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During Eclipse, everything started to go back to normal for Bella Swan. Though there is a notable strain on her and Edward's relationship, she welcomes the family back with open arms. While preparations for the wedding are going on, Bella finds a close friendship with Emmett and Jasper. When the family suddenly becomes quiet to Bella, she discovers that Emmett had slipped up and killed a human girl. Forced into a depression and isolation, no one—Not even Rosalie—can get Emmett to recover. Will he let Bella in? Or will he shun her and his family away forever.

Enjoy my lovelies! P.S, In here Edward proposed to Bella sooner than in the book. So Jacob hasn't kissed her and she's barely seen him. P.S.S Edward is kinda a jerk in my story here. He reminds of my ex. So he will be a jerk. Yayy! (:

Bella POV

I was not most girls. Things were finally feeling normal again for the first time in months. Well, as normal as they can possibly be when your dating—or should I say engaged *Cringe—to a vampire and are planning on becoming a part of his family. Yes me, Isabella Swan, was engaged to Adonis God Edward Cullen and I wish I could think that with more enthusiasm.

See, I knew that eventually Edward and I would get married. I mean I wanted to spend my eternity with him so marriage was sure to come. However, I wasn't exactly thrilled on the idea. Most girls my age ( A ripe old 18 ) would die to find a man so loving and eager for commitment. Alas, I wasn't like most girls my age and hated the thought. My parents got married really young and look how it turned out for them?

Renee had recently married Phil and was trying to have a child—but not before she went through years of reckless behavior and childish acts. Charlie, my dearest father, wasn't seeing anyone and had slumped into quite the sad streak when my mother left him. Though, Jacob and I have been trying to get him and Sue Clearwater a little closer ever since her husband Harry's death.

Ah, and then there was Jacob. My Jacob Black was and forever would be my best friend, my savior, my sun, and my biggest pain in the ass. It was Jacob, not anyone else, who managed to pull me from my dark time of 'The months that shall not be spoken of' and for that, I was forever grateful.

It didn't come without complications though, as I beginning to see was always going to happen to me. Because of the Cullen's being in Forks next to La Push, Jacob was changed into a werewolf even after they left. Things were difficult but I never had a problem with it, as if it was something he could chose anyway. Jeeze. But the other major complication that came with cocky Jacob Black was his feelings. They were something I couldn't deny although I hated to admit it. He loved me and we both knew it.

At the thought of Jacob, as much as he brought chaos into my life, I frowned. I missed him immensely and if I had been any other girl, I would have just got up and drove to see him.

And that brings me back to the reason of my inner monologue—I was not any other girl. No, I was dating a vampire who, not to mention being mortal enemies with my best friend, was now more over protective since our months of separation. Jacob and I had been passing notes through our fathers who were the closest of friends, and his most recent one reminded me painfully of how much I missed him and how he needed me.

Jacob had every right to be angry with me—even if I had reason to. He told Charlie about my Thrill Seeking Adrenaline Junkie fueled motorcycle runs and I was grounded until what seemed to be, the end of time. But Jacob had a much more emotional reason to be angry. I took the Cullen's back so easily, and this broke his heart. I was a horrible person. But apart from my horrible behavior, I was still sitting on my bed contemplating on using the keys in my hand to drive and see Jake.

When I finally made my decision, I flew out of my room and down the stairs.

"Bella? Where are you going? You're grounded, remember?" My father questioned when I reached my jacket.

"Char-Dad. I need to see Jake and apologize for our stupid argument." I begged. At the mention of his favorite boy in my life, Charlie eagerly granted me permission to leave. I thanked him and ran out of the house to my rusty old babe of a truck.

I nearly screamed in excitement when my truck actually turned on. I thought by taking so long to decide, Alice would've seen and told Edward like the little traitor she was. I pushed the speed limit and sighed in relief when I crossed the border.

This is where that whole, Jacob steals a kiss happens in the book. Bella's mad and has already punched our favorite rock hard werewolf in the face—successfully, fracturing her hand. Oh, he did a much smoother and much more thorough job of kissing her though. ;) This, is the car ride back to home where Jake is driving.

"Bells, please talk to me." Jake begged with a smile playing on his lips. My hand was still throbbing and his smirk about the kiss made it throb more. "I really am sorry." He whispered, seriously this time. I looked at him and realized, that I wasn't angry any more. I didn't want to be mad at him any longer.

