A/N: This story is basically like A Good Man Goes to War, but with several major differences, one of them of course being that it's about the Tenth Doctor and Rose. Also, this takes place in an Alternate Universe. The events of the Army of Ghosts and Doomsday never occurred, and the Doctor still does not know about Torchwood. Also, there is an OC. Just thought you should know.

Disclaimer: If I owned Doctor Who would I be writing this story?

Warnings: None so far

Svelte rays of moonlight flitted through the blinds that covered the window, illuminating the otherwise dark bedroom with an unearthly silver glow. Tiny motes of dust could be seen floating lazily in the light. One of the rays came to rest upon the dark blue face of a man, who lay asleep in the bed. His brown eyebrows were tightened with uncertainty, wrinkles were knotted in his forehead, and he would twitch or turn frequently in his sleep. Something was haunting his sleep, latent feelings of guilt, perhaps. Even a man as apathetic as him couldn't sleep without being tormented by the nauseating cornucopia of emotions that resulted from what he'd done. Some of it was guilt, but even more was fear. Fear for his own life, fear of what would become of him if he was discovered.

Fear of the Oncoming Storm.

He had heard things about that man. He had heard of the things he'd done, the things he'd do. He'd heard he was a good man, but any good man could easily be manipulated by his own feelings into doing bad things. Feelings of guilt, feelings of fear, feelings of anger.

There was a noise, low at first, rising and falling in pitch with a steady rhythm like that of a heartbeat. It would reach it's crescendo, then it would fall back down again, and each crescendo was louder than the last. There were no words to describe the sound; it was completely alien, a totally new sound, yet there was also something ancient and almost alive about it.

The blue man stirred, blinking away webs of sleep from his eyes. He sat up slowly, seeing something materialize in front of the door. It was large, and it appeared then disappeared with the rhythm of the noise. Fear clenched at his oversized belly. He knew what was to become of him.

Finally, the noise stopped, and a large, blue box stood before his bed.

The blue man felt his throat tighten as it just stood there silently, almost as if it were watching him. His blood became cold, his heart began to beat out a choked rhythm, and his muscles became tight.

Finally, the door swung open, yellow light pouring into the room, and out stepped the thin, shadowed figure of a man. Even from behind the shadows the blue man could see the man's face clenched with restrained fury.

"Now you listen to me, and you listen to me well." The man said, his teeth clenched.

The blue man was still, globules of sweat slithering down his face.

"I am not a violent man, but when you hurt the people I love, you are asking for trouble." The man from the box warned in a voice that was almost a growl. "Where is Rose Tyler?"

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