This is a little something I wrote back in October and never posted. I guess you could call it a three-shot, as it began as a one-shot and grew into three separate chapters. It's a bit of a parody, meaning I set it in the late '50s and made it a little kitschy.

Warning: This is NOT a HEA. I wanted you to know in advance, though I hope you can appreciate the beauty in the pain. We all have our heartbroken at least once, right?

I don't own Twilight.

Chief Swan tightened the belt around his waist before methodically placing his gun in the hip holster. He tugged at the waistband of his pants to make sure they were in place, and grabbed his department-issued coat from the back of the dining room chair. His daughter appeared at that moment, dressed and coiffed for school, and he kissed her on the cheek in both a greeting and a farewell.

"Mrs. Brandon is picking you up this morning, right, Bells?" he asked his daughter fondly, like he did every morning. While Bella insisted on walking home in the afternoon with her friends, he preferred to make sure she was dropped off right at the school entrance in the morning. He usually left a little earlier than Bella liked, so she caught a ride with her best friend, Alice, who lived across the street.

"Yes, Daddy. Just like she has for the past year," Bella teased. Charlie patted her shoulder, careful not to disrupt the tight ponytail he knew his daughter meticulously put up. He'd learned that lesson the hard way, and he knew it was best to steer clear of his teenage daughter as she got ready for school.

"I'll see you this evening, honey," he said as he looked for his keys. A surreptitious glance showed him that she was wearing a modest poodle skirt and a sweater that wasn't too tight, and he nodded to himself. Even without a mother around, Bella was turning out to be a nice young woman. He was sure he had Mrs. Brandon to partially thank for that.

"Bye, Daddy. Be careful," she warned, just as she did everyday when he left for work. Forks was a small town, and while there was very little action, she knew it was possible that something would happen.

Charlie headed out the front door, down the four crooked steps, and unlocked his police cruiser. He patted his empty stomach appreciatively and decided to head over to the diner for a buttery, flaky apple turnover. That would certainly start his morning off right. He took his usual seat at the counter, and Sue walked over to pour freshly brewed coffee into the mug she provided.

"Apple today, Chief?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, ma'am," he replied, smiling softly at her. He was quite smitten with Sue, but he wasn't in the position to really try courting anymore. He'd been a bachelor for too long, and Sue was a widow; he didn't know how to go about asking her out, so he settled for eating at the diner whenever he could.

Sue sat the warm plate down in front of Charlie. She'd chosen the largest turnover they had in the case and warmed it up, just like he liked. The pair had been doing this morning routine for a couple of years now, and both were disappointed if they missed a day during the week.

"You know, Chief, even though it's got fruit in it, that's not the most healthful breakfast in the world," she joked. A wide smile took residence on her face, giving her adorable crinkles around her eyes. Charlie's moustache couldn't hide the grin that bloomed each time Sue smiled at him like that. His cheeks tinted pink and he started to answer her, but a loud engine revving outside caught his attention.

He saw a flashy new car sitting at the stoplight, revving over and over as the driver waited for the light to turn green. Charlie recognized that the vehicle was a new '56 Chevy with a V8 engine, and he was a little jealous. While he was a strict enforcer of traffic laws, due to his profession, he'd been a bit of a daredevil in his younger days. He loved racing cars, and talking women into his backseat.

That was probably why when he saw the slicked back hair of the driver, a young man with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, wearing a leather jacket, Charlie knew. This young man was trouble.

Charlie could've sworn he saw the young man turn and wink at the aging police officer before shifting gears and taking off much too quickly to be safe. He sighed heavily and looked back down at his apple turnover, hoping the boy was just passing through. He took another rich bite and as he chewed, he considered the possible repercussions of a greaser coming to disrupt his town. There were far too many places to hide in Forks for the chief to be able to keep track of the boy.

Charlie finished his pastry and his second cup of coffee before bidding adieu to Sue for the day. He would see her tomorrow, but that didn't mean he didn't ache a little to walk away from her, yet again. But he had work to do. He needed to ask around and find out about the young hot-rodder and see what he could dig up.