"It's fine, Jake. A warning would've been nice." I teased honestly. Jake kissing me did ignite something within and I felt terribly guilty for feeling that way about anyone other than Edward. But, I had been rejected my Edward again last night for my only human request and I was sick of being frustrated

"Thanks Bells." He sighed in relief. I laughed and scooted closer to him, letting him warm me up when my truck refused to blow out hot air. "So, how did I do for my first time?" He asked with a wink. I snorted and started laughing. We were still on La Push side so I figured I could be honest with him.

"Promise you won't replay this in your mind when he's around?" I asked, knowing damn well he know who I meant. He nodded and wrapped his pinky around mine.

"It was the best kiss I've ever had." I admitted with a blush.

"He must not kiss you well at all!" Jake shouted with a laugh. I saw it then, my Jake Toothy Smile.

I sighed. "No. Only like I'm a doll." I growled. Jake wrapped his arm around me and laughed to the point I could hear the cockyness in him. I just made his day, or maybe, year.

"Well if you ever need a test subject, I'm your man." He joked and I laughed kissing his cheek. I was glad that I wasn't mad, but upset that it didn't bother me that much. I knew Jake was going to imprint on someone and I had this terrifying feeling it was going to be soon.

"I may hold you on you that." I teased. "And…hey Jake?" He looked down at me for a second before gazing back out onto the road. "I know it's not a good time to ever bring this up with you, but if you ever do imprint." He snarled. "Promise you won't cut me out of your life." His body, which had tensed, relaxed after a moment.

"I promise Bells. Love or not, you're always going to be my best friend." I smiled up at him but when his eyes tightened I looked and groaned in disapproval. Edward's shiny Volvo was parked in my driveway. I sighed heavily when we parked and Jake opened my door for me since my hand still hurt.

"Sorry for punching you, by the way. You just get so cocky sometimes!" I said lightly tapping him, but instantly regretting it when my hand throbbed even more. He laughed and I stuck my tongue out at him and stomped in the house.

"Bella! You're home early!" Charlie shouted from the kitchen. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 11:30 PM. This wasn't early but when I saw Edward follow Charlie out of the kitchen, I realized he only said that to anger him. I growled and went straight to the freezer, passing Edward to get some ice.

"What happened to your hand?" Edward asked with wide eyes. He immediately glared at Jake. Charlie and Jake, understanding that I was hurt just looked at me to make sure I was okay.

"Oh, I punched Jacob in the face." I said sticking my tongue out again and holding an ice pack that Carlisle got me against my hand. Jake looked down sheepishly when I used his proper name and I giggled.

"Oh, and why did you do that?" Charlie asked Jake. Jake laughed when Edward stiffened and I stood next to him to calm him down.

"Well, I kissed her. And she overreacted like the Bells we all know and love." Charlie laughed loudly and I play glared at him.

"Edward." I whispered so Charlie wouldn't hear. "Relax. You're making a scene." His body relaxed but his eyes and mouth didn't.

"Next time, use my steel bat Bella!" Charlie joked causing Jake and I to laugh. It seemed like everyone was making light of the situation, except Edward. Charlie noticed my ice pack and went back into Dad mode. "Hey, do you think we should go to the hospital?" I immediately shook my head when Edward spoke.

"Actually, to save you insurance money, why don't I take her to my father since he is off this evening. I'll have her back soon, Chief Swan." Charlie considered it and deciding it was the best option for me, nodded defeated.

"Don't wait up, Dad!" I shouted as we all exited the house. By the time I shut the door, the men were already death glaring each other. "Alright guys, drop it. Edward, yes Jacob kissed me and I punched him for it. We resolved it already."

"If you ever touch her again without her permission, I swear—" I cut him off by pulling his shirt and shaking my head.

"And if she asks me to?" Jake replied.

"Then I won't kill you." Edward said flatly. "Let's go, Bella." He stated coldly, getting in his car. I looked at Jake and rolled my eyes but held him to me.

"Don't make the next visit be so far away?" He asked. I nodded, kissed him on the cheek, then got into my fiancé's car. He drove off quicker than I could've imagined.

"Don't make a big deal out of this." I commanded softly.

"How can I not, Bella? That dog just kissed my fiancé! How can you not be furious about this?" I sighed.

"I was, otherwise I wouldn't have punched him. But I'm sick of being mad at him, Edward. He's my best friend and I want things to go back to normal with us." I snapped. It was silent the rest of the ride to his house. When we got there, I opened the door before he could and marched into the house.

