After a while he was starting to get a little lost. The buildings got smaller, the pathways less defined. Before Tenzou noticed, he had completely left the street lights behind him. He got to the edge of a forest. Even though he was shy, and scared of almost everything, curiosity took over and he edged his way into the mass of trees. He walked slowly at first, then picked up some speed, despite the fact he felt like he body would give out in exhaustion at any moment.
All the background noise had faded away into nothing, all that could be head was wind whistling between the trees and the scurry of small animals.

Tenzou stopped, he was too tired to try and get home now, and he couldn't keep going. He felt his legs buckle beneath him. He rolled onto his back, playing with the short wet grass between his fingers. His light brown hair clung to his face from the dew and sweat.
Tenzou pressed his lips tight together and curled tighter into a ball.
Knowing he would just be in trouble for getting out if he went 'home', it seemed pointless thinking about trying. Ta-chan had already given up so much for him, and all he'd done is run off.
He lost the hold on his breath, and choked on racks of silent cries. He pulled out the, now, long grass in a silent tantrum.
Then he gave up.
There was no point crying, ripping things up. No one would come, no one would care. No one ever did.
He felt a familiar pang of pain in his mangled ribs bringing all his movements to a halt.
Letting out a long breath, his toes twitched and all his senses drifted to blank.

Tenzou felt a familiar kick of pain in his ribs.
"You alive?"
Tenzou whimpered and pulled his limbs in tighter.
"Hey, wake up"
He felt someone shaking his shoulder.
And then his eyes snapped open.
And then the bright early morning light bore into his eyes.
He wanted to bat the other persons hand off. No, he needed to throw their hand off. But he was just too tired, his limps just refused to lift.
"You are alive then" The hand rolled Tenzou onto his back.
It was him, the kid from the hospital, the one with the broken arm.
"People are looking for you"
"D-d-don't t-touch-" Tenzou eyelids fell shut.
The other boy picked him up in his arms.
"D-don't-"He cut himself off with a fit of coughs.
"Need to get you back to the village"

When he woke up, he was alone.
There was a white ceiling, white walls, white bed sheets.
His eyes drifted to the window on the wall he lay facing. As he vision focused, he could see Takako on the other side, sat with another woman, with red hair sat next to that kid, who was crossed legged, reading a book.
Ta-chan got up, smiled and waved through the glass.
A few seconds later, she was holding up a board.
'You okay?'
Tenzou focused through a headache, read it and attempted to nod a reply.
'Doctors won't let me in'
'But I'm going to stay here until they do'
He shut his eyes again.

I know it's been a while, and I know it's not much, but I needed to get this bit done before I move on. And it should get better soon, as these chapters have been really slow.