It didn't take Langley long to settle that night after a hard day of watching and participating in battles. The sun had set in the recent past, and a bench was conveniently placed pointing to, if one did not mind turning, at a wonderful view of both the sky above and the city below the hill. The beige-hatted girl allowed herself a grin at the night's stars, noticing how pretty they seemed after a good day. Her momentary peace was broken by quiet footsteps. 'If it's that Dragon Village idiot and her friends again, I'll...!' she began to plan, a grimace forming on her face as the owner of the footsteps strolled out from behind a clump of bushes.

"Huh? Oh, hi. Langley, was it?" the blond acknowledged. The pinkette nodded, allowing her gathered anger to fade until further notice.

"Yeah, that's me. And you're...Shooti, right?" The camera-wielding boy nodded in return, indicating the sky with a quick tilt of his head.

"Nice sky out. Managed to get a few decent shots. What brings YOU out here?" Langley met his gaze equally.

"Just trying to find some peace, away from that moron and her friends."

"The hillbilly with the pikachu? Yeah, he's such an annoyance. The girl traveling with him, not so much." the hatted female snorted angrily, but before she could formulate a comeback, Shooti stepped forward, glancing at the other half of the bench.

"That seat taken?" Langley swallowed her indignation and allowed a vague caution to seep into her chest.

"See anybody in it?" Shooti promptly sat.

"Myself. So, nice battle earlier, huh?" A firm nod answered his question at the peripheral vision of icy eyes remained on an orange jacket. She noted a slight bob of his Adam's apple.

"...Your tsunbear is quite something, and your komatana too has potential." He began searching though his camera's memory, allowing the pinkette to observe him fully. When in the stands, he didn't seem NEARLY as open and... nice, as he did right then. Huh. "Their stances are pretty good," the blond began when he found some stills of her pokemon, "They just need a little centering..." He trailed off as Langley moved her head closer to see the example pictures more clearly. Shooti tried to hide his sudden blush with a cough, yet she did not push him for an explanation. The night was still nippy, and any warmth was good. She turned her gaze to the ground, wondering if shared warmth was an option, when she started at a sudden hand on her waist. She blinked briefly, glancing at the now flaming cheeks of the pokemon photographer.

'Why her? Why now? Why can't I just continue my journey without sitting with random girls I meet like this...'

His heart jolted at her quiet "Don't move that hand and I won't have to break it..." He relaxed slightly, leaning against her shoulder as she draped an arm over his head, resting her own in the crook of her elbow. The blond smiled slightly as Langley's breathing evened and deepened, tenderly rubbing her ribs through a sea green vest. He planted a small kiss on her cheek by turning his head a fraction, and one hand set his xtransiever alarm to fifteen minutes. Gazing at her calm features, he breathed her name into the wind, the two syllables melodiously rolling off his tongue into the night air.