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Summary: Ok I am the Queen Bee; I rule and control this school. Now why the HELL do you rule and control my thoughts? This is so confusing...

Rating: M for swearing and of course lemons along the way =D

Pairing: Rosalie and Bella. All Human. OOC

Disclaimer: I do not own anything twilight, Stephanie Meyer does. Although I own the characters that are not from twilight and the idea of the story.


Chapter 1: Introduction to The Queen Bee

So I'm sitting here in my Ruby red BMW convertible, glaring at every dip shit loser pass by in the car park, and I say glaring because I'm in a shitty mood caused by one person in particular, but hey we will get to that in a minute. So back to the glaring at my classmates walking up and into the place that I hate and love the most. Forks High School. I say hate because I am just so SO bored with this place. I've been going to School with the same people for years and it drives me insane.

Those idiots haven't changed a bit and are always constantly a pain in my ass. The teachers are boring; they don't teach me anything I don't already know. OK I am a smart girl, the smartest to be exact, at this school, which brings me back to why I hate this school. I'm bored! But then I go to the love part. I am the Queen Bee of this place. I rule this school. Everyone loves me, everyone wants to be me or be with me, boys AND girls.

I am Bi, but have a current boyfriend Kyle, who is so damn hot he makes me want to drool every time I see him. Tall, dark black short spiky hair, tanned, and a body to die for. He is pretty ripped. He's a down to earth guy, a bit badass but a softy inside, which is why I like him. We've been together for nearly 2 years and going strong...kinda.

I have my girls that follow me, I mean not that I even like them all, I really only care about Alice and Cara, but still those girls stick by me and don't let anyone push them around. They are my friends and I respect them, I'm not one of those Queen Bee bitches that you see in those stupid teenage movies. I'm actually nice to everyone here, even if half of them are annoying. I guess that's why I was chosen as Head Girl. I feel loved and respected here.

Me, I'm Rosalie Hale. And I'm here to tell you my little story about the one person who has royally pissed me off. The one person who has gotten to me in the past year. Frustrates me to no end, drives me up the fucking wall. She is the one person who has me so confused its put me in a really, and I mean REALLY shitty mood.

Her name is Bella Swan.

She's been going to this school for nearly a year now, so she's still known as the new kid. But everyone loves her. I mean how could they not, 5'6 with long wavy dark chocolate hair with red highlights, a very slim but curvy body that any girl would want. Those dark chocolate brown eyes and a smile that would brighten up any ones day.

She's a bit of a cheeky badass you could say, we don't really talk but I've heard things and watched her from afar. Just like I am now, seeing her getting off her Black Ducati Superbike 848, taking her helmet off and shaking out her hair. She's in black skinny jeans, a skin tight long sleeve green sweater and a black hooded leather jacket and of course her black chucks. God she's hot! I mean shit...I didn't just say that. Forget it. I run my hand through my long blonde locks with a frustrated groan. I turn my blue eyes away from her and watch as her friend Alex runs over to Bella and gives her a fist bump with a chuckle.

I shouldn't be watching I know I shouldn't but I can't help myself from glaring at her. She's so confusing. Suddenly Bella looks up and catches me staring at her and smirks while still chatting to Alex. I freak, looking away quickly and grabbing my bag from the passenger seat, I open the door and slam it shut, pressing the lock button on the remote, I chuck my keys into my bag and make my way over to the steps leading to the front doors of the school, where my boyfriend Kyle, Alice, Cara, Jasper and Emmett are. I take the few steps up to the top and make my way into Kyle's arms smiling. Pecking him on the lips softly.

"Hey gorgeous girl, how you feeling?" he whispers into my ear, while wrapping his arms around my waist, tickling my sides making me giggle and shove him away. "Kyle stop that, I'm just fine," I snap back at him and then look over to Alice who's watching me, I roll my eyes with a chuckle. I walk over to her and wrap my right arm over her shoulders, looking around and telling the others a quick hey before looking back to Alice's face and greeting her with a quick Kiss on her cheek, "Hey lovely, how are we this fucking fiiine morning?" She laughs at me and kisses my cheek back, "I'm, ya know, just great, now that your here you can save me from the boredom this place brings us." She then leans in to whisper in my ear, "You can do that by explaining to me what's with the glares you've been giving Bella Swan for the last 2 weeks." I quickly glance over at Bella and Alex and bite my lip, before looking back at Alice again, her leaning back and raising her eyebrow at me, before stepping back and taking my hand that fell from being around her shoulders, dragging me away from the group, shouting back to them, "Were off to the ladies before class, seeya later."

"Alice! Kyle is going to kill you if you keep dragging me away from him, he's already whining enough that we never hang out much anymore," I whisper to her. "I don't care, and I don't think you do either considering you're the one avoiding him half the time so there," she finished, poking her tongue at me, I chuckle at her before looking back at Kyle seeing him looking a little pissed off, I shrug my shoulders to him and then turn around and continue to follow Alice. She opens the doors and leads me to the girl's toilets. She drops my hand when we enter and checks the stalls to make sure we are alone and then turns sharply to me, leaning back against the sinks.

"Ugh want to skip today? We can go down to the beach and just chill out, I mean the sun's actually out, we can get our tan on, I am getti-," "NO!" She cuts me off, "Rose you're not getting out of this, you've been giving that girl glares for the last 2 weeks and it's confusing the hell out of me! What's going on? What has she done to you? She may be a badass but she's perfectly nice to everyone AND you."

