You know when you're in love when you can't fall asleep becasue reality is finally better than your dreams.-Dr. Seuss.

"Here you go, home sweet home." Fred declared, throwing the door open.

"Oh my god!" Hermione exclaimed, tossing her beaded bag onto the cot she usually slept on. Fred stepped up behind her and grinned as she spun around her room, laughing like mad. He moved towards her and grabbed her left hand and wrapped his arm around her waist, spinning with her. She laughed even louder and leaned into his hold, dancing with him around her room.

"We're free!" She exclaimed, leaning her head back as he spun her faster. He laughed with her and dipped her low enough that her curls hit the floor. He pulled her back up as she laughed breathlessly and fell into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck. They stilled for a moment and she looked up at him, blinking slowly and looking up at him through her lashes. His heart started to pound in his chest as she stretched up towards him.

He closed the remaining distance between them and pressed a kiss to her lips. She smiled into the kiss and tightened her grip around him. They stopped dancing and stayed still, holding each other close and deepening the kiss as they let themselves get lost in each others embrace.

His hand dropped down her waist and tugged her hips towards his, while his other hand moved up to her face, stroking her cheek before tangling in her crazy curls.

Things were just promising to get really heated when a loud knock sounded on the door. They sprang apart and spun towards the still open door to see George standing in it. He was leaning against the open doorway with his arm crossed, raising his eyebrow in amusement.

"What do you want?" Fred asked in exasperation. "Why do you keep interrupting us just when things are going to get good?"

"Fred!" Hermione exclaimed, smacking his chest. He laughed and caught her hand, beaming down at her. She shook her head before smiling over at George. "What do you want?"

"I came to inform you, my dearest brother and future wife in law, that Harry has just arrived and he's going to be coming up in a few minutes. Good thing I came too, or he might have come into see more of both of you than anyone would be comfortable with."

"George!" Hermione squeaked as a bright red blush lit her cheeks. Fred laughed and shook his head.

"Nah, I'm waiting till we get back to the flat for that." He said, winking at his twin. Hermione blushed and smacked him again. "Ow,"

"What's Harry doing here anyway?" She asked, turning away from Fred.

"He brought Teddy over, wants him to meet his aunt." George explained, pushing himself off the doorway and stepping into the room casually.

"Teddy?" Hermione asked excitedly. Harry hadn't been allowed to bring the toddler into the hospital because they didn't want to get him sick. She had been dying to see the little guy, but she didn't want him to get hurt.

"Man," Fred said, fighting a laugh. She turned towards him and raised an eyebrow. "I'm already being replaced by another guy."

"Well, he is cuter." George offered, patting his back consolingly. "You lost to someone worthy, after all, he can change his hair color at will." Hermione laughed softly and stepped back to Fred.

"You don't have that adorable nose too. Not everyone can make their eyes purple either."

"Purple eyes?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, purple eyes, it's my favorite color you know." She said.

"Yeah, I know." He said simply, letting his eyes get lost in hers. She smiled softly and stepped closer to him, grabbing his hand with hers as she looked deeply into his eyes.

"God," George said, drawing their attention back. She blushed and lowered her eyes when George continued. "You two are getting waayyy to sentimental. I'm out of here."

"It's about time." Fred deadpanned, narrowing his eyes at his twin. "You out now."

"Fine, I can take a hint, I know when I'm not wanted." He said, sniffing and stepping away from the couple. "I'll be downstairs, alone and unwanted." He let out a dramatic cry and ran from the room, bawling hysterically like a nutter. Fred shook his head in amusement and turned back towards Hermione, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close.

She closed her eyes and titled her head slightly, leaning up towards him. He let his hands find their way under her blouse, grasping the warm skin on her waist as her hands tangled themselves into his hair. Her lips were warm, and they moved against his with a slow easy rhythm that they had long since perfected. They didn't push it or deepen it, keeping it slow and sweet.

"Merlin's beard, George was right!" Harry exclaimed, making Fred growl in annoyance as he broke the kiss off. "You do need to announce yourself with the two of you."

"Yes, which is why we have a shut door, something no one else in this house seems to understand." Fred commented as Hermione turned towards her best mate. He was carrying a little red headed boy that had his hair spiked out like his godfathers. His nose was extremely long and his eyes a bright purple.

"Teddy!" Hermione cooed, crossing the room to the little toddler and laughing happily when he squealed and held out his arms.

She grabbed him up and spun him in the air as Harry shook out his tired arms gratefully. Fred stepped towards them with a small smile, happy to see Hermione so excited about holding the baby.

"Am I going to have to have that talk with you again?" Harry asked as Hermione moved towards the window so Teddy could see the yard.

"Huh?" Fred asked, tearing his eyes from her.

"Am I going to have to have the big brother talk again?"

"Merlin no. I'm being good." He promised, crossing his heart.

