DarkJuliet: I got this idea from WolfBoyJeff, she's a good friend of mine, to use a picture to write a short oneshot. It seemed cool so I

gave it a shot. These are all based off of pictures I found online. I own none of them, and they are all AWESOME! I am still a firm believer

that Beyond needs more fanart. Anyway, I don't own Beyond, Death Note, or any pictures used as inspiration. I don't know A's real name,

so I named him Alexei when he shows up. BxA all the way. 3 Warnings: graphic violence, murder, boyxboy, gore, horror, etc. Enjoy.

Message In A Bottle

"Do you think anyone will find it? Beyond asked, holding the bottle up to the sunlight.

Alexei smiled,

"Yep and i bet they'll send back a reply." he assured. Beyond returned the smile and then went back to looking at his note, safely sealed

in a glass bottle.

Alexei, A, watched as his friend tossed the bottle into the ocean, and they stood together as the waves caught it and carried it away.

Alexei took a deep breath, completely at peace. He sat on the edge of the dock and smiled as Beyond sat beside him.

"What did you write?" he asked.

Beyond reached out and intertwined their fingers.

"Nothing." he replied.

"Then why did we...?" Alexei asked confused.

"I just wanted an excuse for you to come with me, to the beach, alone."

"Beyond?" Alexei's cheeks burned with a dusty blush.

Beyond leaned forward and gently pressed his lips against Alexei's.

"If I have you, I don't need anyone else."

A Touch of Death

Every night they came, surprisingly gentle, considering who they were: Believe Bridesmaid, Quarter Queen, and Backyard Bottomslash.

Beyond's victims. One would assume vengenance was their goal. Instead they were sweet, loving, and affectionate,... everything Beyond wanted in his life.

Now, as his heart began to break for the final time, he lay back. Those skeletal hands carressed him, their haunting voices sung to him.

"Its' time. Your time. Come with us."

Beyond began to follow, but he hesistated.

"Where is he?" he asked, as the caresses continued.

"Follow us, he's this way."

Beyond stood, looking down to see his body, his sanguine eyes open, but dim.

"Is he really there?"

"Yes." They assured, appearing completely to him now, just as they were in life. They surrounded him, calling, urging, pulling.

"Okay.. lead the way. Take me to him... I'm coming, A."


'They're so... cute.' Beyond thought, eyeing the bathtoys with a childlike wonder.

The ducks floated on the surface of the steaming water, completely identical in every detail except... one had red eyes, the other had gray.

Beyond moved them around, gently blowing bubbles in the water as he played.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Beyond, are you almost done!"

"Not yet, Roger!" Beyond called back.

"If you stay in much longer, you'll overheat!"

Beyond rolled his eyes,

"Alright, I'm getting out then!"

He stood up, placing the ducks side by side, before wrapping a towel around his waist.

He reached for the door handle, but stopped.

The ducks watched him, curiously.

He set them in a line again, but this time, he set the red-eyed duck ahead of the gray-eyed duck.

'Someday, that'll be the way things go for me.'


"No. N. No. He's mine! Only mine! You promised me, A! You promised..."

Beyond worked faster, shoveling away the dirt that covered his lover, until the shovel struck wood.

"Only mine. Forever, remember? Do you remember, A?"

Beyond forced the coffin open, and smiled through his tears as he looked down at his love. Alexei looked so peaceful... he could have been sleeping...

But he would never wake up, he would be stuck in a pine box, wearing his best suit, forever.

"First, we have to get you out of that horrible suit."

Beyond changed A into his (A's) favorite outfit, before picking him up and laying him outside the grave.

Next came the hard part.

Beyond picked Alexei up, bridal style, and carried him away. Somehow, rigor mortis hadn't set in yet. A was so light and limp, could he really be dead?

Beyond carried him deep into the woods, to the small clearing that had seen them when they "sealed" their relationship.

It took little work to dig a new grave for A.

"Don't worry, love, I'll be by to visit you every night." Beyond promised, zipping A up in a black bodybag. He was fighting tears as he lay his lover in

the damp ground.

He refilled the grave, talking to A as he did. When he was done, he sat on top of the grave, sticking the shovel in the freshly disturbed earth. He brought

his knees to his chest and gave itno the tears that had been threatening to spill all night.

"Why A? Why did you leave? You promised me, forever... you promised!" he sobbed.

But A was gone, and Beyond had been left alone. He sobbed violently over his lover's grave.


The cool, purple silk of the dress, the flawless, porcelian skin...

"Why did someone abandon you?" Beyond asked, picking up the doll.

Hidden away in the Wammy House attic, the doll had not seen anything other then the top of the moth-eaten trunk it had been secreted away to.

Dust covered its pale face and a mouse had made a nice meal out of the bottom hem of the dress. Beyond used the bottom of his shirt to gently clean the

dust away from the doll's face.

The doll was perfect in every way, except it's face.

Most dolls were cherubic little girls with sparkling blue eyes and a head of golden ringlet curls. But this doll's face was a skull. It grinned up

at him, its single, red eye gleaming in the shafts of dusty light.

'We're the same,' it seemed to say. 'Misunderstood by everyone else.'

Beyond held the doll gently, his long fingers cradling it delicately. This doll was something to be treasured, to be loved.

"Don't worry," he comforted. "You don't have to stay locked up anymore."

"Beyond, must you keep that... thing!"