"Hey Bellsy! Fall down again?" Emmett teased when I walked in. I glared at him and he cowered next to Rosalie.

"No, Emmy, I punched a werewolf in the face." Emmett roared in laughter and jumped up to hug me.

"You're awesome you know that?" He laughed. Ever since they got back and Edward has been all Mom-like with me, Emmett and I became very close.

"I know, I know. Hey you want to play Super Smash me next time I come over?" Emmett laughed and agreed.

"I want to be in that too." Jasper, who was now at the bottom of the steps, chime in. Much to Edward's dismay, Jasper and I became very close also and it has started some arguments but he can get over it.

"Oh, can you help me with Zelda: Twilight Princess too?" I asked Jasper earning a smirk and a nod. Only Emmett and Jasper knew what Super Smash Bros. really stood for. While the rest of the family was away hunting and the three of us were left alone, I told them about a lot of my problems lately and SSB stood for anger with Edward. Just like Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess stood for Jacob. So know, they knew I had trouble with both of them.

"Enough of that." Edward snapped when he walked in. I glared at him for speaking so mean to his brothers but he just pulled me upstairs to Carlisle's office.

"Already on it, Bella." I smiled as Carlisle's voice filled my ears. He already had gauze ready for me. As he was checking over my hand, looking for breaks, Edward decided to talk.

"Bella I don't think you should see your dog again for a while." I stared at him in awe. He did not just say that to me.

"Who do you think you're talking to?" I snapped at him. Carlisle, bit his tongue.

"I think I'm talking to my fiancé who hangs out with dogs who want to do vial things to her." I wanted to snap back with, well at least someone does. But that wasn't something I wanted to say in front of my future father.

"Edward, he's my best friend who just so happens to be in love with me." I argued. "If I were dating Jacob" I said emphasizing his name. "Wouldn't you be doing everything in your power to convince me that I was meant to be with you?" Before he could talk, Carlisle piped in.

"Well, it's only sprained, which is good for you since that means no sling." I smiled at him. He started to wrap my arm up. "Son, this is not my place to say anything. But you should know that preventing Bella from seeing her friend is cruel." He kissed my hand and left the room without another word. I got up and started to walk down stairs when Edward said something that ignited fire in my soul.

"Bella. Stop acting like a spoiled brat, I am your fiancé and am entitled to get mad at when you kiss another man. I swear if I had it my way, you'd be locked in your house 24/7 and one of us would always have an eye on you since obviously you can't be allowed to go with your friends." I turned to him at the bottom of the steps, mouth wide open. The other family members were dead silent.

"I can't believe you just said that in front of your entire family, Edward! What happened to class!" I shouted. I noticed out of the corner of my eyes, Jasper and Emmett stand slowly in a protective way. "I'm not a prize to be won!" Edward stood stoically on the top of the stairwell. "If you ever talk to me like that again, I swear I'll have Jasper and Emmett rip both of your arms off." I could see the fear pass through his façade. Sure, I was no threat to him. But a military new born vampire major and the strongest vampire they've yet to come in contact with, was.

I looked to Emmett and Jasper, making sure I hadn't crossed over any lines I shouldn't have and they both smirked and nodded at me as if saying; 'On your command.'

"Esme, I'm sorry for disrupting your house and that you had to hear all that. That goes for everyone." Esme nodded at me still in shock at what Edward had said.

"Bella." Edward gasped.

"Take me home." I said after a moment. Once I was home and in my room, Edward's and mine conversation continued.

"Edward, I love you. You know that. Why are you being so overprotective?" I asked in a loud whisper. He pinched the bridge of his nose and I decided, that I hated when he does that.

"Because I don't want you to be with some dangerous dog." He snarled and that's when I lost it.

"His name is Jacob. Jacob Black. It is not dog or mongrel or any other disgusting term you call him." Edward stared at me with wide eyes.

"I don't care what his name is, Bella." He sighed. "You are Bella. Bella Swan and the love of my existence that I don't want running to another man, dog, anything for that matter."

"You either trust me, or you don't." I snapped. Edward leaned against the wall.

"It's not you I don't trust." He murmured bitterly.

"No." He looked at me.

"No?" He asked with a scoff.

"No. You don't have to trust them. It's me you have to trust. You either trust me to handle situations and come back to you, or you don't." I growled and I saw that his eyes widened as though he hadn't thought of it like that. He was speechless.

