A/N: I thought it would have been interesting to see what would have happened in "Riders on the Storm" if Henry had found Suzy in Rita's apartment. This is my version of that scenario. Be warned: this is my first Spirited fic so I apologise if it's awful! (Apologies for the bad title...)

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Son Or No Son

Henry couldn't remember a time he felt more useless than when he walked into Rita's apartment and found Suzy sprawled on the floor.

In that moment he couldn't decide what annoyed him the most that he couldn't help her – couldn't even send for someone – or that Apollo had hurt her.

"Suzy? Suz? Can you hear me?" he asked, crouching down beside her; aching to touch her, to make sure she was ok.

No response.

His hand hovered over her face for a brief moment before he cursed and pulled it away.

He settled for running his hand through his hair as he desperately thought of how he could help her. Exasperated he started to pace the floor, torn between wanting – needing – to wait until she woke up and the desire to find Apollo and tear him limb from limb.


Elvis' voice broke him from his agony of suspense as he spun on his heel to find him crouching down beside Suzy. He let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding as he saw her eyelids flutter.

"Right," he muttered, as he marched over to the wall.

Dimly he thought he heard her say his name, but he didn't stop.

He was on a mission.

His relief in seeing that she was ok had only intensified his anger at Apollo for what might have happened.

Son or no son, Apollo wasn't going to get away with what he'd done.