Once Sarah got over the initial shock of discovering that her big brother had eloped- and with someone he wasn't even dating- she'd relaxed enough to laugh as Tim and Abby had recounted the story of how they'd ended up married. As they walked back to headquarters, Abby felt a lot better about Tim's family. She still didn't quite know what to make of his mother; she knew disappointment could do strange things to people, but her reaction seemed a little odd. She hoped that their second 'wedding' would bring Maria around. She didn't really want to fight with her mother in law for the next few decades.


Tim was curious to know what Abby's impressions of his little sister were. Sarah could be pretty intense sometimes, and that turned some people off. He didn't really think that it would bother Abby- after all, she was more than a little intense herself- but still, he was close to his little sister and he didn't really want that to change.

He walked into the bullpen from the back elevator just as Gibbs entered it from the main elevator, earning himself a look for his lateness. He cringed a little, remembering Gibbs' condition for overlooking his and Abby's breach of Rule 12. He'd have to watch his step. Quickly he turned his attention to pulling the financial records of Corporal Schmidt, the Marine that had been found dead early this morning, knowing that Gibbs would be asking for them shortly.


There was a sign stuck to her door. Abby rolled her eyes as she pulled it off. This one wasn't as creative and didn't have the expertise of the 'McForensics' sign Tony had stuck to her door a week or so ago. This time it was 'McLab of Abby McSciuto'. She wondered briefly if Tony was running low on McNames. She doubted it, but this was one of his less inspired ones.

She was more pleasantly surprised by the two figurines she found sitting on top of one of her computer monitors. One was a little suited man, dressed in a miniature version of the field agents' windbreaker, right down to the ball cap. She laughed when she saw 'NCIS' printed across the cap, and then turned her attention to the other figure. It was a little pigtailed Goth doll, wearing a black dress with platform boots and a spiky dog collar. As she studied the Goth doll, she heard a noise behind her and turned. Tony was standing there, grinning at her.

"Tony, did you do this?" she asked, waving the figurine in her hand in his general direction. He looked a little wary. "Well...yeah. I know I upset you with dressing Bert and I hoped..." he trailed off as she moved towards him, the wary look deepening.

"I love them! Thanks, Tony." She hugged him before stepping back. "So, what can I do for you?"

"Actually, I was wondering if you'd found any traces of drugs on Schmidt's clothing."
"Not yet. You're too early, Tony. If you were Gibbs, you'd come in right as I had something. "

He laughed, turning to leave the lab. Abby called after him "Thanks, Tony!"

After he'd gone, she looked at the figurines again and smiled. She wondered what Tim would think about using them on top of their wedding cake. They were just perfect.


As she went to shut down the last of her equipment later that evening, the sound that announced a new email came from her desk computer. Curious- usually the only emails she got to her work address were from the team- she hurried over and checked it. She skimmed through it at first, then stopped and re read it, making sure she'd read right the first time. She quickly printed it off, shut down the computer and got in the elevator.

Tim was still at his desk when she got to the squad room, packing his things up for the day, as were the other agents. She ignored them and went to Tim's desk.

"We've got a problem" she told him as she dropped the printout in front of him. "This is an email from my mother. She got my email, and she's flying up here to meet you."

Tim picked up the piece of paper and read it over. "She arrives on the 26th" he read out loud. "But that's"