What do you think of the name, Brother?" purred Ichigo as he glanced up at him.

"Hmm, I like it . . . ." purred the newly named pet. "Shiro's my name now. So I guess I can call ya Master now, huh?"

"Duh, what does it look like?" smirked Grimmjow, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal the chiseled abdomen before shrugging the article off. "Well . . . .?"

"Well what, Master?" muttered Ichigo.

"Aren't you gonna finish anytime soon?" he smirked. "Hurry up and continue . . . ."

"M-Master . . . .!" his pet exclaimed before Shiro abruptly pushed him back down on the bed.

"Ya hear that, Ichi? Our Master wants a good show, so we can't disappoint him," purred Shiro, as he pulled out. Ichigo yowled from the scraping, but now he felt empty before he was forced on his side. "Shit, ya practically achin' fer me," sneered Shiro as he kneeled between the tan legs and thrusted back in.

"Fuck . . . .!" moaned Ichigo, his body pushed and tugged by his older twin's quick and hard thrusts. He lustfully glanced at his Master, and he noticed that the human was tenting an arousal in his pants from the sight. "Sh-Shiro . . . .!" he mewled loudly, grasping at the bedsheets.

"Yeah . . . .?" grunted Shiro.

"Master's enjoying the sight . . . .!" he smiled shakily. "It won't be long until he takes me after you're done . . . .!"

"Is that right . . . .?" he smirked before glancing at the smirking human. "Think I can see what ya got fer my brother, Master?"

"Ah, you sure you wanna see it?" smirked Grimmjow.

"Who knows? Maybe I wanna be fucked by ya," he challenged. Grimmjow scoffed in amusement and stepped up to the two pets. Shiro purred by the closeness of the crotch to his face, his black-clawed hand reached up to palm at it and noted how warm and heavy it felt. "C'mon, Master . . . . it's not like I'll be scared o' it," he purred deeply.

"Your choice," Grimmjow smirked, as he undid the button and fly of his pants. Both set of eyes watched as their Master fished his hard erection out of the hole of his boxer before Shiro licked his lips temptingly at the sight.

"Shit, Master, how ya manage ta keep it away most o' the time?" he purred.

"You flatter me . . . ." he smiled, as he petted him on the head. "Then you're not scared of taking it, Shiro?"

"No way, Master . . . ." purred Shiro. Without a hint of hesitation, he leaned forward and his blue tongue swiped at the leaking tip. "Mmmh," he purred deeply before taking half of the erection into his mouth. Grimmjow groaned at the feeling as he gripped at the snow-white tresses, it seemed that the pale feline didn't mind that his mouth and jaws were being manhandled so roughly by the Master's thrusting.

All the while, Ichigo mewled at the pleasurable feeling of his brother's thrusts jabbing at his sweet spot. He knew he was getting close as he clawed at the pale chest. "Shiro . . . . I'm getting close," he moaned.

"Already, Kitten?" smirked Grimmjow, already Shiro was practically being gagged by the man's organ. Ichigo shakily nodded as his inner muscles kept clenching around his brother. "Go ahead, Shiro, finish the job . . . ." he commanded as he pulled away from Shiro's now sore mouth, but the albino merely smirked as he returned his attention to the writhing feline.

"Ya hear that, Ichi . . . .?" he purred into the quivering ears, thrusting harder just to hear Ichigo whimpering in lust and pain. "Ya gonna be a great mommy fer my babies . . . ."

"Sh-Shiro . . . ." whimpered Ichigo.

"Mmmh, fuck . . . .!" Shiro hissed and instantly went still just as he climaxed into his younger littermate, gritting his teeth at the gratifying feeling. But the orange-haired tabby yowled as warm seeds filled him up, his claws clenched at the bedsheets to the point of ripping the fabric while Shiro breathed heavily above him. "Aw, fuck . . . . hadn't fucked hard like that before," he grinned, leaning down to lick his brother's sweat-drenched face.

"Shiro . . . ." Ichigo panted, before his lips were captured into a kiss. "Can't believe it . . . . having kittens with my own brother . . . ."

"Heh, who knows? Right now, it's our Master's turn," he smirked as he pulled out his now lax member out of his brother. "But I might get a turn after he's done wit' ya, if ya ain't tired out from the fuckin'." Ichigo groaned softly from the empty feeling but that was the least of his worries as Grimmjow had finally stripped off the last of his clothing and pushed Shiro aside.

"That's right, Ichigo, you can't be tired now," smirked Grimmjow with a devious gleam in his eyes, sitting onto the bed as he pulled his pet onto his lap. "And look at this . . . . you didn't even come, and you're still hard," he teasingly pointed out as he fondled with the feline's arousal and Ichigo whined. "Were you holding out on your own brother, Kitten?"

"I'm sorry, Master . . . ." whined Ichigo but his Master licked at his lips for a kiss.

"Don't apologize, Kitten," he chuckled. "Turn your body around, with you facing Shiro." Ichigo didn't question as he turned to his brother, his back pressing against the man's strong chest. "The only way you can make it up is for your brother to watch me ramming you crazy," he said, and Ichigo shivered at the perverted thought of it. "You're scared?"

