Author's Note: Hello, folks! How are ya'll doing? It took some doing, but I finally wrote this epilogue to conclude the story. Please save your tears till after you're done reading ;D Just to clarify, I was totally kidding about Beck and Cat being secret fuck buddies last week, that was a joke told wrong on my part without the punchline. Enjoy :D

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I swear to God, I'm going to kill Jade West.

I know that's a teensy bit dramatic, but I'm dead serious.

She drives me crazy just by being so – aaaargh, I can't even describe it. That's how much she infuriates me.

How is it possible for us to be on the same page one moment and the next to be…speaking in different languages?

This is really not good for my stress levels. I've already pulled out huge chunks of my hair and screamed into my pillow a dozen times.

Ok, take a breath, Tori. Freaking out about it isn't going to help. You've gotta start getting ready for school.

And you'll see Jade there too.


Just when I'm about to start afresh with a new rant, Trina skips into my bedroom, already dressed and looking ready for the day.

"Hey, you got any more of that Macchiato Magic Lip Gloss? I'm all out of my Crazy Cappuccino flavour." My older sister announced casually.

"Check on top of my dresser," I answered distractedly, throwing yet another tank top onto my bed.

God, how do I have nothing to wear for school?

"Wardrobe crisis?" Trina asked with a smug smirk on her face.

"I swear, I just had my black skinny jeans in my hands. And now they just disappeared into thin air." I complained irritably.

"Just wear something else," Trina replied dismissively.

"But it's my favourite pair!" I whined.

"What's with you? It's not the only pair of pants in the world." Trina countered with a quizzical look on her face.

Then to my annoyance, her expression changed completely and she started grinning at me like she was keeping a big secret.

"Trouble in paradise with your girlfriend?"

"Trina, would you keep it down?"

"I'm getting warm, aren't I? What'd Jade do this time?" Trina demanded shrewdly.

I groaned in response and flopped back onto my unmade bed. Trina joined me a second later, sitting with her legs crossed on the edge of the mattress.

Yip, Trina knows about me and Jade. Actually, she walked in on us about two weeks ago when we were fooling around on my bed. Ever since then, I've always remembered to lock my bedroom door when Jade and I are up there, even if we're just cuddling.

Oddly enough, Trina's cool with it. I really thought she'd have a lot more to say about the fact that she saw her own sister kissing a girl, much less Jade West of all people. But as usual, Trina surprises me time and time again. She was definitely shocked, no doubt about that. But that same night, Trina came to my room in the middle of the night and asked me a bunch of questions about the entire debacle. We ended up having a really good talk, like sisters should. It was definitely a first in the history of being related to Trina.

My parents still don't know yet. Neither do Jade's parents. I don't know if she's ever planning on telling them, they don't have a good relationship. It makes me feel kinda bad thinking about Jade's home life; but she never gets too down about it, so I try not to either.

Trina thinks I should just get it over and done with and just come clean with our parents. I love my Mom and Dad so much and I know they love me. But this is still a huge adjustment, for everyone involved. Jade says that there's never gonna be a right time to tell them and I agree. But it's still pretty scary. Now that Trina knows, I figure I'll wait a little while longer before I tell my parents, see where this thing with me and Jade goes. There's no point in bursting their bubbles about my sexual preferences if I end up killing Jade or worse, breaking up with her.

Jade is my girlfriend now, what a concept. This is so new to me, for both of us. We're still finding our feet with this whole relationship thing. We've got the physical dimension down-packed - oh boy, do we ever...

Most days, I'm perfectly happy hanging out with Jade in her bedroom, talking, having inside jokes or just lying down on her bed staring with her at the white spot on her ceiling. I wonder what fascinates her so much with that.

But today – I pretty much just wanna ring her neck.

"Jade is driving me crazy," I told Jade.

"What else is new?" Trina questioned in a droll voice.

But then she shifted onto her side and propped up her face on her hand, giving me a look that could be labelled as sympathetic in Trina terms.

