Written for the Mini Challenge on ag_fics on LiveJournal, run by my lovely co-mod! :)

Llacheu meditated all night. He was still deep in thought when he heard the doors open behind him and his family enter; brothers, sisters and their parents – King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. This rite of passage was a momentous event for any prince, but it was also a very personal thing.

The young man stood and turned to face his family.

"Well?" Arthur asked expectantly.

There was a faint smile on his eldest's lips. "I am to travel to the Caledonian Forest and retrieve the crown from the neck of the White Hart."

"There are a lot of goblins in Caledonia," said Arthur, cautiously.

"And magical boars," said his first sister Arwena, worriedly.

"And elf warriors," said his second sister Marwen, enviously.

"And man-eating giants," said his youngest brother Duran, excitedly.

"And manic nymphs," said his younger-twin brother Anir, sceptically.

There was glimmer in Llacheu's eyes that neither Arthur nor Gwen failed to miss. It matched the glimmer of jealousy in Anir's eyes..

"Must have been a very compelling vision," the queen teased.

Llacheu just smirked and winked.