Hello this is Anna moon. You have never heard of me. But on all of my younger sister molly's adventures I have been there to do it for her. She has no actual hypnotic abilities. Our whole family does but she doesn't and we didn't want her to feel like she was different. I was the only moon child that lived with the family until my dad was kidnapped and my mom went to help molly. I am 13 now and Molly just found out about her twin brother and ran away to tell the world about her hypnotic powers so that scientists would take her away. She is going to every tall building in the world and telling them about her and her family. My mom has told me about her running away and now of course I have to go find her and shut her up so I can drag her home. Now I must pack otherwise our family secret will you know leak out.

P.S this is a really short intro so trust me it will get better.