The Meta-Crisis Doctor and Rose have been traveling for three years now in the parallel universe. What will happen when an old acquaintance, with a new face, appears on their TARDIS?

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This is my first Fanfic, it's based somewhere after A Good Man Goes to War, some spoilers for the sixth season I guess, so here goes-

Chapter 1


Deep in the Time Vortex

The TARDIS flew smoothly through the Time Vortex, making it easy for the Time Lord/Human to wander the halls without too much trouble. He was thinking so fast that even his superior mind couldn't keep up at times. He was also having trouble concentrating with the random thoughts popping up in his mind.

The TARDIS, Rose, his Human/Time Lord biology, how much smoother the TARDIS ran in this parallel world, what his original self was doing, had he regenerated?

The Doctor paused in his wanderings to take a slow deep breath. He had been in this parallel world for nearly three years. At first Rose had been having trouble adapting to the fact that he was, well closer to being a human than the original Doctor. After a while, Rose had warmed up to him and they had finalized their relationship by marrying. The TARDIS had grown fully, just in time for the honeymoon, much quicker than expected in fact. Everything seemed to work better in this universe.

The Doctor smiled at that. It was true. He and Rose were finally together.

He started walking again, thinking about mainly anything that popped into his head. Rose was back in his room asleep. Even though he was more human now and need more sleep than his Time Lord, original self, his mind still worked as fast as before. He hadn't been able to sleep, so to make sure Rose wasn't disturbed he had started wandering the TARDIS halls when he got into one of these moods. Random thoughts flashing through his head.

He looked around to get his bearings, turned around, turned left and headed in the direction of the console room, intending to send the TARDIS somewhere that he and Rose could relax that wasn't inside his, truth be told amazingly amazing time machine/space ship. This universe seemed to have even more planets in need of saving then the one they came from. As he entered, the time rotor moving with its rhythmic pattern caught his attention. It was the wrong color.

Instead of the expected greenish aqua color it normally was it was clear. And not only that, instead of the normal vertical cylinders inside, it had something that bared resemblance to blown glass, or bubbles sitting on top of each other.

Looking around, the Doctor noticed that the floor of the console room, normally grating, was now glass, but the usual ramp that led to the outer door was still there, but it passed by an unfamiliar sight, a large circular view screen in the wall.

He heard voices coming from behind him, down the hall. The Doctor turned and saw three people walking towards him. Three people he was positive had not been on the TARDIS when he and Rose had come in.

"Amy, you aren't understanding at all," The Doctor said, holding his hands up to emphasize his point, "It's a diamond planet, as in, it's a diamond… that's a planet."

"So it's a huge floating diamond… in space?" Rory asked, even more confused than his wife.

"Yes!" The Doctor exclaimed.

"And someone owns it?" Amy said, "'Cause you said someone owned it."

"Yes," The Doctor replied. They had been in the kitchen eating breakfast when he had brought up the prospect of visiting Diamond World, named by the incredibly imaginative Slen McDreans, the owner.

"Must've cost a lot," Amy said, adjusting her red scarf, they had decided to visit the planet so they were on their way to the console room to start the journey.

"It did, in fact," The Doctor took a breath about to go into a long, and detailed life story of Mr. McDreans, but he was interrupted by Rory.

"Umm, Doctor?" Rory said.

"What is it Rory?" The Doctor said annoyed.

"Is that a person?" Rory had stopped walking and was now pointing down the hall to what seemed to be a person.

The Doctor continued to walk and soon he could make out the features of this mysterious stowaway.

He was wearing a tight-fitting suit, brown with blue pinstripes, and a blue tie. The stripes seemed to make him seem even taller than he was, leading from his converse clad feet to his messy, brown hair. His eyes were brown and he currently was staring at the three friends with his mouth open.

"What?" The stranger said looking between the three.

The Doctor spun around to stare at the three people walking towards him. There were two men walking on either side of a woman. The man on the left had stopped walking and was pointing at the Doctor with his mouth open, seemingly mimicking the Doctor's own reaction.

The man on the left had shorter messy, lighter brown hair than the Doctor and his nose was longer. He was wearing a blue vest over a greenish sweater, it was hard to tell in the dim lighting of the hallway. The woman had bright red hair which reminded him of Donna Noble, one of his old friends. She had a round face and was wearing a very short dark brown skirt, a dark brown shirt and a red scarf wrapped around her neck.

The third stranger made the Doctor do a double-take. He looked to be in his late twenties with dark brown hair brushed over one eye. But the part that surprised the Doctor was the way he was dressed. With dark brown pants, a collared shirt under a… a tweed jacket, and a bowtie?

The Doctor stared for a second longer and then just said one word. "What?"

The strangely dressed one stepped forward, smiling slightly, but the Doctor could tell he was hiding something. He held his hands together and paused.

"Well then," He said, "This is very not good."

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