Story Background: Set in AU, where the Uchiha Massacre did not happen. However, the Nine-tails attack on Konoha as well as the death of Yondaime did. Take note that some characters, namely Sasuke and other Uchiha members, have thus slightly different personalities than the manga. I've taken into consideration how Sasuke would have developed into a different kind of man with Itachi present as his aniki.

Sakura is eighteen; Itachi twenty-three. (Please do the other math for yourselves.)

This story isn't rated M for joke. Sexual scenes are depicted, and if you're uncomfortable with those, I suggest you not read this. Also, this story really isn't about angst, so don't worry about depressing situations or anything. There is, however, drama, as what would usually happen in life, so there are definitely ups and downs! I try to make this as lighthearted as possible, though it's definitely not crack. ^^

I'll be making updates fortnightly, unless I'm lucky enough to have a less hectic schedule for the week. :)

The man's lips were attached to her neck like a bloodsucker. He was simply trying too hard to turn her on, and it only served to deepen her disgust with the man who'd cornered her against the wall.

He smelled of booze and sweat, a revolting combination, and all she wanted to do was snap his neck in half.

Remember what you were supposed to do.

Kimura Hosnin was the secretary of the daimyo of Waves, and she'd been sent to retrieve vital information regarding their next political move that may very well pose a threat to Konoha. She supposed that her pink hair immediately dispelled the possibility of her being a ninja in most people's minds, and she had no qualms utilizing the fact.

She lowered her voice to a seductive husk, "Is there somewhere more private?"

The man took a reprieve from her neck and smirked at her, introducing a sickening feel in her belly. Kami, she really needed to get this over with.

"Aren't you the little slut," he commented airily, assuming that her arousal was genuine. "I know just the place."

Of course you do. Why else would I choose to hit on you here?

He led her straight to the room she'd wanted in. The room had the most efficient escape route, and after she'd extracted the relevant information from him, she'd take some of his money and leave with no trace, allowing him to make his own assumptions of her and reduce any impression she might have left on him. It was always better to let the enemy think he'd slept with a whore instead of a woman on a mission. They'd promptly forget it.

Sakura arrived in Konoha a little after three in the afternoon. The sun was at its hottest, and Sakura could feel the beads of perspiration crusading down her back, pooling in between the valley of her breasts and clinging around her neck. She'd made it back in good time to take a much needed reprieve before she had to show up at Kakashi's birthday bash. It was more of an excuse for a gathering, really. Everybody went their separate ways after graduating to jounin, and even though they'd sometimes be thrown together for missions, they'd individually diverged pretty much from each other.

If she wanted to keep awake until three in the morning, she really needed that afternoon nap.

She placed her mask over her face and made her way briskly to the Hokage Tower, and reported her findings directly to the leader of the village.

Sakura didn't particularly like seduction missions, but she wasn't adverse to it either. In fact, she excelled at it. Her exotic emerald eyes, high cheekbones and naturally pouty lips attracted men's attention effortlessly, and her prey often came to her of their own accord, saving her the chase. Her pink hair easily belied her strength, and her feminine hands only accentuated her female sexuality, hiding any evidence that she was a ninja trained not only to heal but to kill.

Being one of the few females in ANBU, she was assigned to more seduction missions than she could count, and she hadn't even been in the Black Ops for half a year. She was beginning to wonder if Tsunade had forgotten that she was training under the Sannin as a medic-nin, not a seduction mistress, since her shishou was the one who kept sending her to all these missions. Since seduction missions were usually solo missions, she'd barely had the chance to work with the other ANBU members yet.

"Thank you, Sakura. You are dismissed. Do not forget to report to the hospital tomorrow afternoon."

"Yes, Hokage-sama," Sakura replied respectfully. She formed a few hand seals and teleported herself home, not in the mood to face the blazing sun again.

Once inside her house, Sakura peeled off her soaked ANBU uniform and took a long, comfortable shower. The warm, clean feeling that engulfed Sakura as she stepped out of the bathroom guided her to the soft bed, and she promptly fell asleep.

Hours later, Sakura awoke to an incessant knocking on her door. Not bothering about her disheveled appearance, she opened the door to reveal a very excited blonde and a subdued Uchiha.

"Hey guys."

"Come on, Sakura," Naruto said happily as he bounded into her house without invitation, "we still need to get Kakashi a present."