"N-no, Master . . . ." he whimpered with a deep blush on his face.

"Then let's get to it," he chuckled, forcing Ichigo's legs apart and over his strong thighs for Shiro to see. The albino feline's grin widened at the sight of the other's winking entrance that oozing out his seeds before their Master's erection began prodding at it. "Hahh, it's still tight after all that fucking," groaned Grimmjow as he pushed himself into Ichigo, who whimpered. His insides were still sensitive due to Shiro's prickly member but couldn't allow himself to feel pain as he felt the hands on his hips before he was pushed down to take in whole.

"Ah-ahh . . . .!" he gasped out in renewed lust as his back arched against Grimmjow. "M-Master . . . ."

"You keep forgetting my demands, Kitten," Grimmjow growled playfully. "When we fuck, call me Grimmjow."

"I-I'm sorry, Grimmjow . . . ." moaned Ichigo, earning a rewarding kiss from him. His clawed hand reached down to feel his Master's girth stretching out his entrance, as he took a quick glance at Shiro. Obviously, his brother licked his lips at the way Ichigo kept feeling around his hole. "See this, Shiro . . . .? This is how Master gave me kittens the first time," he smiled with lust then moaned when Grimmjow gripped his hips and pulled him up. "Grimmjow . . . ."

"That's it, Kitten, take it until you get more babies like you wanted it," he groaned.

"Yes, fuck me until I'm full of kittens . . . .!" he moaned, bouncing on his Master's lap. "I don't care if it's yours or Shiro, I just need more . . . .!" Seeing Grimmjow's girth being swallowed up by Ichigo was getting Shiro aroused, as his erection stood straight up when he sat back and his grin plastered on his face like crazy.

"Fuck, Master, ya gonna fuck him 'til he passes out," he purred, watching Ichigo writhing in a seizure-like state.

"My Kitten can take it . . . . shit, he still feels good after all that slutty sex with those mutts," grinned Grimmjow as he thrusted upwards. Ichigo yelped out the moment his sweet spot was struck, the strong smell of pheromones was making him dizzy. "Come on, Ichigo, if you pass out now . . . . then I'll let Shiro take advantage of you," he grunted.

"Fuck . . . . I don't care, as long as I get what I wanted," Ichigo moaned breathlessly, his hand reached down again to feel the thick shaft coated with his secretion as well as remnants of Shiro's semen. He really didn't care if he had sex with both his brother and his Master, if he gets pregnant then that's all it matters to him. "Grimmjow, please . . . .!" he whimpered. "I want more babies like before, I really don't care who'll father them . . . .!"

"Oh, is that right?" Grimmjow gritted with a grin, before slowing down his thrusts.

"Huh . . . .?"

"Shiro, come here and suck off your brother," he requested, much to his pet's surprise.

"M-Master . . . .?" gasped Ichigo, but Shiro was more than delighted as he crawled up to the two.

"Shit, Master's got a good scent on him," grinned Shiro when he situated himself between their legs, purring at the strong smell of pheromone. "Remind me the next time that ya gotta fuck me hard."

"Same here . . . ." grinned the blunet. Shiro just smirked before grasping at his littermate's hard arousal, much to Ichigo's lust-filled surprise. His blue tongue darted out to lap at the leaking tip then slowly taking it whole.

"Fuck . . . .!" gasped the orange-haired tabby and flinched at the hot and wet feeling around his erection before his Master resumed thrusting.

"The faster you come, the faster I'll come, Kitten," he smirked, chuckling at his pet's writhing state. "And the faster I come, the closer you are to getting your babies. See how that works, Kitten?" Ichigo could barely nod, his claws gripping at his brother's hair tightly as Shiro fluidly bobbed back and forth. Even if he would reach his orgasm, he might be too tired to get taken by Shiro a second time around. It didn't matter, anyway, as he was feeling it coming.

"Fuck, fuck . . . .!" cried Ichigo to the point of tears seeping out of his clenched eyes. "I can't take- I can't- fuck . . . .!" he yowled, body twitching as he finally climaxed. But the white feline immediately swallowed the load before pulling away, lapping away the last drops from his lips before kneeling up to his brother's eye level.

"Ya don't taste so bad, Ichi," he purred as he gripped at his chin for a deep kiss. Ichigo moaned at the action, swapping saliva before his brother pulled away. "C'mon, Ichi, Master's close ta knockin' ya up an' then it'll be my turn," he grinned.

"F-fuck . . . ." Ichigo moaned lethargically. He could feel that Grimmjow was thrusting faster, but his body felt so worn out that he leaned onto his brother for support. "Master . . . ."

"Shit, almost done . . . ." gritted his Master as his climax was getting close. "Ah! Fuck, yeah . . .!" He growled and his orgasm finally came, and Ichigo moaned at the warm sticky essence coating up his insides. "Aw, shit . . . . take him now, Shiro," panted Grimmjow as he flopped back onto the mattress. "Do what you want with him until he's pregnant."

"Tch, this comin' from the guy was tryin' ta knock up my dear brother," smirked Shiro.