"What happened?"

"Jade went to the concert."

"Really? I thought she wasn't gonna go."

"She changed her mind." I snapped angrily.

"Ok. So she went with her cousin?" Trina asked in confusion.

"Not. Her. Cousin." I growled through gritted teeth.

"No!" Trina exclaimed in a scandalised tone.

"Yes!" I yelled back.

"Oh my God! Jade went with her cousin's friend who's totally into her!"

"Exactly! And she neglected to tell me this until after the fact. She knows how much I can't stand that gank."

"But that's the only reason you don't like her, Trina."

"Do I need another reason to dislike her?"

"Alright, calm down! I didn't to a concert with a hot chick…cuz that would be weird." Trina trailed off awkwardly.

"How am I supposed to calm down, Trina? My girlfriend went out with another girl behind my back."

"To a concert! It wasn't a date…right?"

"I don't know! Jade just shuts down on me whenever I bring it up because she thinks I'm freaking out over nothing."


"Not you too?"

"That's not what I'm saying. You have every right to be upset, especially since Jade knows that her cousin's friend is into her. But I still think you should talk to her and try and figure things out in a civilised manner."

I rolled my eyes in response while hugging my pillow close to my chest.

"Ok, no talking. What if you just…kick some sense into her?" Trina offered with a big smile on her face.

"You seriously need to go to some anger management classes." I remarked dryly.

"Excuse me, I do not need anger management classes. You take that back right now – I'll throw a golf club at you if you don't!"

"Case and point, Trina."

"Throwing golf clubs at people is a good way for me to de-stress and deal with my frustrations in a healthy manner. Screaming into a pillow isn't going to solve anything." Trina reminded in a patronising tone reserved especially for older sisters.

"I can't help it," I lamented while burying my face into my pillow.

"You know what I do to get back at a guy that I like or one that's giving me a hard time?"

"Swing on them?"

"Ha ha, I'm being serious. I dress to kill."

I took the pillow away from my face and stared quizzically at the sly grin on my sister's face.

"No comprende," I responded dully.

"Wear a smoking hot outfit to school and make Jade eat her heart out. If that doesn't send out a message, then I don't know what will."

"Trina, Jade's not a guy."

"True, but she's a girl who's pretty into you. You said it yourself: wearing one of your sexy little mini-skirts when you and Jade are in the middle of a fight is slow torture for her." Trina reminded with a devious smirk.

It doesn't happen often, but Trina really does get the best ideas. Whatever's going on with me and Jade, I'm not gonna let it get to me.

Operation Dress To Kill is a go…

After a nice long shower, I finally got dressed and Trina and I rode to school together. I couldn't help smirking a little at the number of stares that I got from some of my classmates in the hallway, most of them being guys.

Today's Attire: a cream-coloured mini-skirt that showed off my tanned legs, a white tank top, a brown leather jacket and my favourite brown knee-high boots. Instead of wearing my hair down as per usual, I tied it up into a simple ponytail. Even if my motivations were totally suspect, I have to admit, wearing girly clothes makes me feel uber sexy, even on a bad day. And I needed all the swag I could get if I was gonna be around Jade all day today.

I even caught Beck checking me out when I walked past, which is still kinda weird in itself, but still oddly flattering at the same time.

God, what is wrong with me?

Hanging around Jade lately probably makes me two blinks short of being certifiable.

Then a familiar aroma of jasmine meshed with vanilla wafted through my nose, followed by hammering on a locker door in close proximity. I rolled my eyes and turned as Jade continued pounding the metal door till it opened. Yes, Jade doesn't open her locker by turning a unique combination on the lock. Something about one too many sledge hammers to the locker that fucked up the opening mechanism.

Don't ask me why Jade had to open up her locker door with a sledge hammer in the first place. I suspect it has something to do with Sinjin's obsession with her and the fact that he likes breaking into her locker way more than she does. That boy's never getting over her...

