Author's note: Ok guys, here's the first chapter of a long overdue sequel to Hangovers. This picks up directly after Hangovers left off- if you haven't read Hangovers, you really do need to read that first. Enjoy! F.

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They were greeted by Jethro's barking as McGee opened the door to his apartment. McGee smiled at his beloved pet's eagerness to get outside after being cooped up all day at work.

"I gotta take him for a run, Abs. I won't be long." He headed to his bedroom and changed into some sweats. Walking back out into the living room he picked up Jethro's lead and attached to his collar. "I'll pick up some food, ok? When I get back we can talk." He watched as a knowing grin crossed Abby's face. "Just talk?" she asked, her innocent sounding voice at odds with her expression. He felt his ears get hot and knew he was blushing but he refused to be teased. "I'll be back soon' he told her.


Abby laughed softly to herself as Tim left the apartment. Tim might be a strong, experienced, gun toting federal agent, but she could always manage to make him blush. She found it endearing.

As much as she wanted to be with him, now that they'd decided to stay married, she felt slightly awkward, unsettled. There was so much they needed to discuss- where they were going to live ranked high on the list- and she was glad of a few minutes alone to try and wrap her head around the changes that had happened in the last week. For now, she wanted to get out of her platform boots and tight shirt, and into something more comfortable.

She rummaged through Tim's drawers and borrowed an old MIT shirt and some sweatpants, knowing he wouldn't mind, then climbed into the shower. Once she was done she pulled on the baggy sweats, smiling ruefully when she realised just how baggy they were on her. She must have picked up some from before he lost the weight he was carrying when they met. After combing her hair out of its pigtails, she went back into the living room and stopped in surprise.

And older couple was standing in the middle of the living room, looking almost as surprised as she felt.


McGee whistled softly to himself as he walked up the stairs to his apartment, Jethro trotting before him. Whistling wasn't something he was much in the habit of doing; but then, he couldn't remember ever being this happy before. He'd left Abby alone while he walked the dog and picked up Chinese food from the takeaway down the street. He couldn't stop the wide grin that spread across his face at the thought of his wife. His wife. He hadn't dared let himself dream about having Abby as his wife for a very, very long time. Their wedding may have been an accident, fuelled by way too much alcohol, but it still seemed almost miraculous to him that she'd decided she wanted to stay married. Eager to get home, knowing she was waiting for him, he quickened his pace, overtaking his dog on the stairs.

He opened the door and walked into an unexpected tableau. Abby and his parents stood in stunned silence in his living room. His mother spun towards him as he entered.

"Tim, you never told us you had a girlfriend!"

He sighed. This wasn't the way he wanted them to find out about Abby, but his parents were intelligent people. As soon as they spotted the wedding bands that both Abby and he wore, they'd know at least most of the truth.

"Mum, Dad, I'd like you to meet Abby; my wife."