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CHAPTER 5: Work for it!

I sit there staring at this note for god knows how long. I mean Bella Swan has just asked me out. I have watched this girl work her magic before, everyone loves her, and everyone wants to be her or be with her. But she had not once given any interest to any single person in this school since being here. Not once have I seen her go out of her way for anyone to see if they were ok or to help them. But here she was, showing interest in me, taking time out of her own day to check in on me and make sure that I am ok. And to be honest it's scaring me to bits.

Yes I've always been confident, yes I've always been able to get what I want, and yes I want her, but her...Bella...she's perfect, she's absolutely beautiful, sexy, flirty, funny, confident, smart, and I would really like to get to know her, but she scares me. These emotions that she is stirring up in me are scaring me. What if this is just a game to her? What if she's just playing with me, see if she can get the Queen Bee to fall for her? I mean we barely know each other, I don't know her enough to know if this is serious, if she actually really wants to go on a date with me. But I think I know enough from the little things she's done for me. The way she was the first one to come and see if I was ok that day that Kyle and I argued, telling me she cared, telling me that she was there if I needed someone to talk to. The way that she was the first one to again see why I was sitting by myself at lunch, and to actually care about me and the fact that I was hurting over breaking up with Kyle. That just shows that she truly does care about me. The flirty banter that we seem to get ourselves into every time we talk or are around each other. The intense stares, even if I was never sure what they meant I think I am starting to understand now. There is chemistry there somewhere. There has to be, if even Alice can see it.

I look back to Bella, seeing her staring right back at me with her brow furrowed, a look of nervousness and worry across her face, as soon as my eyes meet her pools of chocolate she bites her lip and looks back down to her note book staring intently at it. It makes me giggle to myself, to think that she's nervous, waiting for me and my reaction, my answer to her brave and direct question. Suddenly it's the end of class and I realise I haven't even written my answer as the bell goes. Biting my lower lip between my teeth, I decide to quickly write my reply not wanting her to wait too long, knowing how nervous she must be.

"Bella, you don't think that I'm going to accept your offer of a date through a piece of paper that easily do you? Ask me to my face, and I will give you your answer.

P.S. why the nerves ;) =P"

I fold it back up; quickly pack up my things seeing that Alice is still waiting for me with an excited and questionable look on her face. I know she's going crazy not knowing what that note said, and knowing that she's going to want me to tell her as soon as we step out of class. I stand up with my things, note tucked into the palm of my hand and walk to the front of the class to where Alice is but wait for Bella to reach us, I watch her as she's gathering her things and then walks towards me, she smiles lightly at me as she nears us and I smile back then wink as I reach out to take her hand in mine, lingering a few seconds longer than needed as I slip the note into her palm. Her eyes glued to our linked hands, knowing that my answer is between them. Making sure to run my fingers over hers softly as I pull back, I let go of her hand and look into her eyes one last time before grabbing Alice's arm and pulling her out of the room and up the hallway to head towards the Gym for our next class, which was with Bella.

I take a quick look back behind me to see Bella standing there looking down at the note between her fingers, chuckling and shaking her head at it before walking towards us, following behind to the gym. I look to Alice who's watching me with curious eyes. "What?" I question her, "What's so interesting Ali?"

She chuckles and links her arm with mine as we are walking down the hall, "Oh you know just that fact that I haven't seen you smile this much in a very long time, and I can already see the difference in you."

"Well, not having to think about Kyle is a big relief; I mean I can actually be myself now, without having to worry about someone else. It's a great feeling, and I have you to thank Alice, I wouldn't have been able to do this without you," I tell her softly before we both head into the change rooms to get ready for gym class.

We put our bags down and I continue to tell her about the note that Bella gave to me and what my reply was, telling her how I was feeling about it, the fact that it scared me but excited me at the same time. "What so you didn't even say yes to the girl? You're going to make her beg arnte you?" She scolds me quietly.