Team 7 stopped calling Kakashi sensei a long time ago. Ever since Kakashi returned to the Black Ops and Team 7 went their separate ways, the relationship between them changed. Kakashi was now an equal.

"Hn," the black-haired man nodded in agreement, following the blonde's lead.

"Yeah, sure. Wait here," Sakura rubbed her eyes sleepily, returning to her room to change into a more suitable attire. She'd gotten a solid three hours of sleep, and she supposed that was more than she could ask for.

Rummaging through her closet, Sakura pulled out a tight-fitting black dress that hugged her curves respectfully, dispelling the otherwise slutty look that she'd have portrayed. Sex but no skank, she liked to think. It ended appropriately mid-thigh, and its netted long sleeves gave her the slightest protection from the cold.

Next, Sakura attacked her hair and drew it into a messy ponytail, securing it with a black ribbon. She didn't bother with make-up – she wasn't looking to get laid tonight, she just wanted to spend time with her friends. Applying lip gloss to her chapped lips, Sakura deemed herself presentable enough to attend a birthday bash.

Heading out to the living room, she observed what her sleepy eyes hadn't bothered with before. Naruto was wearing his jounin uniform – how boring – and Sasuke was dressed in polo tee and jeans. She grunted in complaint; Sasuke could simply throw on shirt and jeans and still look hot – it was just plain unfair.

She'd gotten over Sasuke years ago – experience and the shinobi life did that to a person. They'd tried dating when they first became jounin, but quickly realized that they were better off being friends. Physical attraction was not a problem between the two of them, but Sakura felt that their relationship became stagnant after a while, and preferred not to heat sheets with the man anymore. She didn't know how Sasuke felt, but since he didn't make any objections to the change in their arrangements, she supposed that he'd felt the same way.

Naruto only found out about them after they'd broken up – if you could call it that – and was simply relieved that his teammates weren't screwing each other anymore. He said he felt weird.

Sakura scoffed at the memory, drawing the attention of the two males who were watching her television.

"You look awesome, Sakura-chan!" Naruto said unabashedly, leaping up from the sofa. "Yosh, let's go!"

Sasuke switched off the television and stood up as well. He eyed Sakura appreciatively, reminding Sakura why she'd slept with him in the first place. He made the act of checking her out a huge turn on, unlike the damned secretary of the daimyo.

Sakura slid on her comfortable black heels and locked the door. With her heels she was almost as tall as her teammates, and feeling affectionate for the both of them, she linked their arms together.

"What are we buying for Kakashi?"

"I was thinking the latest limited edition of Icha Icha Paradise," Naruto answered cheerfully. "Teme agreed with me."

Sakura sighed. Evidently, Jiraiya still managed to find the time between spying on Akatsuki and reporting to the Hokage to write smut. Kudos to the pervert.

"Are you sure Kakashi wouldn't have bought it for himself already?" Sakura asked.

Naruto's face fell. "We didn't think of that."

"Oi, don't drag me down with you, dobe," Sasuke retorted.

"Let's think of something else," Sakura interrupted before Naruto could argue with Sasuke. She swore that being eighteen did nothing to reduce the immaturity of the two.

"Kunai?" Sasuke suggested.

"Typical, but fine. I'm too tired to think of anything else."

"We could get him dog food, you know, for his dogs," Naruto suggested, promptly receiving two identical condescending glares from his teammates.

"You're the one who thinks kunai's typical, Sakura!"

"Act your age, you idiot," Sasuke countered for her.

"Shut up, Sasuke-teme!"

Sakura sighed as her teammates bickered all the way to the pub.

Upon entering the pub, Sakura spotted the masked man sitting at the table surrounded by his friends and colleagues. Kakashi met her eyes and gave her a small crinkle of an eye as acknowledgement and caught the present Sakura had thrown across the room to him.

He waved his hands in thanks to the three of them, and Sakura felt herself being dragged to the table where her friends were occupying. She slid in easily between Ino and Tenten, who were debating whether to apply for the upcoming ANBU examinations.

"What do you think, Sakura?" Ino asked, including her into the conversation immediately.

Her friends couldn't know about her involvement in ANBU. Nobody but ANBU members knew who was in ANBU. They were sworn to secrecy, after all, and served only the Hokage and no one else. Of course, everyone has their own speculations once a shinobi stops taking missions from the village and still disappear for long periods of time, but Sakura had the guise of going on medical related trips, thus her involvement in ANBU was not as apparent as, say, Kakashi's. However, as a general rule, ANBU weren't supposed to talk about ANBU.