I suppressed a smirk at the look of triumph on my girlfriend's face when the locker door opened. But then I scowled again. God, why does she have to smell so damn good when I'm trying to stay mad at her?

"You're just generating a whole lot of noise pollution with that racket." I announced, knowing it would irritate her.

"It's better than all the asinine noise you hear every day in the halls." Jade retorted just like I knew she would.

She shoved a couple of books into her bag without looking at me. But when she finally met my eye, I had to stop from laughing out loud at the look on her face. For a split second, she looked like she was gonna drop the books in her hand, that's how hard she was staring at my face (or a little further south to be more exact). Jade was right - mini-skirts really are her undoing. I bet she's regretting that she ever told me, or that her undoing with Beck was him wearing tight skinny jeans that outlined his package. Actually, I think I'm the one who regrets knowing that particular information...

"Vega, aren't you missing something vital today like…pants?" Jade demanded in a particularly venomous way, which let me further know just how turned on she really was.

"Nope, didn't feel like wearing 'em. I almost didn't wear any underwear with this skirt either, but that would've been WAY too weird." I responded, feigning innocence.

I started laughing on the inside when I saw the way Jade's blue eyes darkened at the thought of me not wearing any underwear.

She's so predictable.

But then Jade one-upped me by smirking two seconds later and slamming her locker shut with a loud bang. She slowly stepped right into my personal bubble till I was forced to lean against my locker for support. Then she leant in awfully close to me till her lips were milimeters away from my face, breathing moist air all over my ear. Shit, she knows all my weak spots!

"I don't think it's weird at all. I'm going commando in these skin-tight jeans. See you at lunch." Jade greets politely with a big grin on her face.

And then she just leaves, making sure she adds a little extra sway to her hips while she walks. Bluffing or not, Jade pretty much guaranteed that I'd check out her ass while she walked away just to make 100 percent sure. And fyi - I still don't know whether she's wearing underwear or not! Grf, her ass does look amazing in those jeans. Goddammit, how does she make me lose my mind like this? Now I'm super pissed off...and turned on.

Thankfully, Jade and I didn't share any morning classes together, that made it easier to concentrate. But every now and then, my mind kept drifting back onto her like it always does when I'm especially conflicted about my feelings. Why can't things ever just be simple between me and Jade? Must it always fluctuate from one extreme to the next?

I was almost relieved when the bell rang for lunch. But then Jade popped into my head, and I just got mad all over again. I sat down at our usual table; Andre, Robbie and Cat were already there. I sat down next to Cat and she gave me a warm smile.

"Hey, Tor." Cat greeted brightly.

"Hey, Cat." I greeted back, matching her smile while digging into my Ravioli straight from Festus' van.

"Having a good day?" Cat inquired politely.

I happened to look up at that exact moment and see Jade coming towards me with a tray of food in her hand.

"I'll let you know," I replied grimly and turned to face away again.

Cat looked at me in confusion just as Jade plonked herself down next to me. It was hard to focus on my food with her sitting so close to me, our legs touching underneath the table. Beck joined us a few seconds later and he and I exchanged polite greetings.

Ever since that episode in the janitor's closet almost a month ago, Beck had been making more of an effort to be cool with me and Jade dating. But I could tell that it was hard for him to see us together at school every day. For the time-being, Beck and I had gotten by with cordial conversation where we never really talked about anything more serious than school and the weather. With a little time, I really hope we can get back to how we used to be before all of this happened. It's on days like these when I miss my friend a lot. I guess it's an adjustment for all of us.

"Damn, Andre. How much ketchup are you putting on your fries?" Jade asked out of nowhere.

I looked at Andre's plate and saw only red. He really does like his ketchup…

"Hey, it's a healthy amount." Andre shot back defensively when Cat, Robbie and Beck began laughing loudly.

"Besides, I always put ketchup on my fries on a hot day like this." He added.

"It is pretty hot today. Wish we didn't have to be at school today." Beck mused through a mouthful of his ham sandwich.

