A Dream no Longer




Author's Note


At long last the story finally continues. I had to tweak some things, but here is the next chapter. Didn't think I would leave you guys hanging did you? Enjoy part 1 of this brand new story arc. And yes, things will divergence from Canon.


Story Start


''Just you, me, a campsite and the stars. The best making for a weekend wouldn't you say?'' Ben asked, a perpetual grin on his face as he continued to drive to the camp site. The two of them decided to have a weekend to themselves in the woods without having to worry about their fans or work.

''Yeah, and hopefully it doesn't come to an end anytime,'' she said as she looked out the window and watched hints of animal life.

They parked at the camp site he scouted out and marked using Jetray. ''Time to set up camp.'' he said as the two of them undid their seat belts. Pulling the keys out of the ignition Ben popped the trunk and opened the door. He looked around and inhaled as the fresh air flowed through his nostrils and exhaled out his mouth. No aliens shooting at him, no old enemies trying to kill him, and not even a universal threat trying to rip his head off. This was just what he needed, sometime recharge his batteries.

''A little help here,'' Gwen called out from behind the car.

''Be there in a sec,'' he called out to her as he casually strolled over. A smirk formed on Ben's face as he caught Gwen in quite an interesting position. She was shuffling through the trunk; her skirt covered curvy backside was sticking out and looking quite ripe. Feeling a little playful he reached out and cupped her backside causing Gwen to gasp and whip her head around.

''Ben!'' she called out his name with a warning edge. Her face was a bit red, conveying her look of seriousness. "Will you cut it out? We haven't even started unpacking yet...'' she said as she felt his fingers thread along her back.

''Just letting my Fiancé know I think she's beautiful.'' he said rather innocently as Gwen moved back from the trunk so she could stand up to meet him face to face.

''Oh I know what you're doing alright.'' she said as she pressed two fingers against his temple with a teasing look of her own. ''So behave or no desert later.'' she warned as Ben grinned.

''Yes mam,'' he replied as he wrapped his arms around her waist. ''Kiss and make-up?''

''Aah what the heck! This weekend is about cutting loose anyway,'' Gwen said as she wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him down into a sweet kiss. He tasted of blueberry smoothies of course but that didn't hamper how much she enjoyed the kiss. Before Ben and Gwen could continue a silver pod crash landed not too far from where they were. Thanks to years' worth of experience Gwen was able to erect a barrier in a matter of seconds. The magenta barrier soon fell as Ben and Gwen shared a look and similar thought. ''Aaw crap...what now?'' Fully aware that there little peaceful camping trip wasn't going to be so simple now.

"Oh, man. We can't even take a vacation." Bringing up his Plumber badge, Ben saw that it was flashing repeatedly. "Gwen is your badge flashing as well?" he asked, wondering if it was just his badge. Looking up he realized he was alone.

"Gwen?" Ben looked around in confusion. "Ben! Look what I found!" Gwen's voice called. "I'm coming!" Ben replied.

Walking towards where Gwen's voice seemed to come from, he found her with her hands on a sort of pod. "What IS that?"

"Looks like a pod of some kind."

Suddenly, a voice called out. "Human DNA sampled and randomized." With a hissing sound, the pod opened. The two of them just simply stared. Inside was a beautiful and naked girl.

"Ben, give her your jacket." Gwen called out to her dumb founded fiancé.

"Huh?" he dumbly asked before Gwen repeated herself with an annoyed edge to her voice. "Oh, right." He said as he took off his jacket and covered her.

"Uugh…where am I?" the girl asked.

"Hi, I'm Gwen and this is my fiancé Ben. Are you okay?"

"I think so…" the blond slowly said.

"What's your name?" Gwen prompted as the girl looked confused. Her mouth parted slowly and she tried to make the words come. Finally she answered.

"Uni…" she hesitated for a moment. "Eunice." She replied. Once they finally got her back to the camp they tried to figure how who this mysterious girl was.

"And you can't remember anything?"

Eunice shook her head. "Not before I woke up and met the two of you."

Using her Anodite power Gwen scanned the girl for injuries. "I don't sense any injuries."

Suddenly all matters of animal from mice to birds had started showing up. They approached and began nestling against the barely clothed girl. "So what do we do? Should we turn her over to the Plumbers?" Ben wondered. It was almost certain that the girl was alien and there was no way to tell if she was dangerous or not.

"C-Can't I stay with you two for a while?" she pleaded.

Then again, she seemed far too timid to be dangerous. Ben sighed, realizing that it wouldn't be the first time someone attempted to use a veil of innocence to catch him off guard. "Gwen?"

"We should help her. There's no harm in letting her stay. " Gwen decided as she walked over to the girl. "Come with me Eunice. I have some extra clothes you can borrow." By the time they got back Eunice was dressed in a sleeveless pink tank top and white capri shorts and a spare of pair hiking boots. It was decided that they would all go fishing soon afterwards.

"I'm sorry, I hope I'm not intruding." She looked rather unsure of herself. While she didn't have any memories beyond her name, she instinctually was aware of certain things. She knew what things were, could interpret language, and do things of that matter. That much was certain, that and she could practically feel the tension between the two. There were these intense feelings she was feeling from not only Gwen, but Ben as well and they were different. It was so confusing and she felt like she was intruding.

"It's no problem, really." Gwen assured her. "Besides, Ben here lives for helping people."

"What can I say," Ben said with a grin. "It's what I do best."

"Whenever, his ego doesn't get in the way that is." Gwen threw in causing Ben to deflect slightly. "Anyway I brought some stuff to make batter. If we're lucky, we're having a fish fry tonight." She added as they came to the river.

"We're going to capture fish and eat them? " the blonde asked in shock. Whatever it was, maybe a fragment of memory or an instinct coming to surface, whatever it was, it was not okay with eating fish. "I…I can't do that." She realized Gwen picked up the alarm on her face and in her voice. "I'm sorry."

"No, it's okay." Gwen explained as she placed a comforting hand on Eunice's shoulders. "It's good. You remember you're a vegetarian."

Ben meanwhile, was further out in the lake. He gave a wave and attempted to cast the lure but ended up falling on his ass. Eunice couldn't help but laugh at his antics. Later that night after dinner had been served and eaten stories were being shared.

"…and that's when Grandpa Max told Gwen, that's why I ride side saddle." Once more Eunice was laughing at one of Ben's jokes.

"That's not how it happened!" Gwen vehemently denied, finding herself growing steadily annoyed by what was going on.

"Come on Gwen, its funnier the way I told it." He argued.

"Anyway it's getting late. We should be turning in."

"Oh, okay." Eunice remarked as she stood up and stretched. "Goodnight, Gwen…goodnight Ben." She said as she went into the spare tent that the two brought.

"Goodnight Eunice." Ben said before he was dragged off to their tent by Gwen. Something told him it was one of those moments where he was in trouble without knowing what he did.