"Look Bella…" He trailed off and I raised my hand to silence him.

"You don't understand how angry I am right now, Edward. I thought the last person I'd have to worry about trusting me would be you." He went to talk and I stopped him again. "I want you to leave my room right now, Edward. I want you to really take some time and think it over if you really trust me or not. I am done being treated like a child. I'll see you the next day the sun isn't out for school."

After an antagonizing minute, he nodded and left. I know I told him to leave, but he could've said something or hugged me goodnight or something…

I shut my window and went about getting ready for bed. It was Monday. Alice saw that it would be sunny the next couple days and they wouldn't be back in school until Friday. That should be decent enough time. Just as I was closing my eyes my phone on my side table started buzzing. I groaned and reached out to flip it open and hold it to my ear.

"Yeah?" I asked bitterly. I heard a laugh on the other line and was happy it wasn't Edward.

"Hey Bellsy. Aren't you just a ray of sunshine?" I growled at him and he laughed harder into my ear.

"Shut up, Emmett. I'm a human and need sleep." My words were groggy.

"Well anyway, we're going hunting until Thursday and I didn't want you thinking we just left again." I smiled.

"Wow, Em. Thank you. That's really considerate of you." I said truthfully.

"Yeah well we didn't need you going all Junkie Bella again." I laughed in agreement.

"Is he mad?" I asked biting my lip.

"Eh. He seems more thoughtful than anything. Him and Rosie already left since they talk about meaningful things on their hunting trips." I felt a powerful pound of guilt and also envy. Rosalie was beautiful and I wouldn't lie and say that I didn't think about them together. But guilt because I made Emmett's mate leave without her.

"Sorry, Em. I didn't mean for you two to get sucked into this." I said as I looked at a photo frame of me and all the Cullen's. The odd ball that wasn't beautiful was not as lean, beautiful, or graceful, was me. Bella. I looked at Emmett's dimple filled smile as he spoke.

"No worries Bells." I loved when he called me Bells. Just like Jake. "So we're going to be around the Alaska area and maybe some areas in Canada so we won't be too far. I'm sure your team of Monkeys will stock up on extra men around you." I smiled at his name for the Pack.

"They're wolves, Emmett. Not monkeys." I giggled.

"Eh. Potato, tomato." I laughed at his deliberate mix up. "Alright when I'm going to get going. Alice says to wear item number four tomorrow?" I groaned and heard her shriek to do what she says.

"Okay, okay. Number four. Oh and Emmett?" I asked before he hung up.


"Be safe. Make sure everyone knows that." I said maternally. I hated when they went hunting because I always thought something would go wrong. I was getting used to the idea finally, that they were okay when they went.

"I always am Bells. Hey watch what you say, that was almost something kind to me!" I giggled again.

"Don't let it go to your head, Big Guy. I'll see you when you get back."

"Of course. And hey, stay out of trouble yourself. No bikes, or cars, or well walking for that matter."

"You are such a child. Bye Emmett." I rolled my eyes.

"You know you love it. Bye beautiful." And with that I hung up. It wasn't strange for Emmett or Jasper for that matter to call me beautiful and it always made me smile. To Edward nowadays, I was either Bella or Love.

I fell asleep with the content thought that everything was finally okay.

3 PeanutButter&Jelly PeanutButter&Jelly PeanutButter&Jelly PeanutButter&Jelly 3


This week had been incredibly boring without the Cullen's. I missed them all too much. I missed Edward in Biology, Alice in Math, Jasper in History, and Emmett in Gym. But I awoke delighted to see that it was stormy once again in good old Forks. I ate a poptart on the way to school and pulled in to the parking lot looking for the Silver Volvo, the Huge Jeep, or the Glamorous BMW…but saw none of them.

I didn't bother to hide my disappointment to Angela when she asked where they were and I didn't have an answer for her. Angela rubbed my back and I smiled at her kindness. Note to Self: See how Angela does in her Human Life.

The day dragged on for what seemed like forever before the final bell rung and I was sprinting out of the house.

On Wednesday, Charlie decided to loosen the reigns on my grounding and let me out as long as I was home before 8 and guests (apart from Jacob I'd assume) left at 9:30. I nearly sprinted to car, stumbling 4 times in the process and put my key in the ignition.

My heart fell when all I heard when I turned it, was a click. I tried several more times before I hit my head off the steering wheel and reached for my phone. I dialed Edward, Alice, Rosalie, Esme, Emmett, and Carlisle but received no answer. When I dialed Jasper's number I let out a gust of relief when he answered.

