I sat in my chair, staring straight ahead. "Alexandria," mother said very shrill, "You haven't touched one piece of your food. Please eat." Well what if I don't want to eat lobster with caviar all the time mother? Is what I really wanted to ask her. Instead I just sat still. "You aren't paralyzed are you dear?" She asks with a bit of fear in her voice. I just shake my head and she lets out a small sigh of relief. She freaks out too much.

Father walks in, shouting in my ears about my bad grades. I keep the same straight face I have had for my whole life. I slam my hand on the table and father shuts up. I get up, my blonde curls bouncing. "Excuse me." I say angrily and walk out with my shoes clicking on the tile.

I walk up to my room and look out to the window. I see children playing. I have never played or had fun before. I wonder how it is. I am sick of mother and father. I have been planning a way to run away for the past two years. I know they will come looking for me but I found a place they would never ever look. I pack my essentials: toothbrush, toothpaste, pillow, clothes, money, water, and food. Once it turns to midnight I make my way through the door and slowly close it.

I am wearing my favorite pink strapless dress and a coat that fully covers it. I am also wearing a scarf and a hat. I didn't put on any make up- well I only put on mascara. I walk to the hair color store, my maid's cousin's daughter works there and I asked for a secret appointment. I walked in and found her right away. "Hey! What color would you like?" She asks and yawns.

"Dark brown." I say. She puts me in the chair and after a few hours I look and my hair is a completely different color. "Thanks." I say and hand her ten dollars more than I was supposed to pay her and left. Before I left I had straightened my hair so it is even more different than usual.

I go to the train station. The only train that left to my town was at one thirty am. I had made it just in time. I put my luggage on the train and got out a mirror and special contacts. I put them in and my eyes look blue instead of green. I put those away and I fall asleep as I fall asleep while the train starts to moveā€¦