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It Must Be Love

Chapter 1 – To love and Forget

Bella's Point of View

There I stood in the hospital entrance. My waters had already broken at home but I had managed to get changed and drive myself to the hospital. Which I shouldn't have done but I really didn't want to go in a taxi. The main reason for that was because I would have just embarrassed myself and then money was an issue too as taxi's cost an absolute fortune these days. With a baby on the way it was just something that I could not afford, especially as it was going to be only me and the baby! Anyway it made sense for me to bring Lola, my old but sturdy and ever faithful red Chevy. I had already invested in a baby seat and had it fitted so it would be all ready to bring my baby home safely.

So here I am standing in the entrance unsure of what to do next, as I am standing here I notice a blonde nurse that looks more like a model, looking at me strangely. She hesitantly comes towards me. Once she is in front of me, she asks if I am okay and all I can do is look down at my bump as she follows my gaze. Her eyes widen, not in surprise but in concern as she realises my problem. The nurse then grabs a nearby doctor standing in the area. At this point I have given up worrying as I am pushed into a wheel chair and wheeled to into what I can only say is possibly the maternity wing. I arrive in the delivery unit and it appears that nurses are running around me as though there is some sort of an emergency. Little do I realise that I am that emergency. The blonde model like nurse then bends down to me introducing herself as Rosalie and that she will be helping with my delivery. She then asked what my name was and how far along I am. So I give my details as Isabella Swan but that I prefer Bella and that I am forty weeks pregnant and that my due date is tomorrow. Rosalie then tells me that everything is going to be fine and they are now preparing the delivery room.

Within moments of her saying this I am then wheeled into my own room. It all dawns on me then, that I am actually having a baby and having a baby alone. As this thought really hits me I start to break down when all of a sudden a sharp pain hits me. I take a deep breath and realise that I had started having contractions. I silently thank god that I had the good sense to make it to the hospital before it got any worse as I would have been terrified if I had still been at home. I hear the nurses talking to me. Telling me to take deep breaths through the contractions but I can't be bothered listening to them, their chattering voices irritate me. Rosalie, the model nurse then returns looking once again like a goddess and gently reminds me that if I don't use my breathing techniques it will only be more painful for me. She also tells me that a natural birth is much better than resorting to a C-section so it's best that I try as hard as I can to deliver the baby myself as I do not want to have a section, I honestly don't want the scars as I have every intention of wearing a bikini again someday!

I have got to be completely honest here even though I had definitely never planned to fall pregnant but it wasn't like I had much choice as I had it forced upon me. Anyway, as my dad used to say it's better to look forward than behind.

Anyway I shouldn't be rambling; I should be listening to the professionals. So here I am lying on one of those not quite so comfortable hospital birthing beds with my feet stuck up on a set of stirrups and having contractions every five minutes whilst on gas and air. I wonder if this is the gas that makes me giggle, so I ask Rosalie if it is. She replies with "Yes dear Bella I am afraid you are too late for an epidural." I reply with "I wanted to do it naturally anyway".

She then asks the question I have been dreading, which is do you have any family. I seriously hate this question because if I did have any family you would think they would be here. But sadly I have to tell her, no I do not have any family. This is a topic I don't honestly want to discuss and as far as I am concerned the baby I am about to bring into the world is my family and the only family I will ever have.

To be honest though I am terrified, not because I am going to be on my own but whether I am going to be a good mum, that and if my baby will be healthy are the two things that worry me.

Anyway as the nurses have told me it's time to push. I can't believe that a year ago from now I had been arranging a funeral, and my life has changed so much. I know it is always better to look forward that to look at what has happened before, so here I am putting all my energy and faith into bringing this baby into the world.

I hear my nurse Rosalie, the model, telling me that I only need one more push before my baby is here. It has all happened so quickly I cannot believe it. During my pre-natal visits I could have found out the sex of my baby but I opted not to know until the birth. Finding out I was pregnant was a big enough shock. I honestly didn't care whether I was having a girl or a boy, but I wanted it to be a surprise and I already knew I would love this baby more than anything else in the world. So I do as the nurses tell me and I give one big last push and become a mom forever more!

I hear the cries of my baby and the nurses have told me that I have a beautiful healthy baby boy. I find it hard to believe that one moment I have a huge stomach and now I have a living breathing little baby that is going to depend on me for everything, it's a wonderful feeling. I think to myself, I have a baby boy, oh, my, god. Rosalie and the other nurses then ask what the name of my baby boy is going to be and I proudly announce my son to be named as Ethan James Swan.

I hold my baby in my arms and realise that he has got some pretty good looks and he isn't even a day old yet but then when I recall who his father is I am not surprised that my baby is so handsome even at such a young age. I make a resolution then and there to make sure that my son grows up to be good and kind and nothing like what his father was or is like.

Rosalie then announces that Dr Cullen is about to cut the umbilical Cord. I wasn't really paying attention when I looked up for the first time since being given Ethan and there stood, god I don't even know how to describe he is like a god and a sex god at that, Dr Cullen. He took three big strides towards me and introduced himself as Dr something Cullen. I didn't get his first name as I was too busy staring at his toned body in a tight white shirt even though he was wearing medical garb. In a daze I asked him to repeat what his name was and he said…

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