"Cutting school would've been great." Robbie agreed while unclasping another button on his golf shirt.

"We could've thrown ice-cream cones at those North Ridge girls who took your wallet last time." Rex said to Robbie in a wistful tone.

"We could've headed down to the beach again and gotten snow cones. I could've made pottery…" Cat trailed off in a nostalgic voice.

"It's just too bad that there's no music festival going on right now. Live music always makes summer less lame." Jade declared while picking at her salad with a plastic fork.

"Who would you wanna take to a concert, Jade? Maybe Lisa again?" I demanded sweetly.

And there it was: tense silence drawing in all around me like the clanging of a spoon on tiles at the wrong moment. I know it was totally the worst time to bring this up, especially in front of all our friends, but I couldn't help myself.

"Here we go again…" Jade trailed off waspishly.

"It wasn't a date, Tori. They just went together." Cat interjected quickly, which made me see red.

"You knew Jade was going?" I demanded, rounding on Cat.

"No…" Cat trailed off in an unconvincing tone.

"Jade is still sitting right here," Jade snapped impatiently.

"Uh, what's going on?" Robbie asked blankly, looking at Andre and Beck for an explanation.

"Tori and Jade are about to throw-down. Anybody got some popcorn?" Rex asked conspiratorially.

"If it wasn't a date, then why not just tell me about it?" I questioned for the 100th time.

"Because it wasn't important. I don't have to run my schedule by you." Jade retorted.

"I'm your girlfriend, Jade. It's important to me. But if that's how you feel about it, then maybe I should schedule in a couple of concerts with a hot girl or guy." I threatened.

"Fine by me, hope you have fun." Jade remarked sweetly, which just pissed me off even more.

"Guys! Do you really have to do this now? I'm trying to eat my fries over here." Andre complained wearily.

"Andre's right, you guys really should talk about this in private." Cat chided soothingly.

As much as I hate to admit it, Cat kinda has a point. And considering that she's the reason Jade and I are even together right now, I probably should listen to her. If she hadn't locked me and Jade in a janitor's closet and given us some much needed time to talk things out a month ago, who knows where we'd be right now? I owe her a lot, both of us do.

Besides, my friends didn't need to hear any of this. They all knew about me and Jade dating and hadn't made a big deal out of it. They'd taken it in their stride – it probably wasn't a good idea to try and test their patience right now.

"Ladies, talking's no good when neither one of you can agree on anything. If you want some advice from a connoisseur of love, you should just skip ahead to making up." Rex suggested in a lecherous tone.

"Rex!" Robbie exclaimed in a scandalised voice.

"Ex-boyfriend still in the vicinity, Rex." Beck pointed out squeamishly.

"For once, the puppet and I agree that talking's absolutely no good in this scenario." Jade put in with a glare in my direction, which I matched.

"That's only because you've never been one for talking. You're way more expressive with your hands. Like that time when you threw Cat's tennis ball cleaning machine at my head." Beck offered with a smirk on his face.

This put a smile on Jade's face for a split second and then she was right back to scowling. But it had been there for just a moment. No matter what had happened in the past two months, Beck and Jade were always going to have those moments where they shared inside jokes and reminisced about their time together as a couple. Beck is and will always be important to Jade, she'll always care about him on some level and vice versa. It's something I'm still coming to terms with. I try not to get too jealous or feel left out about it, because I want Jade and I to get there in time with our relationship.

But we'll never get there if we can't find any even ground in the here and now.

"I'm sorry, you're all right. Jade and I need to talk about this in private." I murmured after a couple seconds of silence.

I got up from my seat and gave Jade a meaningful look while raising an eyebrow and placing a hand on my hip. With a dramatic eye-roll, Jade got up too and walked behind me. She followed me all the way back into school till we stood outside the janitor's closet, the place where all this craziness started. Jade snorted and shook her head, but I ignored her and opened the door. Then I shut the door behind us and leaned against it for a moment while looking at my girlfriend.