"I wouldn't do anything anyway." He said after a moment, his eyes moving back to hers at the same time as Fred's. "You're the reason she's back. I can never thank you enough for that." Fred didn't say anything, he couldn't past the lump in his throat.

"Come on, guys, mum wants us down stairs!" George called out. Hermione crossed the room and wrapped a free arm around Fred's waist.

"Come on love."


"Hermione?" she started at his quiet voice, and turned towards him quickly, her eyes wide with surprise.

"Yeah?" He swallowed nervously making Hermione raise an eyebrow in suspicion. Why would he be nervous? What was going on? She began to feel nervous as he stood there, not saying anything.

"Fred?" She questioned, turning in her seat and moving forward on her seat so she was nearer him. He stepped towards her and sat on the coffee table in front of the chair she was sitting on.

"I have a question for you." He said after a moment, not quite meeting her eyes.

"Yeah?" She moved forward and laid a hand on his knee, trying to look at his eyes. She didn't want him to be nervous to talk to her. No matter what he had to say, she wanted him to know he could ask her.

"Areyouscaredaboutsaturday?" he blurted out extremely quickly. She straightened up and arched a thin eyebrow, feeling the urge to laugh.

"I beg your pardon? I'm afraid I didn't catch any of that." She managed to say without laughing at him. She found his nervousness incredible cute, even if it did worry her slightly. Fred straightened up as well, squaring his shoulders and taking a deep breath. He raised his eyes to meet hers and spoke again, more slowly and clearly.

"Are you scared about Saturday? About getting married?" He waited with bated breath as she blinked at him. She found her heart beating rather fast suddenly, and her mind seemed to have short circuited.

"I mean, I'm excited beyond belief, I've been wanting to marry you since your fourth year, but I'm also really scared. What if I'm a rubbish husband? What if I make you angry?" She let out the breath she had been holding and moved closer to him, wrapping her arms around him and leaning her head against his chest.

"I'm so glad you said that." She confided, closing her eyes and breathing slowly. "I'm nervous about it. Of course I am, we're getting married in two days, but I'm so happy." His arm wrapped around her and held her securely, making her feel safe. "You're a brilliant fiancé though, so I don't think you'll be a rubbish husband. Neither of us have ever done this before, so we're going to be learning together. We're bound to make some mistakes."

"Learning together… Yeah, I like that. You and me, Granger, we'll make it through."

"It'll be Weasley soon." She said, giggling into his chest. He froze against her, and then he let his breath out in a loud rush.

"Wow, I did not think I'd ever get to hear that."

"Mmm?" She asked, nuzzling her cheek against his chest.

"My Weasley… I was scared you'd never get to be that."

"Fred-" She started, but he cut her short.

"No, I need to say it. You haven't let me, always going on about how it was nothing to worry about but you're wrong. Hermione, you almost died. You almost left me forever. " he breathed out, sounding frustrated with him self. "I know I don't say it often, but I always try and show it to you. I love you, Hermione, and the fact that I almost didn't have the chance to ever tell you that again has nearly killed me. I couldn't think about or do anything when I heard that you were in a coma. I went completely unresponsive, Harry had to threaten to hex me to get me moving. George even passed out because of the pain I was giving him through our twin bond."

Hermione opened her mouth again in an attempt to speak, but he stopped her again. "No, I need you to understand. I love you, I love you so much it immobilizes me. No matter what happens, no matter how much of an arse I might be or how much I might piss you off, never ever doubt that I love you and I have, and will, always want you to be mine."

"Fred," She said, her voice watery from the tears rising in her eyes, "You silly goose. I've never doubted your love for me. If I had died, it wouldn't have been your fault, and I would have died knowing you loved me. They tried to make me forget it, but they couldn't, even that terrible spell was powerless to stop me from loving you." She leaned away from his chest, moving around so that she was straddling his lap, able to look him fully in the eyes.

"I love you desperately, and I'm excited to marry you. Come hail or high water, I'll be walking down that aisle towards you on Saturday."

"I'll be waiting at the end of it for you, love." He said, brushing his hand across her cheek. She smiled and leaned into the touch.

"Yes, and if you weren't, Harry would kill you." Fred let out a loud laugh at that, but it was cut short as Hermione leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his lips. He moaned into the kiss as she pressed her hips into his, tangling her fingers in his lock and pulling him closer. She broke the kiss when he tried to deepen it and moved towards his ear, letting her breath wash across it as she whispered five words to him.

"I've always only been yours."


Something old: She was wearing her mothers wedding veil. She had insisted that Hermione wear it the minute she told her that she was getting married. Fred and Her had spent nearly two weeks searching for her parents. He hadn't given up hope, even when she had wanted to. In the end, it was him that had found her parents. They'd given him their blessing, and she couldn't be more excited for him.