But that didn't mean she couldn't voice her opinion to her friends.

"Sounds shady."

Ino rolled her eyes. "That's the whole point of the organization isn't it?"

"You're Hokage-sama's apprentice, aren't you?" Tenten said, "Do you know much about ANBU?"

"About as much as you do, Tenten-san." Sakura wasn't as well acquainted with the weaponry mistress as she was with Ino, who was her best friend. But having talked to Lee more times than she would have liked, she knew a little bit about the woman. The most straightforward definition for Tenten was that she was dating the famous Hyuuga Neji. Nobody in the Hyuuga clan knew about it though, since the clan was fiercely protective of the Byakugan for any member to be involved with someone outside of the clan. Sakura, being on good terms with Neji without Tenten's knowledge, supposed that it was their risk, and chose to not have anything to do with it.

Tenten spotted Neji and Lee enter the pub, and politely excused herself to meet her teammates.

"How was the mission?" Ino, who was a medic as well, knew that her 'medical trips' were just a veil. Also, it helped that the blonde bombshell was a member of the elite organization.


Ino nodded in understanding. Being a kunoichi with good looks meant you were usually sent on seduction missions. But the missions were vital – god knows how many wars were prevented because of them.

"I want a drink to relax," Sakura stated, getting up from her seat.

Ino nodded, promptly seeking out Shikamaru and Choji to gossip. Well, it was more of a one-way thing – she talked, they listened dutifully.

Sakura leaned her hip lazily against the bar top as she ordered her drink. "What's your specialty?" She asked the bartender.

The bartender stared at her blankly, and she noticed the way his eyes traced her outfit, coming to rest at her breasts. She smirked, and waited for him to gather himself. Maybe she was going to get laid tonight after all. He was kind of cute.

"Try the Green Vesper." A smooth, almost velvet voice came from her right and she turned, only to gulp lightly as she reeled from the shock to her system. Uchiha Itachi was perched elegantly on the bar stool, swirling his Vesper gracefully as he regarded her. But what shocked her wasn't the presence of the ANBU captain; it was the way he was looking at her. His onyx eyes were dark with desire, his smile full of promise and he was emanating absolute masculine deliciousness. Sakura couldn't help but react.

"What if I don't like it?" Sakura collected herself in time to deliver a proper speech.

"Perhaps you'd like to have a taste of mine?" Itachi suggested in a low voice, as if he'd been prepared for her answer all along.

"Perhaps." And Sakura held her gaze with the ANBU captain, forgetting about the bartender who'd just about recovered from his reverie.

Itachi admired her beautiful face. He hadn't expected the reaction his body had upon meeting the emerald green eyes, but he couldn't help but interrupt the woman and the bartender. The way the bartender had expressed his interest in the female made him wonder what sort of woman could make a man lose his professionalism like that. Well, other than the pink hair, of course.

He figured that it was her full lips and abundant chest, but upon closer inspection, Itachi knew it was the way the woman held herself, full of confidence and poise. He'd also recognized her as the Hokage's apprentice, but never before had he seen her in casual clothes. The ANBU uniform she usually wore hid her alluring figure perfectly, and she usually had her mask on. Her relaxed features also gave a soft, feminine glow to her face, a description that he would never have associated with the usually serious medic.

Right now, however, Haruno Sakura was wearing a black dress that accentuated her figure nicely, making her sexy but not slutty. He knew she knew it as well, which was probably why she was wearing the dress. He liked the way her ponytail exposed her neck, drawing attention to the smoothness and creaminess of it. He really wanted to touch her.

He held out his glass to her, waiting for her reaction. She closed her delicate hands around his glass, their fingers brushing briefly as he released his hold. Not breaking eye contact with him, she slowly took a sip.

Her lips curled into an almost feral-like grin, and he felt another jolt to his system. Now he wanted to kiss her.

Uchiha Itachi usually had better control of his emotions, but he found that he wasn't in the mood to control them tonight. He was completely at ease since it wasn't the first time he was physically attracted to a woman, and he wasn't about to let it go, not when the pink-haired female was looking at him with an intensity to match his own.

"This tastes good."

"Hn." You'll taste even better.

"I'll take this then," Sakura smirked, shifting her body weight from the bar top.