"No I just, I want her to ask me to my face, I mean I just want to hear her say it to me Alice. I may be in high school but I just think it would be more, I don't know...romantic maybe? Plus I just broke up with Kyle, I mean id feel kind of bad to just jump up and say yes after not even a whole day of being single. Plus, I'm Rosalie Hale, why not make the girl work it a little?" I tell her with a soft chuckle. She nods her head agreeing with me. We change into our gym clothes as we chat, replacing jeans with shorts, our tops with t-shirts and our heels with sneakers. Ugh I hate these stupid gym uniforms.

"Ok, I think your right, but don't be too hard on the girl, she really likes you," she says with a giggle before tilting her head as if asking me to take a look in that direction, I slip on my t-shirt as I look to where she's directing, and I see Bella across the other side of the room, changing. I try so hard not to let my jaw drop, but the sight that is before my very eyes is that of her with just her shorts on and her bra, facing away from us.

I can see the toned muscles of her back, her beautiful shoulder blades sticking out a little, and her nicely tanned skin that looks silky smooth, long hair cascading down the back in soft waves. My eyes trail down her body landing on her very cute and perfectly sized butt. Gosh what I would give to hold that in my hands, to run my fingers all over her soft skin. I bite my lip to stop the moan I feel escaping my lips. Before trailing my eyes back up her body, seeing her very toned and flat stomach and her perfectly round perky breasts in her navy blue lacy bra, wait what? I look up to see that she's turned around and I am met with her knowing smirk. The smirk that's telling me she has caught me checking her out. She winks at me and then pulls her top on, and walks towards us, stopping right in front of me.

By this time almost everyone is out of the changing rooms besides her, Alice and myself. She lets out a loud chuckle and says, "You might want to be more subtle when you check someone out Rose, and you've got just a little bit of drool," she wipes the corner of my mouth with her thumb, "just there." She walks away and out the room to head towards the gym with the rest of the class and leaves me standing here with my jaw dropped and a stunned look on my face. The sound of laughter awakens me from my state of surprise and embarrassment, seeing that Alice is trying to stop, covering her mouth with her hand. "You just totally lost that round Rose. Thought you didn't like anyone calling you that. Nice work Blondie!" she says teasingly before walking out of the room, me following behind her. "Shut it Alice!" I mumble.

The rest of the class was filled with lingering looks and small smiles and smirks. The way that her lips tug up into those expressions fills me with warmness.

We were playing basketball, both her and Alice being on the other team, I had finally gotten the ball, dribbling it down the court towards the net, when Bella appeared in front of me trying to block my way, a playful smile on her face, I couldn't get past her, so I turned my body, facing away from her, using my back to push my way closer to the net so I could score. But before that could happen I felt her front pressed against my back and her hard nipples rub against my skin through my shirt, I could feel the hot breath from her mouth hit the back of my neck, and when she whispered, "Come on Rosalie, I've seen you dribble better than that, in fact I remember you dribbling quite well back in the change rooms." The electric shock that went through my body was enough for me to drop the ball and land into Bella's hands taking it down the other end of the court to score and win the game, my team mates groaning at me.

Now that was rather embarrassing, but I shook it off and went and got changed along with everyone else. Alice and Bella both laughing softly at me every now and then.

I whip my top off and my shorts, slipping back into my jeans, top, coat and heels, not daring to look Bella's way this time, getting caught before was enough, and after the ridiculous basketball incident I think I've been embarrassed enough today as it is. Bella may be a little softie inside, but she sure does show her cheeky and sneaky ways. Her blatantly flirting with me in front of anyone shows she has no shame in showing her feelings.

Grabbing my bag, I walk out of the changing room leaving everyone else behind wanting to get away from being laughed at. It didn't really bother me but why not give them something to wonder about. I head towards the school parking lot to see that Kyle was leaning up against my car, sighing to myself, I wonder if I had spoken too soon about having him off my back now. I walk towards him slowly and throw my bag into the passenger seat before leaning on my door next to him. I wrapped my arms across my chest nervously, wondering what he could want, not being able to read his face as it held no emotion, although if it had to be one I would guess him to be...pissed off? Annoyance, maybe?

"Well? Are you just going to stand there or are you going to tell me why you are here at my car waiting for me?" my statement coming out in a voice a tad bit harsher than I meant to. He gave me an annoyed glance before standing up and standing in front of me, hands shoved in his front pockets.