Something new: Her neck sparkled in the setting sun, the new silver pendant that Harry had given her before the wedding setting off the time worn lace of her gown beautifully. It was graceful and elegant, not so flashy that she felt silly, but wonderfully feminine. It was obvious how well he knew her, he'd picked the piece out perfectly. He told her that Ron had helped, but Hermione knew it was Harry who had picked it out for her. The green emerald that hung on it matched his eyes, showing off her favorite gem and a silent link to her best friend. Even when she was standing at the end of the aisle, he would still be with her, still be supporting her.

Something borrowed: She was wearing a bracelet with a key on it, something that George had given her. It was the key he had made so that he'd never have to worry about losing his twin again, and he felt it only appropriate that she wear it while they tied the knot. Fred had long since promised her that she held the key to unlocking his heart, and that she'd always be able to find her way back to him. she took the key from George gratefully, knowing what it had cost him to give up that never failing link.

Something blue: Ron had come through on this part of the tradition, oddly knowing she would need a blue object, despite the fact it was a completely muggle tradition. She'd been staring at her mirror nervously, realizing with horror that she had forgotten that part of the rhyme when he'd come up behind her out of nowhere and told her that she looked pretty. He'd then presented her with a small blue poppy for her hair. She had grabbed him up in a tight hug and thanked him profusely for the little gift.

And a sixpence in her shoe: Ginny gave her the last piece of the tradition as she was about to walk down the aisle. She'd stopped her before she could move and handed her the old coin, beaming at her with obvious pride.

"There, now you're perfect." Hermione stuck it in her shoe and grabbed her best girl friend in a tight hug. Her dad stepped back, giving the two women a little room.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" she exclaimed. Ginny stepped back from the hug, still beaming as she straightened her dress.

"You're welcome. It's my cue, so I'm going now. Remember, breath through your nose, don't cry or you'll ruin your makeup, and take fairy steps so you don't trip!" With those last words of advice she turned around and started down the aisle, Luna and Fleur following her. She stepped back to her dad and looped her arm through his, breathing steadily through her nose as her heart started to pound in her chest.

"You sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, I've never been surer in my life." She said simply, glancing at him before returning her gaze forward.

"Then that's our cue." He said, taking a small step forward. She nodded her head and started down the aisle. The wedding march was playing loudly and it made her heart beat more erratically as excitement took her over. She rounded a corner, and then she could see the wedding party. She barely noticed, Harry, Ron, Ginny, George, Fleur, Luna, Percy, Bill, Lee, and Charlie, her eyes were locked solely on Fred.

He was wearing black dress robes, even though she told him that he didn't have too. She knew how much he hated them, but he knew how much she loved them. His eyes were dancing with excitement, and the smile that lifted his lips left her breathless with anticipation. She felt like it took her forever to finally reach the end of the aisle, and she found she could hardly hear Percy when he told her to step up. Her father told him that he was giving her away, and it was finally time for her to move next to him.

He took her hand and they turned towards each other, neither able to fully believe that they were finally going to tie their bonds.

"We are gathered here today to unite these two in the magical state of marriage, and to witness their forever binding. If you two would repeat after me: 'Aeternum may nostrum diligo redimio nos.'" They did, barely able to hear what he said. A flash of light surrounded them, and a surge of magic went through their joined hands.

"Repeat your vows now while I bind your hands." Percy ordered, stepping towards them with a brown and blue ribbon.

Fred started, his eyes locked on Hermione as his hand began to shake with nerves. "Hermione, I promise to encourage your compassion, because that was the first thing about you I fell in love with. I promise to nurture your dreams and hopes, because through them your soul shines. I promise to help shoulder our challenges, because I know there is nothing we can't face if we stand together. I promise to be your partner in all things, because you've always been mine. Lastly, I promise to love you and trust you, because one lifetime with you could never be enough."

Hermione swallowed the tears that poured down her cheeks, forcing her voice to come out. "I should have gone first." She said, her voice shaking. She could hear other people laughing, and she was happy to see Fred smile even wider. "I love you Fred, and I promise to encourage your individuality, because that was the first thing about you that I fell in love with. I promise to nurture your dreams, because you never give up on them, or yourself. I promise to help bare our challenges, because you never stop supporting me, and I know we'll come through stronger. I promise to be your partner in all things, working together as a hole. I promise to share with you the joys of life, because with you they are so much sweeter with you. I promise to love you forever, and today I chose to bind myself to you."

The light that had been growing around them enveloped them whole and a surge of magic flowed through their joined and bound hands, knocking the air out of their lungs as Percy slipped the rings on their fingers. The light faded away the minute he slipped the last one on, and they were one step from being bonded.

"You may now kiss your mate, and be forever united and bonded." Percy declared. Fred beamed at Hermione and leaned forward, wrapping his arms around her in a tight embrace before dipping her low and kissing her full on the lips. She laughed into the kiss, barely aware of the yelps of surprise as hundreds of decoy detonators went off in the audience.

Her life was destined to be crazy, and she loved it that way.

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