AN Just saw Deathly Hallows Part II and thought I would write a quick one shot dedicated to the movie without spoilers I hope.

Title: It's Real!

Ten year old Jonathon Wentworth stood waiting at the front of the long line at the theater in Austin Texas. He drank from the cold bottle of water that his mom gave him as he anxiously waited for the last movie of the Harry Potter book series.

This was it he thought. He knew the ending of the story but excited to see how it would play out on the screen.

He was proud that his mom took time off from her computer job to make sure that he was there for the midnight premier. Especially so since she just obtained a new position and told him that she had to study and that limited her time with him greatly.

They sat in chairs they brought waiting hours until the moment arrived as the theater staff began taking tickets and allowed them to be brought into the air-conditioned room feeling relief from the heat he suffered throughout the day of waiting.

His mother moved to a series of three seats off to the left and they sat down. He felt a slight movement of wind and looked to his left and found a man sitting in the seat next to him that he knew was empty when they sat.

The man was dressed exactly like Professor Snape. "Nice costume mister." He told the man clad in black. "You look exactly like Professor Snape."

The man turned to him with a startled look before his features smoothed.

"Thank you. What is your name boy?"

Wow! He sounded just like him, disdainful voice and with a British accent like all of the characters in the movies. "Jonathon, Jonathan Wentworth."

Jonathan was bothered. It looked like the man was solid but not and forgot it as the movie started.

The man said nothing else and Jonathan looked to the screen.

The movie played out and it came to the time when Professor Snape died. He glanced over to the man sitting next to him watched him cry as he wiped his tears away. And that was very strange but good as it was revealed that Professor Snape protected Harry the whole time because he loved Lily.

"Hey it's okay Mister. He was one of the good guys at the end."

His mother nudged him and he turned his attention back to the screen and soon everyone was cheering at the end of the movie and the lights turned up bright.

Jonathan looked up to the man. "That was good. This movie was great."

The man rose up from his seat. "It was and in one year I think you will receive something special. My advice to you is to follow what you feel is right and avoid getting involved with Dark Wizards and Dark Magic."

Jonathan turned to his mom. "Mom the man sitting next to us is dressed exactly like Professor Snape and sound just like him."

His mom laughed. "Jonathan that seat was empty the whole time. Don't let your imagination run away. Let's go now because it is late. We'll stop by Whataburger and get your favorite food."

He turned to look at the man next to him and found the seat next to him empty.

One year later Jonathon was in his room and heard a ruckus and walked down the stairs stopping halfway and found a large man that looked like Hagrid from the book standing at the door talking to his Dad with his mother laid out on the floor.

The large man looked to him. "You must be Jonathan. I was just telling yer parents that you are a wizard and invited to Hogwarts as part of an exchange program with the Yanks. I hope you'll accept." Holding a light green envelope out to him.

Jonathan walked down and took the envelope and remembered the words the man dressed as Professor Snape spoke: "It was and in one year I think you will receive something special. My advice to you is to follow what you feel is right and avoid getting involved with Dark Wizards and Dark Magic."

He took the envelope out of the large man's hand and opened it promising himself that he would follow Professor Snape's advice.