"So I saw you talking to Bella Swan at lunch today, alone." He says quietly. I raise my eyebrow at him, my face scrunching up into a look as if to say "So?"

"Yes, and?" I ask frustrated. Out of the corner of my eye I see Bella walking out into parking lot with Alice and Alex looking directly at me, I try my best to ignore their looks but can't help but notice the glare's on all of their faces; Bella's being more of a scowl. "And you were flirting with her, you kissed her hand Rosalie!" He muttered in a pissed off tone.

"What were you just like spying on me or something Kyle? Can I not talk and flirt with people now?" I argued back.

I see Alice turn to walk over to Jaspers car which was next to mine, seeing him standing there waiting for her, seeing them kiss sweetly and cuddle into each other. Ugh sometimes that sight makes me feel a bit sick, but I remind myself that as long as their happy that's all that matters.

"Look I wasn't spying on you I just, I saw you two flirting and...Is she the one that's broken us up? Is she the reason? You said there might be someone and I just need to know if it's her?" he asks while looking over towards Bella, who is standing there leaning against her bike trying to listen to Alex but her attention focused on me and Kyle, giving her a glare and then looking back to me waiting impatiently for my answer.

"Kyle, I broke up with you because I'm not in love with you, and because I'm gay. We are not together anymore; you can't just watch my every move. You can't ask me those questions, that's my business not yours, you don't get that right anymore. Whether I like Bella or not, she has nothing to do with me breaking up with you. I'm gay Kyle. I'm sorry but you're going to have to get used to it." I tell him firmly. I can hear the growl come from his throat as he turns and walks away from me, I run my hand through my hair, sighing.

I knew it was too good to be true, I knew that he had taken it way too easy this morning. I look over to Alice who is now watching me from over the top of Jaspers shoulder, with a concerned look on her face. I shake my head at her and turn to get into my car and speed out of the parking lot. I get home and walk through the door, seeing mum in the kitchen preparing dinner, I walk up to the kitchen bench, drop my bag on the floor and sit down on the bar stool before dropping my head onto the counter. What a day, bad start, good middle, bad finish. I huff and mumble to myself until I hear mum speak up.

"Rosalie honey, what's wrong?" she asks as she comes up to wrap her arm over my shoulder, running her hand smoothly over my back. "Just a bad day mum its nothing to worry about." I mumble into the bench.

"Doesn't look like nothing sweetie if you're huffing and puffing like that, what is it? You know you can talk to me." Esme tells me quietly. Sighing I turn my face to the side, head still resting on the bench, and I look into her blue eyes, just like mine, "Mum, you love me right?" I ask her quietly. Her and I have always been fairly close, she has known about me being Bi, knowing all along that Alice and I had been together and had caught us her fair share of times fooling around. But what if she was ok with it just because I liked men and women, maybe she was ok with it because there was still a chance of me being with a man.

"Rosalie of course I do you know that, now tell me what's wrong before I tickle it out of you," she says with a chuckle, making me smile. "I broke up with Kyle today. I broke up with him because I'm gay mum." I say, biting my lip hard, waiting for her reaction.

"Oh sweetheart, I've been waiting for this moment for so long. It's taken you long enough," chuckling away at me, "Rosalie, it doesn't matter what sex you like or love darling. As long as you're happy, that's all that matters, whether it be a man or woman. But I have noticed you were getting distant with Kyle for a long while now, probably before even you noticed yourself. Haven't seen that kid around here in a long time. But it is ok. Be you, and be happy. That's all me and your father ask. And yes he has noticed too," she says with a small smile, "we may be old but we are not stupid."

I laugh out loud and sit up at that, releasing a breath I didn't know I was holding. "Thank you mum, that means so much to me." I tell her before standing and wrapping my arms around her giving her a hug. She holds me tightly before pulling back and kissing my forehead. Suddenly my phone goes off, the sound of Moment For Life by Nicki Minaj blaring. Yes I love my hip hop and Rap, don't judge me. I pull it out of my coat pocket and look at the screen seeing an unknown number, shrugging I answer, "hello?"

"Uhhh, Rosalie, hi...it's me Bella." She says nervously.