Edward Cullen was the young man's name, and he'd become a thorn in the chief's side in a matter of days. Not only had he been racing around town, whipping around curves and scaring the local drivers, but he'd been scoping out the high school. Charlie knew what that meant, and he was determined to keep that kid from messing with his daughter.

Friday night came quickly, and Bella had plans to go down to the diner with Alice for milkshakes and fries. Charlie knew Alice had a sweetheart, Jasper, but the boy was respectful and the son of the town's preacher, so he didn't worry. Bella wasn't sweet on anybody, so he trusted that it would just be the three of them at the diner that night.

He confirmed this when he slowly drove by and peered through the diner windows. It was packed with high school kids, but Charlie spotted them at a booth near the front. Bella and Alice sat giggling on one side, while Jasper sat on the other. Alice looked a little dressed up, but Bella was still wearing a muted yellow cardigan with a long poodle skirt. He felt relieved before circling to do one last patrol through town.

As he passed Thriftway Market, which closed at six, he heard a car idling from behind the building. Charlie turned off his lights and cruised slowly around to the back. He immediately spotted the familiar red paint of the Chevy V8 that had taunted him since Monday, and he rolled up next to it. While the backseat wasn't that large, it was large enough. Charlie saw hands moving quickly before he saw a flash of bare legs, and he knew he had to do something.

He put his cruiser in park and got out slowly, opting not to slam his door shut. He quickly glanced in the window and saw Edward Cullen leaned over a prone body in his backseat, so Charlie rapped on the window three times.

Edward turned his head and smirked at the chief, casually wiping the lipstick smeared around his mouth, and sat up. The poor girl underneath Mr. Cullen turned pale white before blushing up to the roots of her hair. She scrambled to straighten her sweater, the collar of which bore a pin that said she belonged to someone else, and tried to tuck her hair back into place. The pair climbed out of the car and rounded to the front seat without a word.

Charlie recognized the girl as Jessica Stanley. She lived just a few houses down, and had been going steady with Michael Newtown for a year. Charlie was sure Michael wouldn't be pleased to know that Jessica was giving her virtue up in the backseat of Edward Cullen's Chevy.

"Jessica, why don't you get in the cruiser," Charlie suggested as the girl started to open the passenger side door. Her eyes widened almost comically. "I'll drop you off at your house before I make the rest of my rounds."

She nodded like she had no other choice and walked slowly toward the police cruiser, her eyes darting to Edward in her periphery. Edward was silent and almost leering; he thought himself invincible. Charlie leaned down and placed his elbows on the open window of Edward's driver's side door.

"I trust I won't see you parking again anytime soon, right, Mr. Cullen?" Charlie said in a tone he thought was both menacing and subdued.

"Ah, I see you found out my name," Edward replied. He pulled a comb out of nowhere and pushed the sides of his hair back smoothly, creating a perfect seam in the back. He then lit a cigarette but smartly blew the smoke away from the chief's face.

"Yes, son, and that's not all I found out. I know you grew up in Forks, graduated in '52, presumably went off to college, and now you're back here…terrorizing my town," Charlie stated gruffly.

"Now, 'terrorizing' is a bit harsh, sir. I've only been here for five days, how could I possible have terrorized anything?" he asked with a smile. "Yet."

The chief's eyes darkened as he heard the subtle threat falling from the punk's lips, and he clenched his jaw.

"You better hope I don't catch you parking again, or I'll take you in for indecent exposure," Charlie threatened, knowing instantly that his warning wouldn't be taken seriously.

"Well, Chief, I think something would actually have to be exposed to count as indecent. Jess and I were just necking, nothing out of the ordinary. All the teenagers in this town park and kiss a little, don't you know?" Edward pointed out innocently.

"Fine, I'll get you for trespassing after hours. Just don't let me catch you again," Charlie said before turning and walking away. Jessica was seated primly in the front seat, clearly pretending she wasn't listening. Charlie sat down in a huff, pulling out and turning the steering wheel roughly without saying a word. He drove to the Stanley's house in silence, only speaking once Jessica opened the door to get out.

"Stay away from that Cullen boy," he warned. Jessica nodded emphatically. While Charlie knew she would inevitably be drawn to Edward again, he hoped that being caught by the police was enough to scare her away. Charlie backed out of the Stanley's driveway and circled the town three more times before calling it a night. He didn't see that red Chevy anywhere, but he knew Edward Cullen wasn't finished.