"Alice there's nothing going on at all, seriously I don't know what you're talking about." I tell her, turning around and facing the mirror running my fingers through my hair, making sure I still look as good as I did this morning. Ok I may be a little vain, but well I am beautiful, I can't help that my parents gave me good looks and a great body. I chuckle to myself, thinking I really am hot. I can see Alice in the mirror shaking her head at me, staring at the side of my face softly, arms crossed.

"Rosalie, I love you, your my best friend, you know you can talk to me, you can tell me anything, you know that right?" She tells me softly, "I know Ali, I'm just...I'm," suddenly I'm interrupted by the door opening loudly, revealing Bella and Alex talking and laughing. I'm standing there with my jaw open and nervous as I see Alex staring at me a bit surprised to see us in here, she pulls Bella's arm telling her to look up. Bella looks up and stops walking towards us, she looks back to Alex and bites her bottom lip, god that's hot when she does that...I mean... "Shit!" I mumble to myself.

She looks back around to me and Alice, staring into my eyes and says "Well well well, look who we have here Alex. Hi Alice, Rosalie." Her eyes never leave mine; I see the corner of her lips tug up into a smirk.

Why is she staring at me, it's making me nervous, stop staring at me. I shake my head a little to clear it, a frown forming my eyebrows. Come on Rose you're the Queen Bee of the school, act like it! "Good morning Alex, Bella, how are you?" I say quietly, and then hearing the bell go, thanking the fucking lord or whoever is listening. Saved by the bell! I release a breath I didn't know I was holding and I look to Alice who's looking at me as if she's trying to read me and my mind, and then back at Bella and Alex. "Well time to get to class then, Alice lets go."

I take Alice's hand, look back into the mirror to check myself, giving myself that extra bit of courage before turning around, and dragging Alice while avoiding anymore eye contact with Bella, out into the Hallway to class. Oh my god why did that have to happen, why why fucking WHY? It's like she's haunting me, and I don't know why. What is she doing to me? Why does she make me nervous? Why does she frustrate me with those god damn looks, those, those dark smouldering chocolate eyes, and that bloody smirk? UGH! Ok ok, I've got to calm down; she's obviously just trying to piss me off or something. I don't understand why she's suddenly giving me her attention. She's been here nearly a year and barely paid me as much as a glance, yet for the last 2 weeks she's been giving me those god damn looks. WHY?

Alice is still staring at me quietly, following me to our first class which we have together, English. I can see she wants me to talk but I just keep dragging her along into the classroom and to our seats at the back of the class. I drop her hand and sit down, her sitting next to me. I drop my bag on the ground and get my folder and pen out ready for class. She is still staring at me, "Rose?" I look at her and sigh, "Please Alice not now, just...just not now ok?" She nods her head silently and looks to the front of the class, as do I. I sit there running my fingers through my hair, twirling it around my finger. God I've got to get a hold of myself. I am Rosalie Hale. I am Strong. I am Beautiful. I am not going crazy. I'm not going crazy...am I?

We are near the end of class and I'm doodling on my folder, when a ripped piece of paper appears on my desk. I look up to the hand it came from and see Alice giving me a sweet caring smile. I take the note and open it.

-Rosalie, we are going to talk about this later.

You need to talk about it.

Love Ali-

I stare at it for five minutes, frowning, biting my lip so hard from my nerves. She's probably right; maybe I should tell her what's going on. Maybe she can help me figure these confusing feelings out. Maybe she knows why Bella is giving me those looks; I mean those two talk all the time. Maybe Alice knows something I don't. UGH, too many 'Maybe's'. I mean have I done something wrong for Bella to act like that towards me? Have I not paid her enough attention since she has been here? Is she just toying with me just to entertain herself? It is so frustrating. It is so confusing. I have never had someone just stare at me without knowing why. I mean yeah people stare at me all day here but for her to do it, after not doing it ever, it's weird, and it's so obvious, and she doesn't care that she's being obvious. For me, Rosalie Hale, to not know why someone in this school is giving me special attention, is VERY aggravating. I am Rosalie Hale, I should know why. I have to know why. It's who I am.

I tap my pen against the note a couple of times before looking back at her to see she's been watching me again. I look back down to the note and write my reply.

-OK Ali, after school. Ride with me back to mine and we will talk.

Love Rose-

The bell rings telling us that class has ended and I pick up my bag putting my folder back into it ready to go to my locker to change books. I walk to the door with Alice behind me. "I'll see you at lunch Alice, and uh, thanks, you know, for not pushing me too much." I whispered to her. She smiles back at me and squeezes my hand softly, "Your welcome Rose, see you at lunch."

She walks away and I head to my locker to change my book. I see people glance at me every now and then, either smiling at me, some telling me hey which I return, and some idiots trying to give me flirtatious looks which just makes me scoff. Shaking my head in annoyance, I turn the corner of the hallway I look down to get my book out of my bag ready to swap it for my Calculus one that is in my locker, and SMACK! I crash into someone and fall to the floor. Oh shit that hurt. Who the fuck got in my way, today is not the day to piss me off, seriously whoever it is, is going to get it. "What the fuck!" I shout, while groaning at the pain in my head, rubbing it with my hand before looking up and into the eyes of... "BELLA! Uh hi."

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