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What?" she questioned,seeing where everbody was looking she looked down at her pants. There was a very noticable stain on her pants…

In a galaxy far far away.

In Coruscant the Jedi High Council were having a meeting about the next strategy to use in the war against the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) .

Mace Windu was currently speaking, "So far the CIS have failed in their invasion here in Coruscant so we shall take the initiative and attack while they are recovering. I say we counterstrike at- "

As he took a breath a Jedi Knight came rushing into the room.

"Jedi Council! We have an emergency!" he screamed.

He brought with him a holo-slate and showed it to the Jedi Master. Mace took it and his eyes widen in disbelief.

"Jedi High Council! Look at this!" he said then put the data slate on a holo projector, showing the image to the rest of the Jedi.

Their mouths fell down in shock.

"W-What is it?" Jedi Elder,Saesee Tiin exclaimed.

"Disturbing this is.", said Yoda.

"It seems to be a stain of some sort on some kind of….. pants" mused Po Koon.

"According to these readings, the liquid shown is urine from a human life form." Explained a nearby droid who was there to record the meeting.

"Sorry I'm late I had save Anakin-Oh good lord!" yelled Obi-Wan with Anakin behind him. "What the hell is that! "

"Urine it seems to be. Digusting is it not." replied Yoda.

"What the fuck is that!" Anakin exploded; slamming his fist into the wall behind him. Turning he faced the council."How dare someone do this shit to themselves. That's disgusting. We are the Jedi. We are peacekeepers, the defenders of the those people in that world show us this? This is some messed up shit!"

"Anakin calm down" advised Obi-Wan

"Scans indicate that the stain was found in Sector VII in a world called Earth." The droid mentioned helpfully.

"I say we conquer that shitty excuse for a planet and show who they're dealing with!" raged Anakin.

"Yeah lets fuck them up" agreed Mace Windu.

"Fuck them up!" chanted Kit Fisto,Plo Koon,Agen Kolar and the other members of the Jedi High Council

This is bad okay I know how to fix this. I can't let them blow up the Earth. Now let me think….First I have to save Obi Wan,Yoda and Anakin. I got it.

Anakin and the two Jedi masters felt the tug of an unknown force. Before they could do anything though the force. It increased in power, with the fury of a gale it threw them through the door knocking them unconscious.

The door closed with a mighty "bang!". The rest of the council then noticed a cowled being stood in front of them. His dark cloak covered anything visible except his face. His face was cold, yet unnaturally handsome with an air of nobility. The dark side was unnaturally strong in this one. His cruel, merciless grey eyes took them all in. He smiled at them as a demon would smile at it's prey.

"Who are you?" asked Kit Fisto.

"Who am I? I am the conqueror of nations, the destroyer of galaxies, the slayer of heroes, the Lord of Darkness Eternal. I am bladestarF60blazer ! Or call me blazestar! You little pieces of shit." He replied in a deep, cold but cool voice.

"Now for not knowing my name I will kill each of you in a horrible, horrible way." He threatened them.

They laughed at him. They laughed long and hard but Blazestar waited and bided his time.

"What makes you think you can beat us? Some of the most powerful Jedi stand before you. "demanded Mace Windu.

Blazestar grinned at him. He was hoping someone would say that. He raised his hand and from the shadows a cage appeared. It was made of aged bones and was massive. Darkness the only thing that could be seen in it.

"I didn't say I am going to beat you. I said I am going to kill you. But why should I do the dirty work when I have my pets?" Blazestar replied, he snapped his fingers and the cage moved closer to the Jedi Masters.

"Do you know what this is?" He asked, " This cage of darkness was created to contain the most fearsome nightmares known to man. This is held together by the bones of the victims of the beasts sealed within it. I am sure you remember this particular victim".

With a groan the iron wrought gates of the cage opened, yet they showed no glimpse into the impenetrable darkness.

"Do you know what this is?" He asked, " This cage of darkness was created to contain the most fearsome nightmares known to man. This is held together by the bones of the victims of the beasts sealed within it. I am sure you remember this particular victim".

With a groan the iron wrought gates of the cage opened, yet they showed no glimpse into the impenetrable darkness.

"WHAT THE HELL!" roared Blazestar. Instead of his pets another stood in their place .A gungan by the name of Jar Jar Binks.

"Jar Jar! How did you survive!" demanded Mace Windu.

"Wassup mesa found these guys in there then mesa-." Jar Jar explained before he was pushed to the side by a frantic Blazestar.

"What about my pets! The kraken, the leviathan, THE PIZZA GUY! He still owes me FIFTY DOLLARS!" raged Blazestar.

"Oh yosa mean those guys?Mesa tried to show them how to play checkers but theysa blew up."explained Jar Jar showing the checker pieces.

Only they weren't checker pieces they were Akula class G13 grenades,the most powerful grenades known to man. How did Jar Jar survive is anyone's guess.(He tripped and avoided the blast. The pets' bodies disintegrated upon impact. It was ugly.)

At this point Blazestar was trying to contain his unnatural wrath. It was like a maestrom. Fierce and uncontrolled yet he could have controlled it. Until Jar Jar said one thing,just one sentence.

"Yousa shoulda tried the pizza! Yum Yum!" exclaimed Jar Jar,failing to notice Blazestar's eye twitch.(Oh…shit)

With the speed of a cheetah Blazestar gripped Jar Jar's shoulders.


"That was the only one that was ever made! I had to sell my sister to the glue factory to get it!" exploded Blazestar.

"You sold your own sister to the glue factory?" questioned Plo Koon.

"Dude, that's cold" said Kit Fisto.

"The chances of her surviving the glue factory are so sad that I'm not gonna bother calculating them." mentioned the droid.(Don't forget everyone else is still there)

Blazestar snapped. Using the force he hurled Jar Jar to wall multiple times, causing a crater to appear. Then he dropped him to the floor and force pushed him to another wall. Then he used force pull to bring Jar Jar to him, electrocuted him with force lighting, kicked him in the nuts and threw him out the window. (ouch)

"Now, for the rest of you." Blazestar coldly remarked to the council members.

"Do your worst." Challenged Mace Windu.

Blazestar's hand reached for his pocket and the council members tensed. He took from his pocket, a paper? Dropping it for the wind he vanished.

As soon as he vanished the paper enlarged itself, turning into a hologram of…..Sakura attempting a sexy pose. Now here's the problem. She did while wearing panties. Only….her panties .The response was instantaneous.







And lots more screams followed until every single person in that room did the only wise thing to do. They took their lightsabers and killed themselves. Those who didn't do it in time died by their heads exploding from the horror or from vomiting their guts out. This is my version of happy ending.

The End.

Sorry for the last omake but I wanted to scar someone for life. Is that so wrong?

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