"Bella." He said in a strained voice.

"Jasper? What's wrong? Is everyone okay?" I asked quickly. I heard mumbling then a sigh and a door close.

"We are all okay, Bella." I let my hand cover my eyes.

"Well what's happened? No one but you picked up their phones." I wondered, what if this had been an emergency? I wouldn't have time to call 7 people.

"Where are you?" He said, ignoring my questions.

"At the school, my car won't start and it's pouring." I whined. Normally, when I'd whine I would get a chuckle.

Today, I did not.

"Stay there." I heard a lot of wind interference on the other line and after a moment, I decided that he was running.

"How long till you get here?" I asked looking at the stormy sky. "I mean, all of the students and half the teachers left already…" I started.

"Right here, beautiful." I snapped my head forward and saw Jasper in front of my car, snapping his phone shut with a faint grin on his lips. I was amazed at how fast they were. He popped the hood and started tinkering around when I got out to join him.

"What happened?" I asked over the rain, not needing to raise my voice since I know he'd hear me. As his long nimble fingers moved parts he sighed and lifted his head back up to look down at me.

"There was an accident." He sighed and he gestured for me to turn on the truck. I stared at him but slowly moved back to the driver's side and tried turning the engine, smiling when it roared to life. I looked back out front to Jasper to thank him when he closed to hood but he wasn't there.

"Scoot over Darlin'." I screamed like the pathetic human I was when Jasper was suddenly at my side, whispering in my ear. This earned a laugh from him and he carefully and without breathing pushed me to the other side of the seat.

"It's not funny." I grumbled like a child as he pulled out of the parking lot.

"It sort of is, dear." I rolled my eyes and immediately turned back to him, getting probably a little too close for his comfort.

"Jasper, should I open the window? Does being in here make you uncomfortable?" I asked when I noted he still wasn't breathing. He smiled and took a slow breath.

"It's okay, Darlin'. I'm getting better." I then remembered why he was picking me up in the first place.

"What accident?" I asked, terrified. He said that they were all okay, so was it someone I knew? He sighed and zoned out of the window before I reached out and gently touched his strong arm.

"Edward doesn't want me telling you this." He started and I scoffed.

"Edward isn't my father. Tell me what happened?" I demanded causing him to smirk. He couldn't refuse an order.

"Emmett had a slip up and killed a human when we were in Canada." My heart froze. Oh no. Here I was, finally telling myself that these hunting trips were harmless. "He was hunting and she was just too close to the forest and before we realized what happened, it was already done." He sighed while giving me the PG-13 version of it all.

"Oh no." I moaned.

"Luckily, it was a orphan child who was suffering from cancer and was supposed to die within the following days." He continued. My heart broke. That sounded straight from a Soap Opera.

"Did you…give her a proper burial?" I whispered not caring how dumb it sounded. He nodded.

"Carlisle asked us to stay with him as he did it. It was sad." Being an Empath, death must be especially hard for Jasper.

"Is that why you guys weren't in school today?" I asked feeling guilty about being angry that they weren't here. He nodded.

"Emmett isn't handling this well. Yes he has slipped up twice before, but this one really affected him. He said he could feel the hurt and pain in her blood." I winced. "We were back on Wednesday and have been trying to console him this entire time." I was shocked, they've been back for that long already.

"What is he doing?" I asked hesitantly.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He isn't feeling anything but hurt and guilt and hasn't moved from his room since we got home. Rosalie can't even break him from this, and that made her angry." I felt anger bubble inside of me and Jasper tilted his head slightly in confusion—asking me to explain my feelings.

"I'd understand if she was disappointed that she didn't break him out of it, but being mad at him for his mistake? That's so cruel." Jasper nodded in agreement, clearly not pleased with his sister's actions as well.

"Edward doesn't want you to be by the house in his 'state of mind'." He explained using air quotes, momentarily driving the truck with his knees. Why couldn't they all just drive normal? Hmm?

"That's not how you should be treating him." Jasper looked at me. "Well not you, but Edward and Rosalie. If Edward is scared about him hurting me, it could take much longer to recover. He has to be treated like a normal person who made a mistake." I could feel admiration radiate from Jasper and I smiled at him.

"You are wise beyond your years." He complimented as we pulled up to the Cullen mansion. As I exited the car, Edward was already on the porch steps.

