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Blaine rushed up to the bleachers, anxiously looking for Kurt. There he was, curled up on himself, hiding his face. Blaine ignored the shouts of 'prep boy' and 'midget' that he knew were aimed at him as he rushed up to Kurt.

Blaine slid in beside him. "Kurt?" he asked gently. "Kurt?"

Slowly Kurt raised his head, wiping his eyes fiercely. He'd been crying. And by the redness and puffiness (A/N: Hehe. Puffy. Fluffy. Heheheh. Sorry. I'm in a weird mood today… ignore that.) of his eyes, he'd been crying a lot. Blaine barely felt his fingernails dig into the palms of his hands.

"Is it Karofsky?" he asked quietly, scanning the football field for the large boy.

Kurt slowly shook his head. "It's not him. Or Azimio. It's… it's Emily."

Emily… Blaine tried to think where he'd heard of an Emily before, but none came to mind. "Emily?" he asked. "Who's Emily?"

Kurt took a shaky breath, and Blaine put a protective arm around his shoulders. "You don't have to tell me."

Kurt shook his head violently. "No, no! I have- you need to know."

Blaine turned around slightly, and catching Kurt's chin, he turned Kurt's head towards him. "Why? What has she done?"

"She's… she's this transfer student from the Lima British School. "Emily O'Hara. Blonde hair but brown dip dyed. She's really from Ireland, but lives here with her aunt… she's already on the Cheerios." Kurt shuddered. "She's in Glee too, got a good voice…"

"Kurt, still not seeing the problem with her," Blaine hurried him along.

"Oh, yeah. Well, she's really, really homophobic. But she's clever too. She knows what happened to Karofsky. So she's secretly homophobic. And I can't do anything- anything- about it because she always makes sure there are no witnesses."

Blaine swallowed, hardly believing what he was hearing. He thought Britain was so much less homophobic than Ohio. But there'd always be some, wouldn't there? There'd always be some…

Blaine pulled Kurt into a tight hug, not caring who saw. If this Emily turned up, well, he had something to say to her.

"It's alright…" Blaine whispered, as he heard Kurt's sob start to rack his body. "I'm here… don't worry, I won't let her hurt you. Shh, shh…"

Blaine only looked up when a girl very pointedly coughed. She was really very pretty, the sun glinting against her brown dip dyed hair. She was carrying a folder which Blaine was sure had LBS doodled onto it and only when she opened her mouth did Blaine know who she was.

"Fags," she spat, in a very distinctive, clear Irish accent.

Blaine stood up, slightly in front of Kurt, trying to block him from her view. He glanced past her at Coach Beiste yelling at a group of football players. "Bit public for you, isn't it?" he asked quietly.

Emily looked behind her, too. "What, them? They're too stupid to process what's happening before it happens."

Kurt stood up, glaring at Emily. "I wouldn't be too sure about that!" he snapped.

"Yes?" she put one hand on her hip, glaring at him defiantly. "And why is that?"

"Mike, Finn, Puck, Artie and Sam are all on the football team. Sure they'd be thrilled to see you abusing me?"

"Who says I'm abusing? That's such an ugly word. It's just a simple chat."

"Oh, I'm sure that's what you all say in England."

"Ireland, actually," she said angrily, and Blaine knew that they'd found her weakness. Ireland.

"Leave us alone," Blaine finally managed to say. He wished he could have said something more- something witty perhaps- but nothing had sprung to mind.

Emily cocked her head to the side, pretending to consider this. "Nah, don't think I will." She turned on her heel, starting to march away, before turning her head to face them. "Nothing you say or do will stop me."

A boy came over to them, and Emily, grinning, lifted his football helmet off and kissed him. When they had walked a little way off, Kurt gasped.

"That's Finn!"

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