Written for the Mini Challenge on ag_fics on LiveJournal, run by my lovely co-mod! :)

Gwen tied Arthur to the bed. Very tight.

"What's going on?" Arthur was groggy from all the wine he had drunk. Except that wasn't him but the demon inside him. "What're you doing?"

She placed a finger on his lips.

"Quiet, Arthur," Gwen whispered.

She straddled him and undid his flies.

I can't believe I let Merlin convince me to do this!

Apparently this demon fed on negative emotion; unhappiness, sorrow, misery, loneliness. "And the only way to drive it out of Arthur is if he is taken to the height of pleasure, if you know what I mean," Merlin told her, handing her the rope and the aphrodisiac to slip in the wine. "For his own good, of course."

Of course!