"You said you were talking her home." He snarled at Jasper who raised his hands in surrender.

"She wanted to come." Edward rolled his eyes, as if my wants were silly. Alice came from the house and danced down the stairs, taking a moment to hug me then to kiss Jasper.

"Hello my wonderful." Alice said with a smile.

"Hello Darlin'." She bit her lip and kissed him once more.

Edward took this as a reminder that I was indeed his fiancé. He walked down to me and cupped my face in his hands, causing my heart to flutter but not in the old familiar way. Obviously, I was still mad about our argument and still upset about the whole leaving me thing. He placed a kiss on my lips and I leaned into him for more, wanting to be treated like a person and not a doll. But of course, he pulled away and gave me a warning look.

I sighed and shrugged then began to walk around him when wrapped his arms around my waist to stop me.

"Edward." I warned.

"Bella. He's still dangerous right now. His thoughts are going haywire and I don't want you anywhere near him." He said into my ear, trying to dazzle me.

"Edward, if you treat him like a monster for making a mistake he won't recover. It isn't fair to him." I tried. I felt him shake his head and his grip on my waist tightened.

"No Bella. I know you want to help him and maybe you could try if he wasn't in this state, but I won't let him kill you." I sighed and turned around in his arms, lifting my hands to cup his face.

"Edward please just let me try. Trust me that I'll be safe. You're a mind reader and Jasper can feel his emotions, if something goes on you can easily get me out of there." I pressed. Edward sighed and was about to say something that was sure to make me mad when Rosalie appeared at the top of the porch steps.

"Oh cut the crap Edward. If she thinks she can help my pathetic husband, let her try and hopefully he won't kill her." She snapped at me with venom dripping from her voice. I flinched at her harsh words and Edward sighed and let me go.

I took the opportunity to walk slowly up the steps and walk past Rosalie.

"Rosalie, I know you're upset about this but you should be consoling him. Not making him feel bad about this." She snarled at me and pointed her long manicured finger at my face.

"Don't tell me how to handle my husband, Bella." She sneered but I was unfazed by her. If I was going to try and talk to Emmett, I needed to be confident. "He needs to stop acting like a child and get over it." She said louder for him to hear. I rolled my eyes and walked into the house seeing Carlisle standing with his arms around Esme.

"Bella, my dear." Esme said with a kind smile.

"Hello Esme. Carlisle." I said with a nod. "How is he?" I asked looking up to the top of the stairs.

"Not well. He has messed up before, as all of us have, but this time he is taking it very hard. He was angry that he destroyed several trees and even cars in the area. Luckily, it was late and no one saw and only awoke to what appeared to be horrible vandalism." I nodded and sighed.

"Your eyes are still dark." I noted when I saw that they were a dull topaz swirled with onyx. Carlisle nodded.

"We didn't get much hunting in." He explained sadly.

"Well. I'm not going to be going in his room. I'm only going to stay in the hallway so if you all wanted to go do some quick hunting, it'd be fine."

"I think that's a wonderful idea." Carlisle said with a smile.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Edward screamed, suddenly at my side.

"Edward stop making a scene. Your eyes are black! Go hunt!" He started arguing with my future parents when Jasper's cool voice intruded.

"I hunted the most on our trip, I could stay here with Bella." I smiled at his offering and Edward growled.

"Oh, so we'll have two human blood thirsty vampires watching my human fiancé!" Alice, who I now noted was at my side, gasped at Edward's harsh words.

Jasper was in front of Edward's face, their noses practically touching and teeth bared.

"Watch your tone, Brother." Jasper sneered. "I am not a danger to Bella and neither is Emmett. Now go hunt and put some sense into you. Emmett has bested me once in our thousands of fights during a time when I was not paying attention. I assure to you that Bella is the first priority here and will be out of harms reach if necessary. But give your brother some decency." I felt loads of admiration to Jasper for standing up for me. Edward looked back and forth between Jasper and I and let out an angry.

"Come on, Edward." Rosalie hissed. "Let your human try and make things better when she clearly makes them worse." I looked down in shame from Rosalie's glare and I felt as though I didn't deserve to be in her presence. Edward went to turn when I called out for him.

"Bye Edward. Be safe." He paused and looked back at me, hoping for a kiss. He came over, kissed my forehead, then left without another word.

Once everyone but Jasper left, I felt very vulnerable.

"Don't mind Rosalie, beautiful." Jasper cooed. I felt soft waves of relaxation and smiled silent thanks.

