Imaginary Crush

A young developer discovers that knowledge and imagination have a disturbing power that she never could imagine.

Opening narration.

It's 7:15 am, getting ready for long working hours, patches, updates, changes, errors and pressure are part of her daily life as well as being completely unaware of her own beauty and talent. Meet Anna Duval, a beautiful, young and naïve programmer whose recovery spirit after a painful experience would lead her into a very strange path.

Anna got up, took a shower and was getting ready for work; she was the type of girl who would be considered unusual since she looked like anything but a software developer. Her red-brownish perfectly symmetric curls, pink cheeks and smile made her outstand. Computers were her passion

And that's how she met Spencer Richardson, the love of her She didn't care if all of her friends disapproved the idea, or if Spencer worked as a pizza boy (which she had trouble to accept since he had really random schedules, stayed until late closing the store and never really answered his phone when she needed to hear from him), barely got his GED, she still loved him. Even though they had been talking for just a year, they felt like if it had been decades already. And they got to see eachother twice, for about a month each time.

Spencer always told Anna how he couldn't wait until they were finally husband and wife.

So she arrived to work, even though she was a great console application developer, she worked as a software tester, the money was decent enough and it was the kind of job where she didn't have to talk much or be very active since her verbal skills were really poor. And her social life was limited to Eric, her brother who was a brilliant psychology student, frustrated musician (basically he did it more as a hobby) and to a few of her coworkers.

She said hi to Adrian, one of her coworkers at the testing department. Adrian had a very kind smile. "Sup Adrian"- she said.

She sat and worked. Her work pretty much consisted in testing one specific line of business platform software that allowed users to view, modify and analyze data for decision making, make sure a particular bug was fixed or finding new bugs and reporting them. But that Friday in particular Anna wasn't feeling so happy, especially because she had an argument with Spencer and even though he reassured how much he loved her and asked Anna to start applying for a foreign fiancé visa, he spent days without contacting her and she was even forced to call his grandparent's house to hear from him.

"Anna Banana…..I think you should just let him go", said Adrian.

"Shut up Adrian, I love this guy and well, he's different….he's got something special …like if he was out of this world" she said.