"Bella? Uh hi, how did you get my number? I mean not that I'm not happy to hear from you but you know...?" I question her, as I pick up my bag and look to mum who's giving me a questioning look, I shrug my shoulders and run up the stairs to my room chucking my bag on my couch and then sitting on my bed, leaning back onto my headboard. "Oh well you know I have my ways," she says chuckling, "no but really, I asked Alice for your number, I hope that was ok, I just um...I just wanted to see if you were ok you know? I saw you talking to Kyle and he seemed to piss you off a little and yeah, I mean are you ok? I can totally just go and leave you alone too that's cool I mean I don't want to bother you or anything..." she rambles off. God that was just adorable, badass Bella going from confident and cheeky, to a babbling rambling nervous mess. I just love that about her.

Laughing out loud at her rambles, "Bella calm down, it's fine, I was just surprised, that's all. You could have asked me yourself though you know, along with those other questions," I tell her teasingly. I can hear her moving about and huff as she knows exactly what I was talking about. "Yeah your gonna make me work for that arnte you?" she asks with a nervous laugh.

"Well let's just say I don't like to be asked out by a piece of paper, I um, I prefer face to face conversations if you know what I mean. More honest that way I guess," I tell her softly.

"Fair enough I can understand that, sorry I just, got a little ahead of myself. So um are you ok? Kyle didn't give you too much of a hard time did he? Because I will totally teach him a lesson if I have to," she said with a semi joking voice, but I notice the hint of seriousness in it. "That's sweet Bella," I say with a chuckle, "but I can take care of him, he just pissed me off. He noticed that I was um, talking with you at lunch, and he was trying to blame you for me breaking up with him."

"What he was getting pissed because you were talking to someone? That's just ridiculous, what you can't speak to anyone else now that you're not together?" she said in a defensive tone.

"Well that's what I said, but he was more upset at the fact that, um, that I kissed your hand..." I said trailing off at the end, my nerves rising a little at this discussion about us flirting, of course I wanted to say he noticed us flirting but I didn't want to assume anything and be wrong about it completely, although we were flirting quite obviously and she did ask me out, I just didn't want to sound stupid.

"Oh, well um, I mean, he has no right to be like that with you, he's not your keeper. I just hope he doesn't give you any more grief about it Rose, you deserve to be happy. Don't let him get to you, please?" She asks sweetly, causing me to smile brightly, thanking the fact that she can't see the blush that has appeared on my face. She really is a softie. "And if he does, Rose I swear I won't let him do it for long, I will take care of him if I have to." Ah and there's my little badass. Wait "my"? God she's not even mine yet I'm already calling her that. I shake my head to get rid of those thoughts and laugh softly. "Thanks Bells, I'm sure it will be fine. He's just a little possessive and I guess still a little upset about us breaking up. But uh, if he does get too much I might just let you join me in kicking his butt, how does that sound?" I tell her with a playful tone, hearing her laugh quietly on the other end of the phone. She has a beautiful laugh, addicting, like you could listen to it for hours. My fingers play with the soft white covers on my bed as I listen and sigh quietly.

"OK deal Rosie. So I guess I better let you go huh, but um, I will see you at school tomorrow ok, and uh you know, you have my number now, feel free to use it anytime, I like talking to you." She says quietly, that nervous tone returning to her voice.

"You have to stop with that Rosie thing Bella," I say with an annoyed but joking voice, "or I will have to kick your butt. And thanks for calling, it was really sweet of you to check on me, and um, same to you, that is that I like talking to you too, and feel free to use my number anytime as well."

I hear a soft laugh and hear her sigh, "Ok cool, well, have a good afternoon and night Rosie, you can try all you want to kick my butt but now that I know it annoys you, you know I'm going to just keep up with it. See you tomorrow, beautiful. And sweet dreams for tonight."

"Your a pain in my ass already," I say jokingly, "but thanks, you too Bella, see you tomorrow, softie." Hanging up and staring at my phone, the biggest grin on my face, I let it drop to my bed, grab my pillow covering my face with it, and release the squeal of excitement that has been waiting to escape all day, legs kicking on the bed and all. Gosh I'm such a girl! I change my mind, great end to my day!

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