"We're really gonna do this here?" Jade questioned with a look at our surroundings.

"Yes, and I want you to be honest with me, Jade."

"About what?"

"Are you into Lisa?"

"For the last time, no! Why do you keep harping on this, Tori?"

"Because I need to know the truth. You're not making a big deal out of it at all."

"Because it's not a big deal! I went to a concert with another girl, sue me!"

"But why Lisa? You know she likes you."

"So what? Just because she has a crush on me, that instantly means I like her back?"

"I didn't say that."

"Then what are you saying, Tori? That you don't trust me?"

"I'm not saying that either. I just don't get why you had to go with her."

"I went with her because Haley asked me to. She's pretty decent as far as cousins go. You can't say no to family. She couldn't go to the concert, so she asked me to go with Lisa because Lisa got the tickets way in advance and couldn't get a refund on them. Plus, Lisa knows me and we get along."

"If that's all it was, why not just tell me that, Jade?"

"Because I knew you'd freak out just because it's Lisa we're talking about. And I'm not used to having to answer to anybody, ok!"

"What about Beck? Are you telling me he never got jealous when you flirted with other guys?"

"Beck had nothing to be jealous about. While I may have gotten crazy jealous about girls hitting on Beck (you included), I never really hit on other guys. Beck's the only guy I've ever really wanted that much." Jade fumed exasperatedly.

"That's great, it always comes down to Beck with you! That seems to be the only time when you can actually be honest – when you're talking about him!" I yelled, moving away from the door and circling around Jade.

"But you just asked me about Beck - urgh, you are unbelievable! When are you gonna get it through your head? I don't want Lisa, I don't want Beck – I don't want anyone else. I just want you, Tori. Even though you're annoying, whiny, unreasonable and insecure; but for some bizarre reason, it just makes me want you even more and I'm tired of having to explain this to you every minute of every day!" Jade shrieked, her whole face turning red.

"And I'm tired of having to get you to talk to me! You think I'm annoying? Well you're freaking ridiculous!" I snapped furiously.

"Oh you think so, do you?"

"I really, really do!"

"Well, if I'm such a pain in the ass, then why are you still giving me the time of day, Vega?"

"I don't have a clue! Maybe because every little thing that drives me crazy about your personality just makes me want you even more too!"

"What a tragedy for you!"

"Don't patronise me!"

"I'm not patronising you, I'm agreeing with you, since we're such a match made in hell!"

"You would know – you have a time-share down there!" I retorted maliciously.

"Like I said before, this conversation is going absolutely no where! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll just be heading over to my time-share in hell. I'd better pack in my red horns and matching tail."

"No, you don't just get to walk away, I'm not done!"

"Yes we are!"

"No, we're not done until I say we are!" I yelled, pushing the door back on its hinges with a loud slam as Jade tried to leave.

A second later, I had pushed Jade's back against the door, grabbed both her hands in mine and slammed them on either side of her head. We were both breathing really hard and staring into each other's eyes. Somewhere in-between, Jade's head met mine and she was kissing me. I let go of her hands and gripped her around the face instead, kissing her back just as willingly, my tongue slipping into her mouth, melting into her like butter on bread warm and fresh from the oven.

What are we doing? It's like my brain has dislocated altogether and all I can do is think with my body, which was responding just as much to hers as she was to me.

"I guess we're done talking now," Jade mumbled in-between while I started on kissing her neck.

"Talking's pretty overrated," I mumbled back, finding her lips again and planting a bruising kiss on them that made her shudder against me.

I finally stop kissing her just long enough to pull my tank top over my head and throw it onto the ground while Jade shrugs out of her sleek black leather jacket (my jacket's somewhere in my locker). And then I'm moving back into her personal space and fumbling with the zipper on her skinny jeans. Oh God, I can literally feel her soft skin right through the fabric – focus, Tori!

"Somebody's in a hurry." Jade teased with a big smirk on her face.

