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"Thinking"Someone thinking

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The King is back!

Grimmjow was dying. He could feel his life fading away with every strained breath he took. Nnoitra's sudden attack was devastating but Grimmjow was able to endure the pain and witness Nnoitra's fight against Ichigo, then Nel and finally his death at the hands of Kenpachi Zaraki.

"Ha! Nnoita took his time but that bastard is finally dead." chuckled Grimmjow. Now that the match was over, Grimmjow did that thing where someone is near death and relives his life. The life he recalled though was not his current one. Instead it was the one he had before he became an Arrancar,before he met Di Roy and the rest of his group, before he became Grimmjow. Yes he is thinking about his life before this one. Back in Konoha...

(Flashback no jutsu: Sasuke Retrieval arc)

Kakashi arrived on the scene where he-



witness at each other one holding the Rasengan to disable ,the other Chidori to kill.

"The Kyuubi brat thinks he can take down an Uchiha! Please, he has no real skill and even if he did Sasu-No! That Rasengan! That kind of power is too much for Sasuke to overcome " With that in mind Kakashi races off to save (in his mind) his greatest student.



"Doton Doryuuheki" (Earth Rising Wall no jutsu) called out Kakashi as he spewed mud from his mouth which hardened into a wall strong enough to counter both jutsus.

"Kakashi-sensei what ar-"started Naruto when

"Kuchiyose: Doton: Tsuiga no Jutsu! (Summoning: Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique)" and several dog appeared out of nowhere and clamped their jaws on Naruto's arms, chest and legs.


"Kakashi what are you doing?" asks Sasuke puzzled.

"Come on Sasuke I explain about the Kyuubi brat on the way." Kakashi said with his eyesmile before poofing away with Sasuke and Naruto.

(A few hours later)

Naruto ,Kakashi and Sasuke are currently in the execution square. It would make so much sense if Sasuke was being executed but hey people are idiots what are gonna do? So instead Naruto is being executed for treason and attempting to murder a fellow genin. Everyone in the village came to see (in their minds) "the maniacal Kyuubi brat be slayed by the savior of the leaf village, Sasuke Uchiha".

"If Tsunade was smart she would sell tickets and pay of her debt." joked Naruto.

"HAHAHAHAHA! I'm gonna miss ya kit." Said Kyuubi .After a while Naruto and Kyuubi got along as they were stuck together till death ironically.

"Yeah me too, Kyuubi" remarked Naruto before he cut off the conection. Well if he was going down he won't do it quietly. Looking through the crowd he saw more than a few familiar faces glaring hatefully at him. Kurenai, Anko, Kakashi, Sakura(what was I thinking) Ino(Oh great another fangirl), Shikimaru, It was endless .The only people he didn't see where Gaara and his siblings(I should have fled to Suna) and Hinata(I wonder where she is. She always acted weird around me. Guess she hates me too).

Looking forward he could see Konohamaru,Udon and Moegi crying? Looking straight into his eyes Naruto could tell that the tears were were really crying for him. "Nii-san" sniffs Konahamaru. Naruto's eyes softens at the sight infront of him. Seems some people do care after all.

"Naruto Uzumaki you have been charged with treason for attempting to kill a fellow leaf shinobi"said Tsunade as she arrived to the execution stand

"For this you have been charged with death" she said while scowling at the blond.

"Wow some godparent you turn out to be" remarks Naruto


"How dare you brat!" rages Tsunade after slaping him.

Sasuke comes in front of Naruto banged up but okay.

"Time to die loser. Don't worry though, as your death will bring me one step closer to achieving my goal of killing Itachi, and one day...becoming Hokage! Wasn't that your dream? I hope you don't mind if I take that too!" said Sasuke grinning at Naruto, as he got his Chidori ready, and the crowd cheering for the Uchiha to kill the blonde.

"Sasuke, you can have the dream, as I'd rather be dead then be Hokage of these idiots, and I'd rather be dead then live another minute seeing your ugly duck butted hair style with your belief that everyone is inferior to you. So get it over with you bastard. Unless of course...you're afraid!" said Naruto knowing how to bait the Uchiha by attacking the boy's ego.

"I'll show you who's afraid!" said Sasuke before running right at Naruto and slammed the Chidori into Naruto's chest that pierced the boy's heart while looking the blonde right in the eye.

