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It Must Be Love

Chapter 6 – Everybody's changing

Bella's Point of view

Well that was unexpected to say the least.

I never expected him to offer to go get some of my bits for me, because if not I'm sure I would have just about managed just about, the hospital were willing to provide me with the things I needed until I got home. I just couldn't believe I gave out my address to someone who I don't know. Actually that's not true, he isn't a complete stranger, but I would definitely like to get to know him a lot better though. I'm just saying. However now that I have Ethan now he will be the only man in my life for a while. I would be willing though to go out with a certain Dr Cullen, but like that is going to happen; he is probably going out with someone with their legs as tall as me. Someone likes Rosalie because she is tall, gorgeous and successful, but by god is she stunning where as plain old me is nothing special, but then if certain events hadn't happened I then wouldn't have ended up with my ever so precious Ethan. It wasn't meant to happen, but then is life ever meant to happen? Is it ever planned? No. As my Dad always used to say what is the point on dwelling on the past when you should be focusing on the future. So that is what I think continuously where ever I am and whatever I am doing.

I wish my dad was here, of course he would have gone crazy when he found out what happened to me, but I wish he could have seen his grandson. Ethan makes me forget everything, absolutely everything, which is what I am going to do. I am here now and am only going forward. When some people first found out what happened they all fussed and felt sorry and said they would do whatever they could to help me. But of course that what soon stopped when I said I didn't want any help. I just wanted to be left alone and deal with it by myself. My own way, but of course people thought was that wrong. They just didn't know what I was going through. I know my Dad would have tried to kill the person that done what they did. What with him being an officer of the law, he would have been able to deal with it and get him in prisoner for more time than he would have necessarily been given. I wish I had my Mummy and Daddy even though I wish for Ethan could have a father like mine so that he could someone to teach him to play baseball in the garden, someone to take him for bike rides whilst I stayed at home and bake a cake for my family. But that will never happen because I am Isabella Swan who, as it stands, isn't living a fairy tale life and probably never will. When you see how Dr Cullen acted with Ethan it makes you wonder if he is like that with all the other children and if he is then that would make him a good father figure.

I come out of my wondrous mind and place Ethan back into his cot and ask one of the nurses what happened to my bag that had all my possessions in. She said that it was behind the main desk so it wouldn't get taken and she would go get it for me, she returned with my back and quickly left pulling the door shut behind her. I opened my bag up and grabbed my IPhone to check to see any if I had any messages. I found that I had one message and it was from an unknown number so I opened it and read what it said and I think his words caused me to go into shock, it was so simple but so sweet it said:

Hey Bella
I just picked up all the items on your list and stopped at the store and picked up a few other things for you as well to surprise you. Will be with you soon, my lovely. Edward x

I don't remember much after reading that, I just remember feeling faint.

In the mean time

Edward's Point of View

As I was driving back to the hospital, I had a huge grin spread across my face. After having parked Trixie in the doctor's parking area, I then grabbed Bella's stuff from the boot of the car and headed into the hospital. After having gotten back to the hospital and once I had signed back in, I then continued on to Bella's room.

I didn't expect what I walked into. Ethan was in his cot crying with Bella nowhere in sight. I then put her bags down that I had and as I bent down doing so, I saw Bella there lying on the floor. I then went into panic as well as my doctor mode. Possible reasons were continually gong round my head while I checked to see if she was breathing. Whilst doing this I was checking she was breathing and that's when I realised that she had her phone in her hand and the text I sent was still open. With her breathing regular and everything else being ok. But I don't know what I could have done wrong. Well I might have called her 'my lovely' and put an 'x' on the end of the text. I never dared to think what the outcome of the text would be. I slowly lifted Bella in my arms and moved her back into her bed. The feeling of being able to hold her, I couldn't believe what I was feeling and I never wanted it to go away. Once having got Bella placed back into her bed. I then went over to Ethan who had stopped crying since I had arrived and picked him and went and sat in the chair beside Bella's side. Sitting there, whilst watching Bella slowly recovers from her faint, I was wondering to why one of the nurses hadn't been checking on her and why they hadn't heard Ethan crying.

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