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Pisces rummaged through a big wooden crate as Capricorn watched. She kept on tossing things over her shoulder without sparing them a glance. Finally, Capricorn's curiosity peaked.

"Like, what are you looking for?" He asked, half curious, half bored.

She glanced at him before diving into the crate again, and answering: "Some type of gun or rifle. Anything that can shoot really. I've gotta kill some states today, and I wanna make it quick and relatively clean."

He nodded understandingly. "Then you might want to look in Leo's stash of things, I think he had a few revolvers in there."

She smiled at him gratefully and lifted a tarp off of a crate, which was labeled in bold letters: 'Leo's Things, property of Leo. Do not touch except for Leo.'

Pisces sniggered and ripped the lid off. "He's a bit dramatic, isn't he?"

Capricorn allowed himself a smile. "We're all a bit theatrical, aren't we? I mean, if what you told me is correct, you didn't put on your mask until you stabbed France."

"Give me a break, okay? These masks suck! I'm pretty sure that people will be able to tell who we are just fine with them on!"

Capricorn sighed. "Boss is a thespian at heart… But still, he is our boss, no matter how 'good naturedly comedic' he is. When he gives the word, we like, have to obey."

She emerged from Leo's crate triumphantly brandishing two tiny pistols.

"Do you wanna come and help me? Boss wanted me to try something new. Also, these are Russian PSS silent pistols! When are you ever gonna get a chance to use one of these again?"

He slipped a soft, velour glove on his hand, then took the pistol and placed it in his pocket.

"Really? What is it?"

She twirled around, smiling radiantly. "Well, boss wants to see if we can kill someone, then burn down their capitol to make sure they dont come back. If it's possible, then we'll be saving ourselves a lot of trouble, and this whole mess is going to get a bit easier to make."

He paused. "I see no reason why it wouldn't work, as long as we destroy the cities before they killed are revived..." He paused again. "But what if it goes both ways?"

She smiled, "If it does, we still dont have to worry. The plan will already be in affect by the time they think to try and rebuild those cities. Oh, and we'll be seeing Leo. He's got our getaway car."

Capricorn shook his head and slipped on the second glove, flexing his fingers. They put on black jackets and put their hoods on, Pisces tucking her hair into the back of her jacket. They placed their masks on their faces, carefully tightening the straps. Advancing outdoors, Capricorn asked:

"How are we getting there?"

"Boss is sending a helicopter, and Leo is driving us back."

"Ah. Ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be."

Russia stood on Alfred's wraparound porch, leaning slightly against a wooden post. The snow was blustering around, and was biting at his cheeks, making them red and making his nose drip. Alaska was due to come home today though, and he wasn't going inside until Alaska coming inside with him.

He didn't know that he was being watched at the time, by a secretive killer named Leo. Nor did he know that Leo was hiding in the forest that bordered Alfred's backyard, watching him through binoculars. He could hear the drunken whisperings of General Winter in the wind, but not the rustling of leaves from the shrubs at the edge of the forest.

He didn't know that he was being stalked.

But how could he know that he was being stalked? Leo was pretty good at these things, and Russia was usually the stalker, not the victim (unless Belarus was involved). That is not to say that Russia had a hit placed on his head right now, oh no. They wouldn't be able to kill Ivan until Boss gave the word. But that didn't mean Leo couldn't have his fun stalking Russia and imagining how he was going to tear him apart, limb from limb, no?

Alaska arrived around noon time, stepping out of Delaware's beat up Saab with Hawaii, who instantly rushed inside to get away from the cold. Alaska lingered near Delaware, helping him hoist his duffel bag out of the trunk, and then trudged up to Russia, wrapping his skinny arms around him.

"I missed you, папа." He breathed, as Russia patted him on the back and smiled slightly. Just slightly.

China watched from the window. The young boy seemed a mix of three different people. He was light haired like Russia, and had his soft voice, but his eyes were a sky blue like America's. His personality, however, was utterly different then the two of them. He seemed shy, and slightly invisible. Did he know somebody like that? China racked his brains, knowing that there was someone Korea had mentioned that was just like that…





Canada! That was it; Alfred mentioned that he had a brother that lived up north…

China shook his head, ponytail swishing back and forth. Why was he wasting time thinking about this? He should be finding out who killed France…

He strode over to the living room, where a couple of states were playing Texas hold 'em on the coffee table. China spared them a glance, and then walked down the hallway. After a while of walking, He looked around confusedly. He had meant to go back to Alfred's study, but he must have gone into the wrong hallway, because these doors were all numbered.

China leaned against a door, thinking about who could've held a grudge against France (and coming up with a long list). However, when he leaned back, he heard murmering inside the room. Curious, yet feeling slightly ashamed of himself, he pressed his ear to the door.

The murmuring grew a bit louder, but only a bit. America and England's voices crept through the oak door just loudly enough for China to hear if he strained himself.

"America, I don't see what I did wrong in raising him! He's a sea fort, not a country, so does that even give him grounds to form an empire?"

He heard America sighing, then a rustling sound.

"The grounds for forming a nation include the basis of it being on solid ground. By banding with Seborga and Wy, he technically is on solid ground. From what I've heard, they're using Sealand as a 'naval base', without the actual navy."

"This is all your fault America! You and Japan made his head big by buying titles of nobility from him!"

"Hey! I like being a baron of Sealand!"

"It's not even official! He's not a country!" England bellowed. China backed away from the door a bit, his ear ringing.

A spell of silence followed before America spoke.

"Keep on neglecting us, and we'll keep on leaving you England. That's what Iraq told me."