"One last thing before I die teme. You told me in our fight that in order to achieve the power you wanted, your best friend has to die, and you said I was your best friend. Well let me give you some news to this grand plan of yours in getting those eyes through my death teme. I'm not your best friend. I never was. You called me loser, a nothing, and basically claimed I'm inferior to you. Maybe I am all those things, but it is through those things that I deny you the means to achieve those eyes, and laugh at your lost opportunity to gain what you've wanted from the start," said Naruto laughing at the shocked look on the Uchiha's face and waited until death took him to see Sasuke had not acquired the next level of the Sharingan.

In his last act in living and into death...Uzumaki Naruto had won against Uchiha Sasuke.

Then all went dark.

Then after that he woke up as an Adjuchas vaguely remembering the killing he did as a Hollow. then meeting Di Roy and his group then ending up in service to Aizen.

"So this is how I die. If only I could see Hinata one more time" said Grimmjow as during his time as an Arrancar, he eventually realized that Hinata loved him and she didn't come to his execution because the pain was too much.

Soon the pain stops and everything turns hazy yet peaceful, Grimmjow slowly closed his eyes for the last time.

"Welcome Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez," boomed a powerful voice jolting the blue haired Arrancar into consciousness. Opening his eyes Grimmjow looked onwards as glowing white entity that screamed power approached him.

It made Aizen seem like a low class Hollow in comparison.

"You! You are must be Kami, the Soul King" said Grimmjow while standing up with no pain, his body had healed completely with every wound except for the hole in his chest gone.

"Correct. I have brought you here before me with an offer," said Kami seeing the blue haired Espada look at him with a raised eyebrow.

"An offer?," said Grimmjow since he didn't expect this at all.

"I know of your past young one. I know who you were before becoming this form that now stands in front of me. I wish to offer you the chance to return to your world you once called home," said Kami seeing Grimmjow narrow his eyes in hatred before looking away from the deity.

"Return? Why would I want to return" said Grimmjow

Only to find himself staring at one of the secret shrines at the Hyuuga Compound where members of the clan go to mourn those they love whether they be friend, family, and/or lover lost due to tragic circumstances. In front of this particular shrine was a woman with long dark cascading hair, wearing a bulky jacket, and pants of light purple color. The woman's back was to him with her head down, but in doing so, it allowed the Espada's eyes to widen at the sight of the picture, and then look at the woman praying.

"Naruto-kun, I miss you so much. Everyday I pray you are happy. That you are in heaven with your family. Knowing that despite everything this village has done to you, the life on the other side hasn't been cruel, and can be at peace knowing no one can cause you anymore harm. I only wish that I had been able to visit you those three years ago if only for a second to tell you how I felt. How despite everyone hating you for the Kyuubi, I wasn't like them, and how I...how I loved you. I still do love you. No matter what went wrong, you overcame the odds, and beat everyone at their own game. Uchiha Sasuke is still trying to find a way to get the next level of the Sharingan in order to beat his brother and curses you to this day in denying him. My Father is forcing me in a double marriage to Kiba and Sasuke and preparing a seal for them to use to make me obey but I told him there is only one man I wished to marry, to have children, to grow old with, and that person is dead. He wasn't amused and something tells me my Father is going through with this marriage. I don't know how long it will be before I can see you again Naruto-kun, but I can wait, and when the time comes to join you on the other side...I will finally tell you how I feel. Believe it!" said Hinata, as she finished her prayer, and quickly put the picture of the boy away knowing that no one could see it since no one in the village was left that loved Naruto anymore.

"You were not meant to die that day. A mistake on my part, which is why I am giving you this chance to regain some of what was taken from your life, and a chance to fix your broken world," said Kami seeing Grimmjow stare at Hinata's form walking away and hiding the picture inside the bulky jacket.

"Fine but what happens to me?" said Grimmjow seeing Kami smiling at him

"You will be alive. Your original body has long since been lost so you must remain in your Arrancar body. However, you will be alive again," said Kami seeing the Espada put his hand to where his heart would be if it wasn't for the hole there that signified he was a Hollow.

"Send me back due know that I will kill all those bastards in very painful ways." said Grimmjow seeing Kami nod.

"Give them hell Grimmjow," said Kami seeing the Espada nod his head and sadisticsmile slowly grow on his face as he fully comprehended the gift being awarded to him. Suddenly he was consumed in a bright light and the next thing the Espada knew...he was back in the Elemental Countries.

Just for fun he aimed at a nearby tree and utterly obliterated it and the area around it with a low level cero.


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