Written for the Mini Challenge on ag_fics on LiveJournal, run by my lovely co-mod! :)

"How did a nice girl like you end up working for my evil super-villain sister?"

That was a good question. Gwen couldn't have cared less about giving an answer. The sensation of Arthur's lips as he spoke those words against her most intimate part was too distracting. She only made a sound when he pressed his tongue inside her again. A deep, throbbing moan.

She'd never been with a man before. Let alone a superhero.

Arthur smirked. Quick as anything he positioned himself between her thighs, coming eye to eye with Gwen.

"I assume the pay's good?"

"As good as you can expect from a criminal organization," Gwen replied. She smiled seductively, thinking about the many times Arthur and his side-kick Merlin had broken into Morgana's secret lair and foiled her plans. "Morgause will kill me when she finds out about this."

"Don't worry," Arthur whispered, slowly slipping inside her. "I'll come and rescue you."