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This is the sequel to 'total outcasts: black veil brides.' If you haven't read that then this won't make that much sense. Okay, so here it is, read on and enjoy :)

One year on...

"Have fun, and be carful." Eternity said as she hugged Andy goodbye for the hundredth time. "You know I can handle myself. I love you." he said, letting go and smiling down at her. Next to them Willow was saying goodbye to Ashley and Jinxx was saying goodbye to Sammie. Jake and CC just stood there awkwardly, not really knowing what to do. "Goodbye boys, enjoy yourselves." Willow said with a smile as they walked towards the door. "Don't worry yourselves." CC said with a smirk before there was a massive group hug and the five men left. "Okay girls, the boys are gone and we have three months before we see 'em again, we need things to do." Willow announced. "Let's hit the mall!" Sammie said with a wide smile. All three girls collected there money and walked out of the flat, headed for the shops.


"Are we there yet?" Jinxx whined after the third hour of non-stop driving. "Keep your eyes on the road jinxx." Ashley replied with a smirk. "Next chance we get we are stopping and your driving."

"What makes you think that?"

"Dude, I need a rest."

"Fine, I will drive, but only cause I don't wanna pay you that money I owe you..."

"Whatever." Jinxx sighed as he pulled over and got out of the driver's seat to stretching his legs. "Now drive!" he commanded. "NO don't drive!" Andy shouted as he walked through to the front of the bus and saw something through the window. "Why?" Ashley asked, not seeing anything. "Don't you see that?" he asked as he looked at the wolf that stood in front of the bus. "No, Andy maybe should lay down."

"No! I'm telling you there is a grey wolf right there!"He pointed but still Ashley and Jinxx couldn't see it. "Hey, why aren't we moving?" Jake asked, walking in with CC close behind. "Holy shit!" CC yelled as he looked out into the road and then ran out of the tour bus and went to the beautiful creature that stood there. It's white fur held flecks of black and grey. The noise was pure black and the eyes swirled in a mixture of light and darker shades of beautiful blue. CC bent down and hugged the wolf and Andy decided to go out and find out what was happing. By the time he was out there, there was no longer a wolf but a girl, looking around CC's age, stood there. Her hair was down just below her shoulders, the top layer was a light shade of blond and a see of black sat underneath it. Her blue eyes where exactly the same as the wolfs and rimmed with a thin layer of black eyeliner that flicked up a little at the edges. Her skin was pale and flawless. Her jeans were skinny and black. Her top was white with black patterns on and converse where on her feet.

The others had joined everyone outside and they stood there, looking in awe. "There was nothing and now there's a pretty girl." Jake said. "Hi, I'm Angelina." She said with a small smile and wave. "Angelina is a vampire that has two forms, her human one and her wolf one. She is one of three and a lucky bitch. I wanted that ability!" CC whined, getting a laugh from Angelina. "Oh and, don't EVER give her a nickname, she will kill you." he whispered loud enough for the girl to hear him. She just responded with an eye roll then walked towards the tour bus and disappeared into the temporary home. When the five men walked in they saw her eating random bits of food from their kitchen. "Wow, I'm sure CC raided our kitchen when he came here as well." Jinxx said with a little smile. "Well, we are very alike." Angelina said, looking as if she was in deep thought. "It must be a vampire thing." Jinxx reasoned before walking to his shared room with Andy and played the Xbox they had setup in there.

"So, what brings you here?" CC asked, looking at his friend.

"Nothing much, just thought I should warn you that there's a shit load of slayers after you, Eternity and her boyfriend, and talking of boyfriends who's this absolutely gorges guy?" she asked, motioning to Jake, who blushed the slightest bit. "That's Jake but what where you saying about the slayers?"

"Oh yeah... Well word in Tilette is you did something to piss a load of 'em of and now there after you."

"You went back home? How are my parents?"

"Same old, missing you a bit. I didn't really go for a chat; I was looking for a job."

"Can I just but in and say there is no place called Tilette?" Andy said feeling confused. "I'll take you there one day." CC said then turned back to Angelina. "How long till they come?"

"I dunno, bout ten months, you know how long it takes 'em to prepare for anything." CC nodded then turned to Andy. "Phone Enzi, tell her slayers are coming and that she should try and get here with Sammie and Willow." Andy nodded and did as told.

The phone picked up pretty quickly. "Andy? Are you okay? What's happened?"

"Nothing, I think. CC said there are slayers coming and you should try and get here with the other two."

"How does CC know? How long do we have?"

"A wolf vampire thing told us-"

"I have a fucking name!" Angelina cut him off with a slightly annoyed tone.

"Angelina told us and we have about ten months."

"Can you put her on please?" he passed the phone to Angelina and waited for her to talk to Eternity. "Hi Eternity, how have you been, It's been way to long."

"I'm good thanks, you?"

"You know me, always as good as I could possibly be."

"Look I'll talk to you later, I'm gonna try and get up there soon, do not move."

"Done. Anyway I'll pass you back to Andy. Oh and witch one of these dudes is your boyfriend?"

"That would be Andy." Angelina passed the phone back to Andy, who told Eternity he loved her before hanging up and looking around. "Apparently they will be here in a few minuets..." Andy said, not believing it since they had been on the road for hours.

Ten minuets passed before there were seven, steady knocks at the door and everyone knew it was Eternity and the others. "How in hell did you get here so fast?" Andy asked as he opened the door to his girlfriend and the other two. "You could probably run that fast as well if you tried, it takes so much energy though, so I think I'm gonna have a quick lay down." She said, feeling her legs shake. Andy wrapped his arms around her and her legs buckled and her eyes closed. He picked her up bridal style and placed her on his bunk, smiling down at her sleeping figure. He gently pecked the top of her head and, before he left, could hear her mutter, "I love you." he said it back then shut the door to let her rest.

Yep so here it is, knew start to an old story ;) hope you enjoy this, I will try my best to add a new chapter every night but there is no promises.