"Damn straight – I need to know if you're really wearing underwear or not," I quipped, making Jade chuckle.

And just when I'm about to slide her jeans down over her thighs, the unthinkable happens:

"Would you ladies mind doing the horizontal hokey-pokey somewhere else? I'm trying to take a nap here!"

Holy shit, the janitor's in the closet with us!

Both Jade and I stop touching each other and turn around in horror. Sure enough, there the janitor is, lying under a quilt in the corner of the room. Was he in here the whole time? Or does he have a secret passageway made for moments just like this?

Then out of nowhere, both Jade and I started roaring with laughter while I bent over and retrieved my tank top, putting it back on rapidly. Jade did the same with her jacket and zipped up her jeans too.

"We're so sorry, Sir!" I managed to squeak out while Jade and I made a hasty retreat, backing out of the door.

When we finally got back out into the hallway, Jade was still laughing her head off while my laughter had given way to something akin to embarrassment. Did Jade and I really just try and get busy in the janitor's closet with the janitor in there too?

My life has reached an all-time low of weirdness.

"Oh my God, that was so embarrassing!" I gasped in horror while I tried to wrap my head around it.

"Are you kidding me? That was the funniest thing ever!" Jade responded happily, her eyes filled with tears from laughing so hard.

Then she surprised me again by slipping her arms around my waist and nestling her head on my shoulder from behind me, sending an electric shock down my spine.

"I am kinda bummed that the janitor totally killed the moment though…" she murmured, her tantalising breath hovering over my shoulder blade.

My stomach clenched with that familiar sensation of pleasure and pain mixed into one when she said that. And suddenly, I'm not feeling embarrassed anymore.

"Not necessarily. We can pick up where we left off at my house. Nobody's home right now," I whispered back in a seductive tone I barely recognised.

The smirk on Jade's face expanded and before I knew it, we were holding hands and speeding down the hallway and out of school like our lives depended on it.

I barely pay any attention on the road as I speed home. All I can concentrate on is Jade sitting next to me in the passenger's seat, stealing glances at each other and smiling at nothing in particular. God, she is so beautiful, I can barely stand it. The thought just makes me want her even more. I don't even know how Trina's gonna get home later; right now, I'm too far gone to care.

And then we're outside my house (about time!) and I'm fumbling with the keys trying to open the front door. Then we're finally inside and running up the stairs to my bedroom, like we're in some kind of weird race to an invisible finish line. I shut my bedroom door behind me and lock it for good measure. Then it's just me and Jade, 100% alone.

Just like in the janitor's closet, we practically jump each other as our lips reunite once more. But the only difference is that we're not arguing anymore. This moment is driven completely by passion and burning lust waiting to be extinguished or fuelled by more flames. Jade's hands are in my hair, stroking through my curls and my hands are fastened around her neck, gripping her so tightly that I'm afraid for a split second that I'll hurt her. But then she kisses me and I forget about everything else, except for the way she's touching me and drinking me in like ice cold water on a hot summer's day.

And then we're right back to taking each other's clothes off. Only this time, it's her hands reaching for my tank top and hoisting it over my head while I slide her leather jacket off of her shoulders, my lips claiming hers once more. Jade reaches for the plastic buttons on her navy blue blouse, unfastening a few and ripping the rest off impatiently. I start unbuttoning my mini-skirt and sliding them down my legs, leaving me in just my camisole and my underwear. It doesn't take Jade long to pull down the zipper on her jeans and slide the denim over her thighs and down her legs. Then we're making a small pile on the floor with our clothes and falling onto my bed, lost in a tangle of limbs, a blur of hair and hearts racing together.

It's just when I've reached behind Jade's back and unsnapped the clasp on her bra (way to make it a challenge!) that I stop myself and just look at her for a couple of seconds. Jade opens her eyes and stares at me in confusion.

"What?" Jade asks.

Even with her hair messed up and her lips swollen from my kisses, she still looks completely irresistible to me.

