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Author's Note: Takes place during Jump The Shark when Dean says he took you to a baseball game. It is what I thought he was thinking of right then because later he seemed to change his mind.

It's Not Fair

Dean listened to his half brother saying that their father had taken him to a baseball game on his birthday. It's not fair why would their father take this boy to a baseball game when he never took him, or even his brother to a baseball game. Why was he more special than us? We were the one's that were with him all the time not this boy. We were the one's that he had trained to hunt and to handle guns not this one. We were the one's that were left alone for days on end in a hotel room not this boy. He was loved by his mother and had her by him everyday. Their mother was dead and their father was hardly ever there. His father had never celebrated his birthday with either of them. He was never there for their birthdays and here he was hearing that he was there for Adam's birthday.

Dean had to look away from his half brother and look to his full brother. He was really hurt that their father never cared for them as much as they did Adam. It just wasn't fair for either of them. What did they do to their father to have them treat them this way? Why did he do this? Why did he never tell us that we had a half brother? He was jealous of them for a moment and then it stopped.

He thought some more. Maybe the reason why they never knew about him was to save him from the life that they had to live. Their father wanted Adam to have a normal life and not the life as a hunter like them. No, it wasn't fair, but it was the right thing to do.

It wasn't fair that they had lost their half brother before they could ever know him. It wasn't fair that they had found their brother only to find out that he was never alive in the first place.

The End