After three weeks of only catching glimpses of Edward's leather jacket, and only hearing the sounds of his V8 from down the street, he finally caught the boy in another compromising position.

Edward was in the front seat this time, but he was getting pretty heavy with a girl behind the football field. The property was in an ambiguous zone that wasn't exactly the school, but wasn't exactly the woods. Charlie approached the car and tapped on the window with much more force than he did the first time he caught Edward necking.

The chief watched as Edward's hand slipped out from underneath the girl's sweater and he sat back in his seat. Charlie was seeing red; he couldn't help but imagine his own naïve daughter foolishly getting caught up and being taken advantage of by the likes of Edward Cullen. Charlie saw the girl frantically trying to tuck her shirt back into her poodle skirt, but before he could speak, Edward had the gall to fire up his engine and peel out, spraying gravel on the chief's uniform.

Charlie had half a mind to jump in his cruiser, turn on the red and blue lights, and chase that punk across town, but he was frozen in shock. Never in his life had he been so thoroughly disrespected. Charlie eventually snapped out of his stupor and strode back to his car, picking up the mouthpiece to his radio.

"Joe, I need you to run a check on Edward Cullen," Charlie barked. "I need to find out where his parents moved to, and a phone number to contact them at."

"Sure, Chief, I'll get right on it," Joe responded automatically. Charlie's research told him the Cullens moved away shortly after Edward graduated, but he didn't know of their whereabouts. He could only hope they were good people and would know how to reign in their goof of a son.

Charlie drove straight to his house, thankful to find his daughter seated in front of the couch as she did her homework. Bella's ponytail bobbed as she looked back and forth between her book and her paper, her brow furrowed in concentration. Charlie smiled at her as he took off his coat and unlatched his holster.

"Hey, honey," he greeted. She looked up from her book, almost surprised to see him there. She was so focused on her homework that she didn't hear the front door open.

"Hi, Daddy! How was work?" she asked cheerfully as she popped up to kiss his cheek.

"Um, fine. Uh, actually, Bells, there's something I want to talk to you about," he began. Bella's eyes darted across his face in concern. "Sit down, sweetie."

Bella tucked her skirt under her knees as she sat back down on the couch, waiting for her father to speak.

"Have you seen or heard about anyone new around town?" he asked. He saw a flash of recognition in her eyes before she shook her head. He didn't know why she would lie, she'd never lied to him before, so he knew he needed to press her for more information. He prayed he wasn't too late. "Bella, honey, you need to tell me. It's very important. Have you met Edward Cullen?"

"I know w-who you're talking about, but no, I haven't met him," she finally answered in an anxious voice.

"Why are you so nervous, sweetie?"

"I-I just t-talked to him, um, the other day, and I was afraid you'd…heard about it," she stuttered. "Is that…did you? Hear about it?"

"Is there something to hear about?" he questioned. He didn't want to go into full interrogation mode, but the way his daughter was acting made him incredibly uneasy.

"No! No, I just…I was walking home from school, and Alice was going to the diner with Jasper, so I told her I'd go on by myself. I forgot one of my school books, so I had to go back and pick it up. By the time I started walking again, everyone else was already gone. I didn't think anything of it. But then a car pulled up next to me, and this greaser was driving, and he offered me a ride," she explained. Charlie felt his blood pressure rise.

"A ride?" he asked through thin lips.

"Yes, but I turned him down. He kept asking, but I tried to ignore him and keep walking. He just drove alongside of me until we got to the end of our street. I stopped and told him to cut out, so he called me a square and practically laid a patch right there at the intersection!" she finished hurriedly. It was clear she was pretty upset by the whole interaction.

"And that was it? You haven't talked to him since?" Charlie asked. Bella's breathing was getting back to normal and she shook her head. "I'm sorry he bothered you, honey. But you listen to me—stay away from Edward Cullen. If you see him coming anywhere near you, you turn and go the other way. Don't get into his car."

"I won't, Daddy. I don't want to go anywhere with him," she said honestly. "But you have to admit, it is a nice car. You can hear that bent eight clear across town."