"Oh, is he still talking to you? I keep on forgetting how many times he can make it clear that he hates you." England retorted

"He doesn't hate me!"

"Hm, ruining him to the point of insanity?"

"Oh, at least he doesn't hate me as much as you! You tried to stomp down his nationalist movement, and sided with the minority in his country!" America paused, as if having an epiphany. "Wait, did Iraq ever have anything against France? He's perfectly capable of killing someone, the dude is like a BAMF."

"Oh, again with the 'Axis of Evil'?" England coughed. "Find any weapons of mass destruction lately?"

"Shut up! Now answer me, did Iraq have anything against France?"

"No, as far as I can tell. He doesn't like you very much though, and he won't want either of our 'help' in the future. Why do you even suspect him anyway?"

"He's been acting sorta suspicious lately, and I'm due to visit him soon."

"Fat load of good that'll do both of you. Iraq isn't up to anything; all he does these days is play his oud and zither."

"Maqam music? Meh, whatever. All I'm saying is that he's been acting strange lately, and that we should check it out. Either way, it's a start. Speaking of checking stuff out, did you check out the evidence stuff with France's murder?"

" A start? We don't have any evidence to pin him as a suspect. All of the 'stuff' was presented yesterday. There's nothing else…except…"

"Except what?"

"Germany was there. Before me, that is. His car was running outside-"

China felt a hand wrap around his shoulder before he registered the shock. He turned around, and a concerned Hawaii stood behind him.

"You okay?" He asked. "You look like you've just a ghost."

China shook his head. "No, I'm fine."

Hawaii furrowed his eyebrows, which China noticed, were thick and bushy. "They were having an Iraq and Sealand argument again, weren't they? I can tell, because nobody is in their room, or this hallway, except Dad." He pointed to the room they were in front of.

China remained silent, and Hawaii looked at him appraisingly, then a mischievous twinkle came into his eyes.

"You know… if I was searching to the answer for something, I'd go to the beginning. To where it started. You gettin' my drift here man?"


Hawaii groaned theatrically and grabbed China's shoulders. "Dude! If you want to find out who's killing everybody, start at the beginning!"

China stared at him. "What do you mean?" he asked, puzzled.

Hawaii looked around nervously. "I've said too much. I wasn't supposed to say anything in the first place… I-I gotta go look for Tony the Alien." He scurried down the hallway in a flash of flowered patterned shirt and shorts. China just blinked confusedly, and then thought for a second.

Go back to the beginning… The beginning of the murders. That would be Latvia…

By the time he had walked out of the hallway, he already knew that soon, he would be at Latvia's house following Hawaii's advice to 'go back to beginning'.

Yet a small thought festered at the back of his mind, annoying him to his wit's end.

Why was Germany the one to find France?

China set off to find Russia. He needed to ask something.

He had found Russia and Alaska sitting outside in the cold, which made sense in a way, given their climates.

But China knew that Russia hated the cold, and preferred warm climates to his own blistering cold weather.

He strode up to them, smiling slightly. Russia looked up and smiled back, Alaska remained silent.

"How about you come in for some tea, aru~? It's too cold out here."

China leaned against the stove as he waited for the water to boil. It was deadly silent in the kitchen, except for the clicking of Russia playing with the latch of his metal flask. Alaska had his forehead pressed to the window. Suddenly, he broke the silence that surrounded them.

"папа... I have been hearing things. Stange things, about an empire of sorts... Uncle Matthew calls it 'the week old empire'. What exactly happened?"

The kettle began whistling and China lifted it from the stove, setting it on top of a flattened tea cozy. He lifted the lid and dropped a few tea leaves in, waiting for them to steep as he listened to Russia.

"Well, apparently three micronations formed an alliance, effective ten days ago, called it an empire, then invaded Latvian land by threatening the remains of the old government. All in all, very admirable, da? Especially in such a short time, it seems like this empire was planned for quite a while, to be in such great working order."

Alaska shook his head in agreement. "Uncle is always the first to formally recognize independent countries...and... he's thinking about giving them formal recognition.

China's eyes widened. "Has Canada gone mad? That would be like a death wish from England!"

Russia snorted, "Matvey is strong, he can handle himself. He was the first to recognize those who left the Soviet Union. He's stronger then his brother. Just in a different way."

"Oh, by the way, Uncle has been acting really strange lately... I barely see him, and sometimes he'll come home in the dead of night, almost always wearing black."

If Russia was alarmed, then he didnt show it, he simply smiled and chipped more red paint off of his pipe.

China took out three cups and poured the tea to the brim. This was an interesting development... he'd have to watch Alfred's brother closely from now on. But still, currently, the attention would have to go to the first death, like Hawaii had said.

He set the cups on a tray and carried it over tot he table, setting it down gently. They all clasped a cup and sipped, remaining in silence.

China set his cup down, after taking a sip, and turned towards Russia.

"We need to go- "

"To Latvia's House, I know. The new government wants to clear up the scene of the... suicide or murder, whichever you'd prefer to call it, and this might be our last chance to get something out of this."

China nodded. "We leave tomorrow."

Taurus looked at his phone when it vibrated, signaling the arrival of a text message. he looked at the address, and instantly clutched at his hair. It was an illegible jumble of letters, numbers, and symbols, but he knew who it was from.

With quivering fingers, he clicked on 'Open SMS'.

Taurus: You take care of Spain in a few days. Remember to go with the plan, just like we agreed, okay?


Boss. That damn elusive nation in charge.

His cell phone dropped to the floor, and he crumpled down in a heap after it, falling into a fetal position, shuddering with tears and sobs.

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