Itachi reached out and grabbed her wrist. It was a gentle grip, one that was firm, but loose enough that should she decide his advances were unwanted, she could break free easily. She remained, and waited expectantly.

"Perhaps I could buy you one." And maybe take you home.

Sakura shook her head, her ponytail swishing slightly. "I want this one."

"Then maybe we can compromise."


"We'll share."

Sakura smiled naughtily, and in one swift motion, downed the remainder of his drink.

"Oops?" She widened her eyes in fake innocence.

Itachi growled, and in the next instant, Sakura found herself pressed against a wall in the back alley. Well, she supposed they were pretty close to the back door, but she certainly wasn't expecting such speed from the man clad in jeans and a collared shirt. His mouth descended to hers and in a matter of seconds Sakura found herself in a full make-out session in the back alley with Uchiha Itachi.

Boy, the man knew how to kiss. His hot breath was a mixture of the drink he'd been nursing earlier and something else entirely his own flavor. Sakura wasn't sure she could put a name to it, but it didn't matter at the moment because all she knew was that she really liked it. His tongue traced her bottom lip erotically, and coupled with his wandering hands that were heating up every inch of her skin, Sakura decided to allow him entrance.

She opened her mouth slightly and met his tongue with her own. She wasn't about to let him in without a fight. He wanted in, he had to prove himself worthy.

As if catching on to her game, Itachi slanted his mouth over hers to cover her more fully, his hand sliding up under her skirt to draw lazy circles on the side of her thigh. Being the Uchiha he was, Itachi naturally won the mini battle that Sakura had instigated. Itachi smirked as Sakura slowly wound her hands around his neck, pressing him into her.

Itachi tasted the steadily diminishing Vesper in her mouth, coupled with something a lot sweeter. He couldn't identify it at first, but then he realized that it was simply the taste of Sakura. As he explored the warm cavern of her mouth, he greedily lapped up the gentle sweetness that seemed endless.

Eventually they needed to come up for air; despite their immense ninja training, it didn't mean that they could actually go without breathing. Itachi broke them apart, but maintained his face within millimeters of her face as he directed his gaze straight into her eyes.

"Oops." Itachi stated, repeating her previous remark. Itachi struggled to maintain the space between them as he felt Sakura's fingers stroke through his hair. He needed to know her answer before he could decide his next move.

Sakura wasn't the slightest bit shy when returning his gaze. In fact, she seemed to find an answer of sorts in his immobile state. She maneuvered his hands to rest more firmly around her waist, and proceeded to make a few hand seals that Itachi recognized immediately, and within seconds, he found himself in an unfamiliar apartment, presumably hers.

But then he looked outside the window, and he recognized the view. This room was the presidential suite of the grandest hotel in Konoha. Sakura grinned at him as she led him through the double doors into the bedroom, where an enormous king-sized bed dominated the space.

Sakura circled her arms around his neck. "There's a bar downstairs if you still want that Vesper," she purred.

"I think I'll just salvage what I have left," Itachi whispered huskily, slipping his hands under her dress and lifting it up, caressing her ass cheeks as he pushed the dress up her body, and over her head. And she stood, in his arms, clad in only her underwear. Warmth spread through his lower abdomen and Itachi felt himself grow hard at the sight before him.

He heard the sound of a zipper and felt his jeans loosen and drop to the floor, his boxers barely hiding his arousal.

Itachi's well-trained sense of smell alerted him to the slight arousal emanating from the pink-haired female, and he could no longer resist the urge to ravish her completely. Without any effort, he threw both of them onto the bed, locking his lips firmly with hers as he trailed his hands up her body to find her breasts. Slipping the straps off her delicate shoulder, he unhooked the clasp and flung the bra somewhere else so that there was no longer any barrier between his hands and her flesh.

He kneaded the full, round mound slowly, building up pressure to tease her already hard nipples into an even harder peak. He felt Sakura nudge his arms, and he lifted them willingly, allowing her to remove his shirt. He resumed kissing her, his lips forming an exploratory trail to her neck, where he suckled and placated for the longest time before moving southwards.

Taking a nipple into his mouth, he pressed his tongue erotically on the hardened peak, meanwhile engulfing her entire breast with his mouth to build on the pressure. He heard Sakura stifle a moan, but she couldn't stop the reaction of her body as it writhed under him in absolute pleasure. He could scent the increasing intensity of her arousal, driving him faster in his own state of arousal.

