Written for the Mini Challenge on ag_fics on LiveJournal, run by my lovely co-mod! :)

Gwen straddled Arthur. She could see his growing arousal as she striped herself bear. Gwen had little experience of carnality – and felt oddly proud to be giving herself to Arthur completely 'intact' – but she knew what that meant.

Her hands went to undo his flies.

Suddenly Arthur took hold of her wrist. He was shaking.

"Guinevere," Arthur croaked. He thought about that crucial moment when he would be inside her. The anticipation curled scolding and tight in his stomach. "There's something I have to... confess."

"What is it?"

He swallowed nervously. "I've never—you will be my first."

Gwen wasn't too surprised. Without thinking she took hold of his quivering hand and guided it between her thighs. Arthur inhaled sharply at the wetness but knew what she was demonstrating. "You will be my first too," she said earnestly.

She leaned down to kiss his lips.

"Let's take it slowly..."