"He said that he doesn't really care if either of us are the father, just want him to be happy," he grinned tiredly before nudging Ichigo off his lap, his semen-stained member flopped limply out of his partially conscious pet.

"Uhnnhh . . . ." Ichigo whimpered softly but Shiro chuckled as he laid him down.

"You came a lot in here," he pointed out, spreading the tan cheeks apart to reveal the twitching hole with the semen oozing out. Ichigo made a small whimper when his brother's fingers promptly thrusted inside of him and wiggled against the muscles. "I hope that yer didn't forget yer promise ta fuck me, after all I can change whenever I want," he purred as he took his fingers out and eagerly licked at the sticky substance. "Too bad that I can't bare yer babies like Ichi here, tho' . . . ."

"Yeah, but good to know that I don't have to worry about you running off for three months before showing up with kittens," Grimmjow chuckled tiredly. Shiro smirked before straddling on his brother's back, groaning softly as he thrusted into Ichigo's loosened entrance.

"A-ahh . . . .!" winced Ichigo when he felt the tiny barbs pulling back. His body was so tired and worn out from the sex, but couldn't fight back as he felt a nuzzle against his sweat-stained face.

"Shh, Ichi, when all o' this is over, ya gonna be ripe wit' my an' Master's babies," he purred tenderly. Ichigo purred back and let himself get taken with a tired smile.

Meanwhile . . . .

"That's it, I'm gonna kill Grimmjow for getting it on with that pet of his . . . .!" Rukia huffed in annoyance despite being pinned under Renji on the bed. Right now, her dog was dozing after just climaxing and his knot cemented inside her. Once again, Renji had gotten excited by the sex in the air and took the chance to mount her the moment her guard was dropped. "Renji, Renji, get off, you're too heavy," she frowned as she nudged at his marked shoulder.

"Hmm . . . .? Huh . . . .?" mumbled Renji as he peeked his eyes open to look at her. "What is it, Master . . . .?"

"Don't 'Master' me, you idiot!" she scolded. "Quit using an excuse to fuck me just because you smell Ichigo getting screwed! What if I wasn't ready, or if I was on my 'time of the month' for crying out loud?" Renji just blinked at her before smiling tiredly.

"Relax, it's not like I was gonna to knock you up . . . . yet," he smirked.

"Ugh, you still on that? Geez, maybe I should buy a girl dog if you're so needy on that," she scoffed softly.

"Aw, you're breaking my heart," he chuckled with his bushy tail wagging. "You know that I only want you to bear my pups, Master."

"Not from what I heard, Grimmjow had told me about your failed plan regarding Ichigo some months back," frowned Rukia.

"Oh, right . . . ." The knot finally dissipated, but Renji quickly positioned himself as soon as he had gotten hard. And his Master felt that but moaned softly the moment he began to thrust, her tiny hands pushed against his hard and warm chest but it was pointless to stop her stronger pet. "Fuck . . . ." he growled in lust, leaning down to kiss Rukia. Rukia moaned but relented to his needs.

After all, his animalistic roughness was the best part of the sex.


Some weeks later, Grimmjow had finally found some decent homes for the kittens from Ichigo's first pregnancy. According to his apartment building rules, he couldn't have more than three cats but decided to give away both. After all . . . . back in his cat form, Ichigo was purring in delight with his pale belly swelling up by the day. He knew that he was with kittens once again but didn't have the instinctive need to ran off to protect himself.

Shiro, whose brand-new black collar clashed with his snow-white fur, snuggled protectively with his brother on the small pet bed. 'Yer practically glowin', Ichi,' he purred, licking the orange tabby's face. 'Ya that happy that me an' Master screwed ya ta tha point o' ya passin' out on us?'

'Shut up, you guys kept using me after I blacked out,' pouted Ichigo. 'I wasn't even sure who was above me. The only thing I felt was you two gushing out into me, so much of it kept coming out rather than staying inside.'

'Tch, well ya were askin' fer it. After all, ya wanted ta have babies no matter what,' smirked Shiro as he nuzzled at his face. 'Who knows, maybe me an' Master are both daddies fer yer kittens. It's possible, right?'

'Yeah, but . . . .' Ichigo sighed, letting out a silent yawn before lying on his side to reveal his growing stomach. 'Master's a bit worried about the kittens fathered by you, though. Since we're siblings, there's a good chance that they might get sick due to inbreeding. That's what he said.'

'Ah, I know . . . . but let's hope that they'll turn out okay, right?' he purred. His paw reaching out to rub at Ichigo's furry stomach. 'Maybe I'll know which one I fathered, possibly a white one like me . . . .' Ichigo purred humorously at that before playfully swiping at him.

'You'll like that, wouldn't you?" he smiled.

'O' course, Ichi,' smirked Shiro, leaning down to lick at his nose. 'An' once yer get inta heat again, this time I'll be tha daddy fer tha entire litter.'

'Tch, I may want kittens but I don't wanna be popping out babies every time we fuck,' he sighed. 'Plus, Master'd be in trouble if there are hordes of cats running around in his apartment.'

'Aw, spoilsport . . . .'


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