The redhead brushed the rain from her bangs, as she stared down her mysterious opponent. The darkness held kept the girl from getting a firm visual of what her advisary looked like. The opponent was about the same size as her, with a narrow waist and willowy legs. Large eyes stared back at Ranma, as two maces were brought to bear. With the weapons at ready, Ranma noticed the large smile that glistened off what little light was available.

"So, you're the one that sent the challenge?" The redhead replied defiantly. She recieved no verbal reply. "Okay, so you're just gonna sit there with that funny grin and stare at me all night? You some kind of pervert?"

Her opponent did a graceful backflip, and a slight shifting sound, like beans being sifted through, was heard softly in the air. Ranma understood the display as an urging of challenge, and went into stance.

"Fine, if you're ready to get this show on the road, I won't argue. Let's just make this quick so I can get out of the rain..."

The pigtailed girl's opponent let out an inhuman scream, and began the contest...

"RANMA!" Akane shouted, as she opened to door to find her fiancee bruised and passed out in front of the door.

"A-Akane?" the redhead drowsily enquired, while weakly raising her head.

"What happened to you? Who did this to you? You haven't been home since after dinner last night!" The raven haired girl asked in concern; someone capable of doing this to Ranma was someone to be reckoned with.

"It-it was..."

"BOY!!! HOW DARE YOU COME BACK IN DEFEAT!" shouted a roboust voice from inside the Tendou home. In an instant, a nearly unconcious Ranma was being held up by her shirt by a balding and stalky man in a gi, "OH! How it pains me to see my worthless son return in such a weakened state! You have completely dishonored the Saotome Clan, and for that, you will train harder than you ever have before for a rematch!" The girl moaned, and rolled her eyes into her head in reply.

"Challenge? What challenge?" Akane interjected, her brow furrowing in contemplation.

"Apparently the challenge letter he left lying around last night," Nabiki stated from behind her sister, while holding up a letter. Akane snatched it from her sister's fingers, and began to read.

"HEY!" Akane shouted, "since when could Ranma read Spanish?"

"I don't think he can," Nabiki stated idly, "but he does have it translated." The middle Tendou sister held up the paper in Ranma's scrawl for Akane to look over. Fortunately, she had gained practice over the time she had known the pigtailed martial artist to be able to read the nearly illegible handwriting;

"The Ranma, challenging to you the I am which comes
The being less crowded to the soldier where your your
country is large, with I obtained my itself reputation with
your defeat which is prepared my because of three days
to be


Akane stared intently at the letter, and then looked back to her sister with a half lidded stare, "Yahoo Babelfish Translater?"

"Why else would Ranma spend that much time in the school computer hall?" Nabiki answered in an amused voice, "Fortunately, I took the liberty of finding someone who spoke Spanish to do a proper translation.

"Ranma, I am coming to challenge you.
You are a great warrior of your country,
and I wish to gain my own fame through
your defeat, prepare for me in three days


"Friend? Some friend!" Akane groused, while glancing at the comatose redhead who was being jostled to pay attention to her father, "It's someone Ranma knows, apparently, but who out of Ranma's rivals does he know that speaks Spanish?"

Genma paused, and started to sweat, "Uh, n-not a one to my knowlege..."

"Oh, then it must be a fiancee, then," Akane said evenly, while keeping a withering glance on Mr. Saotome.

"Uh, maybe the boy needs a bit of rest, I'll, just go put him in his room for a bit," Genma took off like a bolt, forgetting to take his wayward daughter with him.

"I swear, if greed and spinlessness were commodities, I would sincerely relish being that man's broker," Nabiki stated, dryly.

"Well, we're still nowhere closer to finding out who did this to Ranma."

"I wouldn't worry about it," Nabiki replied without concern, "Whoever it was will either show up eventually, or Ranma will spill the beans when he comes around."

"Well, I guess you're right," Akane replied, looking down with faint exasperation at the mumbling girl.

Ranma's defeat was met.

It was what the stranger to the country of Japan set out to do, and succeeded in. He had grown well beyond the stardom of his own home country, and had set out to make a name for himself with the rest of the world. It was a task he vowed he would not return home until it was complete, and he was only at the beginning of his long journey.

He chose Japan first, as it was one of the few places his beautiful art had not completely permeated the land. This was an atrocity that he could not let pass. He worked hard, bringing himself up from humble beginnings to where he was today, and he would not rest until his fame was complete.

The cheshire cat grin appeared on his face again. Soon word of one of Japan's greatest fighters would spread. Once it did, he would be known throught the islands of this nation. Every Japanese man, woman, and child will know his name...


With a screech of victory, Amigo pulled out a set of maraccas, and leapt from the building top he was standing upon, and into the crowd that was below. Everyone stopped to stare at the awe-inspiring sight of a Hispanic monkey with a sombrero and jean shorts with the soul of Samba as his deadly form of combat, and the bossa nova rythem as his guide, shaking a pair of red, yellow, and green maraccas, while leaping in and out between them.

Ranma/Samba De Amigo Crossover