Ben and Gwen forever




Adopted from Jerex


Story Start



Max was startled, nearly dropping the device he was holding, surprised to hear Gwen's frightened voice as he was about to the RV. "Gwen? What's wrong?"

"Ben!" she said back, "He's not in the RV. I don't know where he went! Grandpa, I'm sorry!" she knew he was counting on her to watch him, but he was still sleep and she wanted to clear her head a bit.

"Gwen. Gwen, calm down." He heard Gwen take a deep breath to calm herself. "It wasn't your fault. You know how Ben is. He probably went out to get a breath of fresh air."

"But what if he got hurt? What if he wasn't as well as he thought it was?" Gwen asked.

"Relax Gwen, even Ben isn't that big of a magnet for trouble!" Max assured her. Seconds later their attention was drawn to that of an explosion. "Of course, I could be wrong."

Ghostfreak continued to toy with his prey. At the current moment he wasn't strong enough to attempt to break from the Omnitrix, so he was going to join this brief moment of freedom to enjoy himself while conserving as much energy as he could. The intensity of the shapeshifter's beams was quite harmful so Ghostfreak focused on taking him out first.

He had driven them towards the street, going through buildings to dodge their attacks. Cars were swerving and crashing into each other or buildings. People were crying, fleeing, and chaos was rampant. Ghostfreak made use of his Telekinesis to continue hurling objects, consisting of kitchen cutlery from the butcher and other shops at his targets while taking the opportunity to possess the driver of a pick-up truck and drove it at the shapeshifter. At the speeds the vehicle was driving the shifter realized he couldn't dodge both sharp objects and the vehicle so he threw up one of his hands and fired at the vehicle.

The Cunning Ectorunite had forced the mysterious alien to lower his guard. Rising out of the ground he shoved his claws into the head of the alien as the cutlery pierced the body of the cloaked feature. Violet fluid began to seep down his clothing as his body lifelessly dropped to the ground. To Ghostfreak's interest Kevin had covered himself in the same material as the sidewalk, rendering the telekinetically raised projectiles useless. "Any last words Levin?"

"Piss off freak!" Kevin snarled as he uprooted a streetlight. He swung It at the ghost alien, only for it to phase right through him. The sound of crashing drew Ghostfreak's attention. It was the Rustbucket barreling through some wrecked cards. He realized if he wanted to finish his quarry he needed to ask now.

He flew down to them and Kevin charged at him, but he shot out a tentacle and grabbed Kevin by the foot, and lifted him upside-down. He sensed a great deal of power from Kevin. Realizing that Kevin had Osmosian DNA he quickly began draining the power out of him. The sound of crackling filled the air and he turned out of the way, of incoming Mana disks. Gwen and Max had exited the RV, the latter readying the same weapon he used against the alien all those years ago out of a pack of other assorted weapons. "No demands that I stop? No attempts to appeal to some better nature."

"I learned a long time ago that some beings don't know the meaning of mercy!" Max said as he trained his weapon on the alien, but hesitated to fire.

The creature darkly chuckled. "That what makes you humans so weak. Your attempts at mercy ruins many potential opportunities to gain an advantage." He remarked as he tossed the unconscious teen aside. After all, he set his sights on a better alternative. Gwen. If he drained her of her power he could easily escape and corrupt the Omnitrix. Having been used by Ben several times he was able to pick up some things about the teen, and one of those things was the Anoditian ancestry. Ben didn't have the spark, but his cousin certainly did.

Max, who made a habit of studying about any potential enemy that he and his grandkids would encounter again put two and two together. Seeing as Ghostfreak still had the first layer, it meant he didn't successful possess the Omnitrix. Ben wouldn't have intentionally transform into the violate alien, meaning it must have been a random choice by the omnitrix and he was still too weak to try anything. Ghostfreak's species could absorb the power of other living things which meant.

"GWEN! Get out of here! NOW!" Max ordered as he began firing at the creature.

Gwen found herself momentarily stunned for a few seconds. Rarely had she ever heard panic in her grandfather's voice. "Too Late Tennyson!" he hissed as he dodged around a firespell launched by Gwen. She began some chant and between them a violet barrier formed, causing the alien to be bounce back slightly. Raising his arm in an attempt to shatter it, he was blasted into a building from a shot by Max.

Gwen's barrier dropped and she collapsed to her knees. Such a quick succession of spells higher than she was used to doing had drained her. Ghostfreak floated back on the scene. "Your weapon can't harm me Tennyson!" he declared at the all too familiar sound of the Omnitrix timing out. "You've gotten lucky this time Tennysons, but sooner or later I will return. Each time Ben has to use the Omnitrix brings him one step closer to releasing me, and when he does. I'll take great pleasure in ending your family line." He ominously threatened. Since Max had already figured out what his plan was, he figured sowing seeds of doubt and fear would cause mental and emotional stress on the trio. He would wait until their darkest moment and strike. In a green flash the transformation ended and Ben collapsed in a dead faint.

"W-What happened?" Ben murmured a loud as he slowly sat up. He gasped and instinctively attempted to brought his hand down on the Omnitrix only for it to be stopped cold by a hand. ''Grandpa!" Ben exclaimed. "Where am I? Last thing I know this weird guy and Kevin were going to attack me and…" he groaned and clutched his head.

"Ben…I'll admit there were times I didn't always give you the benefit of the doubt, but I need to know what happened. We've been lucky in the past, but after what happened today we can't afford to be so careless anymore."

The tone and look Max was giving him almost shook Ben to the core. Obediently he began explaining everything that happened. Then it was Max's turn and when it was over Ben felt sick all over again. True, there were civilians who were injured in the past during the conflicts, but no one had ever died. Several people had been killed during Ghostfreak's little rampage. The creature had little to no care about human life and the memories of that began flooding Ben's mind. There was the possession of the truck driver, who died when the windshield of his truck was blasted by Kevin's companion's power. Then there were those who died in the car crashes or the other methods that Ben forced himself not to think about.

Guilt! Why did he have to go for that stupid walk? It didn't matter that Max assured him that stopping Kevin and his accomplice what they were doing saved lives. People still died. 'Those mineral compounds could have been used for some dangerous explosives. I know this is hard for you to hear Ben, but we can't save everyone. During my life as a Plumber I've lost some good friends. The only thing we can do is to is to not drop into depression and making sure that the people responsible are brought to justice and to make sure they can't hurt anyone ever again.'

Justice? Kevin's unnamed companion slipped away during the confusion and the last he saw of Kevin, he was taken away in an ambulance. How could things have gotten out of hand? What was he supposed to do? What would happen the next time he would need to use the Omnitrix and he freed Ghostfreak. What happened if he hurt people? What happened if he went after Gwen? No! He wouldn't let that bastard touch her. He would die before he let that happen. He needed to seal or get rid of Ghostfreak. He needed to contact the maker of the Omnitrix, Azmuth.

"Ben…" Ben opened his eyes, the sight of Gwen filling his vision. He could see it in her eyes. She was concerned. He swallowed, his mouth went dry, and he did his best not to lose control of his emotions. He was startled when Gwen suddenly hugged him. The sensation of her warmth relaxed him. For the time being his fear subsided.

"It's going to be okay. We'll get through this as we always have. Together." She assured him.

Ben didn't say anything and simply hugged back. Right now he took comfort in Gwen's words and for the rest of the moment simply just wanted to forget.