He wanted to see her lose control.

The hand that was kneading the breast his mouth wasn't preoccupied with soothed its way downwards, until it came to her heated core, where he ruthlessly plunged two fingers in without warning. Sakura's breath hitched and she managed half a scream, fuelling Itachi's imagination of how she would sound when she screamed in pleasure.

He opened his fingers to stretch her, adding pressure to her inner walls, his fingers enjoying the way her body spasmed at his ministrations and the wetness that he was enwrapped in. He trailed his mouth to her neglected breast as he simultaneously pumped his fingers languorously in and out of her wet core.

She was panting now – her breaths quick and uneven – and she kept tugging at his hair, creating a pleasurable tension for Itachi. He introduced a third finger, and Sakura arched into him, her thighs rubbing deliciously against his manhood. She tugged him up gently to find his lips with hers, and Itachi enjoyed the feeling of her bare breasts being pressed so tightly against his chest, creating a friction that made his body hum delightfully.

Itachi suddenly felt warm hands encircling his cock, sliding up and down his shaft in a steady, unwavering pattern. He broke from Sakura's lips and watched as she boldly continued with her repetitive stroking of his dick, while he continued his motion of his hands in between her legs.

Her green eyes were glazed over from the desire and stimulation, dark with need. She whimpered as he removed his fingers from her pussy. Itachi slowly licked his fingers, enjoying the taste of her arousal all the while watching Sakura closely. He didn't miss the flash of disappointment on her face at the loss of his fingers; neither did he fail to see the way her pupils dilated as her eyes followed his mouth moving along his fingers.

Her hands left his cock as she wrapped them around his neck again and pulled him towards her. He decided that it was time they both got naked, so Itachi peeled off her panties and shrugged off his own boxers. Then, he positioned himself over her so that their sex were aligned, and moved his body to mimic a thrusting motion such that his shaft rubbed deliciously against her nether lips, eliciting a low groan from her that was filled with need.

Sakura matched his rhythm, and Itachi found himself climbing towards the peak once more. Suddenly, Sakura hooked her slender legs around his waist, locked her arms around his neck and pulled herself off the bed such that she had her mouth beside his ear, and she panted harshly, "There really isn't any more foreplay left, Itachi. Fuck me."

He didn't give her any time to react. He buried his face in her neck and plunged, letting a growl escape as her wetness surrounded him. She was tight, wet, and smelled like heaven. The combination was almost enough to make him come on the spot, but sheer male pride prevented him from doing so.

He only gave her a split second to accommodate his size before he pulled out and swiftly thrust into her once more. He kept a steady pace at first, enjoying the friction between the two of them, and the sound of her uncontrolled moans in his ear. But when her moans turned into gasps he figured it was time to increase the heat.

His rhythm quickened, and Sakura easily moved her hips to meet him, beat for beat, thrust for thrust, until both of them toppled over the edge. In his final thrust, her walls contracted tightly around him pulling him in deeper, stronger, and he finally gave in to the pleasure.

"Sakura," he rasped as he came inside her.

She bit into his shoulder to muffle her scream.

Both bodies spent, Itachi laid his bigger frame over her smaller one, his cock still limp inside her. He didn't feel like moving, and he really liked her scent. He idly sucked on her neck and undid her hair to run his fingers through it.

"Mm," Sakura hummed, still floating on cloud nine on the after-sex lethargy. And here, she thought lazily, that she'd known all the ins and outs of sex. Itachi just proved her wrong, and she was very, very glad he did. The man really knew how to please, when to please and where to please. She hadn't thought there was such a thing called over-stimulation until Itachi demonstrated just how bloody long foreplay could be. Sakura was pretty sure she'd had at least three mini climaxes before he'd even entered her.

Itachi's suckling on her neck was sending a continuous train of tingling sensations down her spine to her toes, lighting a heated path along the way. She tightened her walls around his dick still inside her, enjoying the intrusion. She raked her nails along his back, tracing his defined muscles appreciatively.

She gently eased his head up to level with hers, green eyes clashing with black ones. She lifted her hips seductively, pulling him deeper into her, and smirked at the way his body shivered against hers. And she saw the desire in his eyes again. For her.

She brought his head down to hers, lips melding together in another ferocious battle.

Then without warning, Sakura flipped them over, so that she was on top.

"I say let's go again."

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