Bella stifled a giggle when she saw her father's un-amused expression, so she excused herself to heat up dinner. Charlie watched her walk away before settling back into his recliner. He wasn't sure what to do about Edward Cullen, or how to get him out of town. He only hoped Joe would have some good news for him.

After eating dinner and settling in to watch TV with Bella, the phone rang.


"Chief, it's Joe. I, uh, looked into the Cullens. Seems they were in an accident; both of them passed away. The house here in Forks was left to Edward, sir. Seems that's where he's staying."

"I see," Charlie said with a frown. The entire situation was getting much more complex than he imagined. "Well, thanks, Joe. See you tomorrow."

Charlie hung up and kneaded his temples with his fingertips. He could feel a headache coming on. He sighed heavily, trying to work through his best options. Edward was apparently trying to deflower every girl in town, and he clearly had zero respect for authority. He didn't have a job, and Charlie guessed the boy didn't finish college. Now to find out the punk lost his both of his parents…it was almost too much to think through. It was possible he was acting out of grief, but why come back to Forks to wreak havoc?

Charlie needed to find out more about the Edward Cullen that used to reside in Forks, and go from there.


"Chief Swan," the blonde haired beauty said. She held her cigarette daintily between too fingers as she peered past him for a moment. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

While Rosalie Hale was a little rough around the edges, she was also perfectly polite to the chief. She stepped backwards and gestured for him to come into her home. She wore pedal pushers and a tight tank top, a little underdressed for the weather, but Charlie knew she was a little more modern than most girls in town. Two small children played in the background quietly.

"Well, I was hoping you could help me with something, Miss Hale," Charlie began, his eyes shooting to the two curious children now watching him. "Mind if we talk somewhere private?"

"Oh, certainly, Chief," she said before turning to the little boy and girl. "If you two stay here and be quiet, I'll let you have another piece of cake before your mom picks you up."

The two children smiled like little cherubs and busied themselves with the blocks sitting on the floor before them.

"Would you like something to drink?" Rosalie asked once they entered the kitchen.

"Oh, no, thank you. I just wanted to ask you about, um, someone you went to school with. Does the name Edward Cullen ring any bells?"

Charlie watched as Rosalie's normally sparkling eyes turned icy with anger. "Oh, I know Edward Cullen all right."

"Um, okay. What can you tell me about him? About what he was like in high school," Charlie prodded.

"He was captain of the debate team, valedictorian, and voted 'Most Likely to Succeed,'" she said in a snarky tone. "He was full of himself. We dated. Briefly."

"Really? Would you mind telling me what happened?"

"Well, he talked down to me constantly. Acted like he was so much better than me because his folks had money, and he was going to college. I was head cheerleader, and I think he just liked having me on his arm. So I dumped him," she said haughtily. "On prom night. In front of the entire school."

Rosalie's satisfied smirk had Charlie almost cheering at the end of her tale. The Edward Cullen he'd come to know sounded much different than the one Rosalie Hale dumped, but at the same time, the same. He was still a condescending little bastard.

"Really? That's pretty…" he trailed off. "Gutsy."

"Well, he deserved it. He barely showed his face for the last three weeks of school. The last time I saw him was when he gave his valedictorian speech at graduation. Well, until he showed up a few weeks ago that is," she informed him.

"Have you spoken to him since he's been back?" Charlie questioned.

"No. I saw him, though. In that flashy car of his. Once he recognized me he punched it and raced off," she said. "So, is there any particular reason you're asking about him?"

"He's been causing some trouble around town. I just needed to find out some more about him before things go too far," Charlie explained. "Do you have a yearbook or something else I could look at?"

"Sure." She rose from the table and walked down her small hallway, returning a minute later with her senior yearbook. Charlie flipped through quickly, immediately spotting Edward. He had a neat crew cut, but other than that, he looked the same.

"Well, I should be going. Thanks for all your help, Miss Hale," Charlie said as he stood and sauntered back through the living room. He gave the two wide-eyed children a nod before turning back to Rosalie. "I really appreciate it."

"Anytime, Chief," Rosalie said as she lit a new cigarette. Charlie let himself out and immediately headed back to the station. He had a new spin on Edward Cullen, and he wasn't going to back down.