Wonders: Another BenXGwen novel




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''You wanna learn advance Math?'' Gwen asked in surprise as she and Ben sat on his bed. She was reading her spellbook as Ben just finished watching the episode of the latest Sumo Slammers cartoon. The two of them had been left to their own devices as their Grandpa had gone to join his friend at, what did Grandpa's friend call it again? A Gentleman's Club. Ben of course, was a bit slow on the uptake and wondered why Gwen looked so outraged? What was wrong with a club for gentleman? Either way Max didn't seem to thrilled either, but his friend Adam convinced him to at least go because all the other fellas were gathering there.

''Yeah, I figure its one those things I need to know if I ever want to earn money or something, you know what I mean?'' he asked as Gwen gave him a quizzical look.

''That's odd, you never cared about money before? Why the sudden interest,'' she proved as her eyes went to Ben's hands and she saw him moved his fingers slightly. The slight jerk of his fingers was a tall tell sign of whenever Ben wasn't being completely truthful.

''N-No reason, just want to make sure I don't get ripped off in the future or something. What's wrong with that? I mean that way I can prioritize buying cool things and having money left over, you know.''

It was a terrible lie. Ben was pretty good in basic math, well enough to where he had no problem counting, he was definitely hiding something. Why did he seem to care about, she paused, almost mentally kicking herself. She was beginning to realize why Ben had been acting odd the past few weeks. Why he kept borrowing her laptop then erasing the search history. The lack of porn sights found when Gwen recovered the history put her at ease, but all the search into magical items confused her. Did Ben want to learn magic? Didn't he know he come to her? It just didn't click until now. Their birthday was only a few months away so he must have been thinking about getting her something. Did this magical thing have something to do with math? Gwen couldn't help but smile. Her cousin could be really sweet when he put his mind to it. She couldn't help but feel guilty about suspecting him being up to something so she decided she was going to go along with his request without intefering.

''Okay,'' she replied.

''Okay?'' he replied, blinking as he paused, opening his mouth to say something but for a few moments nothing came out. ''Just like that?'' he added, still in disbelief.

''Yeah.'' she replied as she began pinching his cheek. ''Wouldn't want my little fella to get ripped off.'' she playfully teased him.

''Quit it,'' he whined and just as playfully swatted her hand away. Even if puberty finally took hold and he grew, the reminders of his rather short childhood stature were still a sore subject. No matter how much of a front Ben tried to put on, he couldn't help but be a little sensitive.

"Breaking news," said a voice from the television as an urgent broadcast hapepned.''

"Unfortunately we have just got reports of yet another terrible incident on the streets of Coast Street. A fire, which firefighters believe was arson, has been set ablaze at a local apartment building. The city's residents are desperately trying to rescue the people inside but have been unsuccessful so far. Our hopes and prayers are with them. Now we go..."

"Time to go." said Ben, who was now edging on his bed, Omnitrix ready. In a flash he had become XLR8 with the same amount of time it took Gwen to perform a chant and appear in her lucky girl outfit. With the speed granted by the blue lizard they were able to zip into the building and past the line of police officers and firemen who had performed a perimeter.

''I'll go high and you go low.'' Gwen suggested, the sound of coughing and cries could be faintly heard.

''Alright,'' XLR8 agreed, his face mask coming down to prevent him form inhaling the black smoke. With the speedster speed a great burst of wind had accompanied his movements. In the past Ben would not have attempted to put out the fire like this, as even he knew wind could make flames even hotter but having trained with Gwen, a side effect of them becoming closer resulted in the two of them training. Once the flames were distinguished Ben deactivated the Omnitrix, not wanting to freak out the trapped civilains. ''Hey that alien guy put out the fire! Come on its safe!'' nothing said he couldn't help give himself some good reputation as well.

Ben couldn't help but feel great everytime he helped someone. A family of three had followed him out of a room from the corner by the stairway. He couldn't help but feel momentairly stunned upon seeing th family. Youthful, blonde haired woman, dark haired man, and a rather young son.

"Don't worry now, I'm here to help," reassured Ben as a wooden beam fell from the ceiling and barely missed his head. The fire had already done extensive damage to the structure of the building. Ben stayed with the family, making sure they were out the front door before going back and checking for more survivors. Several more families were soon evacuated thanks to the efforts of the Tennyson duo. The rescued people were given oxygen treatments and admitted to a small ambulance for a minuscule checkup just outside the danger zone. Satisfied with a job well done the two of them went back to the hotel to order a sundae and celebrate what alone time they would have tonight.