"I changed my mind." I answered truthfully.

Her eyes widen at this and then she's glaring at me with those icy blue eyes of hers.

"Are you kidding me? Vega, this is so not cool! You can't just bring me back to your place, get me hot and bothered, then change your mind-"

"Jade, would you shut up for a second? That's not what I'm saying at all."

"Then what are you saying?"

I kneel in front of her on my bed, place my hands on her shoulders and stare deep into her eyes.

"I'm saying that I wanna try something different." I replied.

Jade raises an eyebrow at this and I can tell that she's weary.

"How different?" she asked suspiciously.


"But I hate slow," Jade complained like a little kid, which made me smile.

"Trust me, ok?" I asked her gently, cupping the back of her head with my hand.

With a dramatic eye-roll, Jade finally gave in and nodded. I grinned even wider at this and moved in to kiss her again, taking my time as my mouth alternated between her upper and lower lip. Jade followed my lead and applied a little more pressure on each upward stroke. My hands slipped downwards and peeled her bra straps off of her shoulders. My lips followed its descent as they landed on Jade's shoulder blade, peppering her soft skin with gentle kisses. My heart jumped in my chest when I heard Jade's breathy moans above me, causing that place down below to throb with pent-up desire.

God, I want her so much; I never thought it could ever be like this, not even with a guy. I need her to know just how much she means to me, even if it's just in these moments where we can really be honest with each other.

I pull away for just a moment and take my bra off and throw it behind me. I know I have Jade's full attention now and I smirk while I pull my underwear away from my body. Then I push her down gently onto the bed and cover her body with mine, wanting to feel her hot skin against my skin. This is so far out of left field that it freaks me out a little. I've never done or felt anything like this before. But then I'm looking down at Jade and I feel a little more sure of who I am and what I want.

My lips are back on hers and I'm drinking Jade in slowly while I entwine our hands together on either side of her head till they make indentations in the pillow beneath her. Jade's whole body arches up into me and I moan in pleasure. Then I'm slipping down lower, my lips ghosting over her neck, teeth grazing over her pulse points. My hands cup her soft breasts, rubbing them with my fingertips, elation spreading through me when Jade responds with a hiss of satisfaction.

In the midst of my actions, I can hear Jade swearing under her breath mixed with a whole bunch of other incoherent mumbling. Normally, this would put me off when Jade's being vulgar. But somehow, knowing that I'm one making her react this way till she's barely making sense is kinda thrilling to me and just turns me on even more. So I tease her some more, kissing each of her breasts in turn. Then my mouth starts carving a line across her smooth stomach, my finger nails digging into her hips to hold her in place.

"Holy shit, Vega! You're driving me crazy here…" Jade panted above me, her voice sounding choked and parched.

"Really? Good." I supplied with a mischievous smirk on my face while my thumbs hooked into the edges of her underwear, dragging it past her hip bones and all the way done.

And then it's quite a sight to behold when Jade's fully exposed to me. I've seen it all before, yet I'm still completely mesmerised. I guess the only way to describe it adequately is that it's like that moment when you take your very first trip into a really awesome candy store as a kid. You don't know where to look, but all you know is that you want to touch everything.

Right now, I'm the kid with the key to the best candy store in the world.

"Tori…" Jade pleaded and I realised that I'd drifted off into another universe altogether.

I had to stop myself from smirking because Jade was looking pretty annoyed with me.

Somebody's definitely in a hurry…

"Sorry, I got distracted for a moment." I apologised sheepishly.

"You could always just take a picture to save time." Jade countered with a smug look on her face.

On any other day, Jade would've had me beaten with a line like that. But like any other verbal sparring match, I always had the perfect come-back.

"Why take a picture when I can have the real thing?" I asked in a low whisper.

I arched my body over hers and began caressing her legs, my lips painting a line towards its final destination: Jade's heated centre. I started with simply rubbing my thumb against her tender flesh, causing her legs to jerk out underneath me with unmistakable pleasure. I elevated Jade's legs higher, wrapping my hands around the underside of her thighs and positioned my head right where it needed to be.