Beyond glanced sideways at Roger and held the doll, his doll, closer.

"We're the same. Birds of the feather, flock together."

"Beyond... It's a doll."

Beyond gave Roger a curt glare, holding his doll closer. Roger shivered and left the room. Beyond looked down at the doll in his arms.

"Ignore him."


"I hope you know, I will kill you when I get out of here."
Beyond glared at Roger through the bars of his cage. He sat up, his bare foot knocking against the battered, metal tray that held a glass of water

and a couple slices of bread.

His clothes were in really bad shape, their tattered remains hanging off of his lean frame. If he didn't get out soon, he would start losing weight.

"The only problem with that is this: You're not getting out." Roger replied, leaning against a nearby wall, casually. "You are to be imprisoned

for life, like the psychopath you are."

Roger smirked as he continued.

"You know, I guess I was wrong about you and A. I believed you two had the ability to succede L, but I was wrong. No one who is stupid enough to

kill himself could ever hope to live up to L. And you? Caught, caged, and it was so easy."

Beyond's cocky smirks and malicous glee were replaced with a buring hatred. But Roger continued poking the proverbial bear.

Beyond wanted blood, and he wanted it now. A deadly vengenance burned in his blood-red eys.

'If looks could kill.' Roger thought. If they could, Roger would have been dead long ago.

'But they can't and neither can he... now.' Roger chuckled to himself.

"You're just a wolf in a cage, as harmless as an animal in a zoo."

"Oh Roger... catching a killer is one thing, but keeping him is another matter entirely."

Roger turned, his eyes meeting Beyond's crimson irises.

"H-h-how... how did you..."

"Did you really think a puny cage like that would hold me long?"

Beyond smirked, he had a promise to keep.

Angel of Blood

Cleaning up was the worst part, but Beyond could not stand a mess. So before he could think, he was on his knees, scrubbing blood off

the floor with a toothbrush.

"Uhn..." the corpse beside him groaned, moving slightly. Beyond cocked his head, guess it wasn't as dead as he had thought.

The sanguine-eyed killer leaned back against the wall, mentally noting the slpashes of blood on either side that he would have to clean. The

knife he had used sat beside him; its silvery blade, stained with sticky crimson, gleamed hungerily in the dim moonlight, eager to finish what it


Beyond picked up the impatient blade, examining it. The knife sang for blood, for death...

The victim looked up, hazy and weak from blood loss, and through his fevered mind, thought himself in hell.

Where else would someone find an angel whose wings and halo were made from blood?

No demon could be so cruel, and as the victim's fuzzy vision dimmed, the angel smirked, his bloody eyes glowing.

The Angel of Blood was the last thing the victim saw before the gleaming blade drew out the life it craved.

Behind You

Roger looked around, exasperated,

"B! You've made a mess!" he scolded, irritated.

Beyond turned in his chair to look at the man behind him. His gaze was lazy apathetic, no emotion could be seen. He rubbed the back of his neck with one hand

while chewing the thumb of the other.

Papers littered the floor, some crumpled, some not. An empty jar also graced the floor, and Roger assumed it had once held strawberry jam.

But when Beyond had turned, Roger's concern for the messy room faded. His attention turned to the complete lack of emotion. His attention turned to the

complete lack of emotion from the, usually lively, B.

"You're not the one I want to see," Beyond said, his voice monotonous. He turned back around, focusing on nothing.

"A is dead! He killed himself! No matter how many times you turn around, he will never be behind you." Roger snapped, tired of the lack of interest Beyond was showing.

After all, Beyond would be the one replacing L now, should something happen to the genius.

But Roger's harsh words did nothing, as though Beyond had forgotten how to feel. So Roger sighed and left, giving up on Beyond.

Beyond turned back around when he heard the door close. His cheeks freshly stained with tears.

He gathered his knees, pulling them close to his chest.

"You're wrong, Roger. One day... A will be there, right behind me... because he promised. He promised he would never leave me."

Cherry Blossoms

Blood, so much blood, Beyond was covered with it. So he stepped into the clear pool of water.

A cherry blossom tree in full bloom, perfumed the cool night, and the pool reflected the stars against a dark backdrop of sky and the pink blossoms above it.

It rippled as Beyond sank into the water.

He knew the blood would never really wash away. It may dissapear from his skin, or his clothes, but it had stained much deeper now.

Now, it tainted the crystalline water, marred the perfect pink of the cherry blossoms that fell to rest on the delicate surface of the pool.

Beyond looked away for a moment, before returning his gaze to the image before him. Bloody, unforgivable, his reflection told the truth, but it was seen through an unstable


He reached out to touch his image in the water, but it rippled away.

That image was so easy to distort.

Childhood Fate

"Who are you?"


"I'm Alpha."

The small children shook hands, smiling.

When Backup got his hadn back he resumed eating from the half-full jar of strawberry jam. He ate slowly, staring, curiously, at the numbers above Alpha's head. They seemed...

smaller than most children had.

"Why are your numbers different?" he asked, hoping for an explanation.


"Your numbers, there's less of them than usual." Backup's large, red eyes blinked innocently.

Alpha laughed,

"You're weird." he said.

Backup looked away, sadly. He was used to hearing the other kids tease him, but it still hurt.

"Let's be friends." Alpha held out his hand.


"Yes really." Alpha smiled.

Backup smiled and back and took Alpha's hand.