Written for the Mini Challenge on ag_fics on LiveJournal, run by my lovely co-mod! :)

"You have no idea who it was?"

"I went to the Admissions Office to hand in my sponsorship from the loans company but someone had already paid it."

Arthur stared at the bedroom ceiling, "But who?"

"I wish I knew," Gwen sighed. "I'd like to thank him."


"They said 'him'."

Brief silence.

"You could be happy for me," Gwen said.

"I bet he wants to get into your knickers," Arthur warned.

She groaned.

Being the great-great-grandson of the founder of Pendragon College and the son of the Chancellor, Arthur could fib his way into the Admissions Office. He could just ask for Gwen's file and they'd give it to him.

Not many Guineveres on record.

It didn't take long to find her.

Guinevere Smith.

Arthur checked the tuition payments for the year. He recognised the account number immediately. It was the same one that paid his.