And then I was inside of her, exploring and tasting her soft skin. So strange and yet so familiar at the same time. Jade's hips jerked against my face and I knew that I was creating the right rhythm. Slow isn't really my girlfriend's style, considering our first time together in a school hallway. But this time around, I wanted to take things slow, make Jade feel everything I was feeling deep inside. And it seems like our bodies are always in perfect sync, especially when words just aren't enough.

"Tori!" Jade screams as I grip her ass cheeks in my hands and hold on for dear life.

We're both thrusting at the same time, me going up in a pattern with her downward stroke. And my tongue is filling her up with just the right amount of pressure. I feel my own centre throbbing with pleasure-pain and it's all too much at this point. I need to feel Jade with my whole body.

Jade groans in disappointment when my head pops up again. But then I'm above her and kissing her frantically and she's moaning against my lips. My hips align with hers and then I'm thrusting like crazy against her core, creating a burning friction between our bodies which is seconds away from igniting. Jade grabs hold of my ass cheeks with her hands and controls the rhythm, causing me to hiss sharply with ecstasy as I move against her.

"Oh God, Jade!" I howl out uncontrollably, breathing in her sweet scent.

"Oh fuck – shit!" Jade yelled back, her ankles locking around my calves.

I feel it pulsing and racing between us, spilling over into a silent earthquake. And it overtakes both of as I grind my hips against Jade's, using her shoulders as leverage to thrust into her faster and harder. With one last push, I surrender and let that final moment of release come over us and then I'm buried in Jade, suffocating her with my body.

"I thought you wanted to go slow," Jade mumbled dryly against my neck, which made me chuckle momentarily.

"I changed my mind." I teased, knowing that answer would make Jade wanna roll her eyes in response.

When the feeling eventually passes, I lift myself up off of her to give her room to breathe. And in that moment, I see something change dramatically in Jade's expression. One moment, she looks blissfully spent and the next, she just looks…scared and unsure.

And with an uncomfortable lurch in my stomach, it reminds me of another time before this when I took Jade over the edge and then left her alone like it hadn't meant a thing to me. I can see it in her eyes: the unwanted memories of pleasure mixed with anger and humiliation. And it breaks my heart to see even that small ounce of vulnerability from Jade.

I gently manoeuvre my body so that I'm lying on Jade again, but not pressing all of my weight on top of her. With my elbows keeping me steady, I trace a line across the bones in her neck with my fingertips.

"I'm not going anywhere, Jade. Not this time." I whisper in as loving a tone as I can imagine, wanting her to get the message loud and clear.

Then I lean in and kiss her on the lips while weaving my fingers through her beautiful hair.

"I'm sorry that I left you like that without a real explanation. I'll never do it again…" I whispered urgently in her ear, closing my eyes so I wouldn't have to see the pain in hers.

With my eyes closed, I feel the faint pressure of Jade's lips on mine again. I open my eyes in surprise and realise that she's looking right at me and stroking my cheek with her hand.

"You really are full of surprises, Vega. I just never realised that you'd steal my heart right out of my chest. That was the biggest surprise of all." Jade murmured with astounding sincerity.

Something akin to fireworks was erupting out of me and it made my heart pound loudly in my chest. So this is what it feels like to have the breath literally knocked out of you with words you thought you'd never hear from someone you love. And just like always, Jade absolutely has to ruin the moment by squeezing my chin roughly between her fingers before saying:

"Tell anyone and you die."

To Jade's surprise, I used my hands to dislodge hers from my face. But instead of letting them fall back onto her chest, I grip her hands tightly in mine and lean over her till we're eyeball to eyeball.

"Cross my heart." I whisper with a big grin on my face.

Jade smiles at this and lifts her head to kiss me again.

At the end of the day, a threat is still a threat in Jade West terms.

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