"I'm going to try and talk to him. Thank you for standing up for me, Jasper." I explained. He nodded his head like a true gentleman.

"Of course, miss Bella." I giggled at his southern drawl and walked up the stairs to the room I knew to be Emmett's and didn't even bother reaching for the handle.

"Hi Emmett. It's me, Bella." There was not one noise or movement from inside the door. I sat down with my back against the door leaned my head against it.

"I heard what happened and I'll say sorry even though I have no clue what you're going through. I just want you to know that I don't think you're a monster. You could never be! I mean, your Emmett McCarty Cullen! No one brings him down." I joked but received nothing again. "I hope you didn't hear that fight between Edward and I, it was really embarrassing that he's done that in front of your family." I sighed and closed my eyes.

"My hand is starting to feel better, I'll have you know. I even made sure I took extra care when I walked this week, so I wouldn't fall and injure myself even more. I really am clumsy, aren't I?" It was weird. Although I had these thoughts all the time, it was different saying them aloud.

"You know, I always told myself I would never be in the type of relationship that I am with Edward. No, not the whole vampire part, but more so the whole controlling jealous type. You think after he left, I would have the clingy abandonment issues but it seems like he has them." I sighed again and let my head rest against the door.

I would help Emmett, I had to.

Jasper POV

I listened as Bella situated herself by Emmett's door. I was sitting on the top of stairwell, just a mere half of a second sprint to get to her if needed, waiting to feel Emmett's reactions. I tuned in to his emotions, feeling the terrible guilt and agony and waited.

It was funny, all though her words did not soothe him—being that I wasn't sure if he could hear them at all—the sound of her voice lessened the intensity of his emotions.

I heard no breathing or sound from my usually easy going brother and I just listened to Bella's words.

It was horrible, when I heard there was a slip-up, part of the beast inside of me told me that it was I who had attacked someone without realizing it. I hated that when I found out it was Emmett, I felt a mere moment of relief.

I wasn't a fuck up anymore.

I listened to what Bella said, smiling at her dorky comments and just listened and felt for something to change.

Normal POV

As her bell like voice filled the normally quiet Cullen household, the demon behind the door sat in blackness. On the stairwell sat her protector ready to save her if necessary.

He had killed an innocent. He was a monster.

Emmett Cullen sat on the floor on the far side of his useless bed. There, wrapped in a small ball like a child, he gazed out into the cloudy day which usually brought his smile. It did not today.

He was not aware of words or of time for what seemed like forever. He just gazed up at the window from his small position on the floor. When the sun would begin to set and the word outside became dark, Emmett hated that from the reflection, he saw two ruby red orbs that served as a constant reminder of what he had done.

He felt no happiness in his heart and only guilt filled his senses.

He was only barely aware when his blonde mistress came into the room, trying to 'snap him out of it' as she put it ever so kindly.

She had grabbed his face and forced him to look at her topaz eyes, that filled him with disgust of the fact that he mirrored red—not gold.

She got mad when he said nothing and slapped him across the face…hard. He deserved it though and just turned away from her, causing a faint annoying shrill to echo in his ears.

After what seemed like forever, a delicious smell teased his nose.

Another human.

Emmett held in the noises and just cradled his head between his hands—sobbing violently but silently. If he could cry, he would.

There were words that meant nothing and only echoes of 'killer' 'monster' attack' rang true in his mind.

He looked down at himself with disgust. He was wearing a white wife beater and his boxers since his blonde love had ripped the blood stained clothes of off him in anger.


He smelled it again and froze looking out of the window once more trying to will the delicious scent to flee before his monstrous ways took over.

There was shouting. Lots of shouting before a bleak voice took over. Emmett refused to breathe. Hoping that, maybe if he didn't long enough, that he would die from this horrible existence.

The warm scent became closer and he wanted to scream and run, but couldn't find the strength. That girl's blood still filled him and he could feel her fear and pain still to this moment.

The scent stopped and he made no noise, knowing that if she opened the door to find him—the disgusting creature within him would snap. But it stopped.

He felt nothing. An abyss of nothing but guilt and pain.

How could he be so stupid? Always looking for the extra thrill, huh?

And then, came this odd hum. To his ears no words were formed but a single tone filled his senses. It would stop and then breath before starting again.

Already a monster, Emmett decided to be selfish and just continue to listen to the pretty tone until he could pray for death enough, that it would finally come.

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