Kenny winced as the redhead in front of him dabbed at the stab wound. . . he had almost died again, this time running into a serial killer in an alleyway. Kyle had found him just as the killer made a huge slice across his chest. Kenny sighed. It would've been a lot less painful if Kyle had just let him die, but the Jew couldn't stand whenever he saw the blond die. . .



"It's okay. . ."

Kyle gave him a weak smile as he finished cleaning out the cut, then began bandaging it. Kenny closed his eyes, savoring every caress the other inflicted on his being. He imagined the other laying under him, gasping for breath as he thrusted into him-

"Um, Kenny?"

Whoops. . .

Kenny opened his eyes, looking at Kyle as he stared at the now obvious bulge in the other's pants. A heavy blush was covering his face, and Kenny smirked at him, grabbing his shoulders at closing the distance between their lips.

Kyle's eyes widened wide, before slowly closing as he leaned into the contact. Kenny smiled into the kiss, and reached for the other's bulge as Kyle tied off the white bandage around his torso.

"Ah!" Kyle gasped at they broke away from the kiss. Kenny pushed him onto the bed, pulling his jacket and shirt off in one go, His hat falling off as he did so. Afterwards he stood over Kyle on his knees and took off his hoodie and white shirt, glad they had taken off their shoes at the door.

"I want you so bad Kyle" he whispered into the other's ear, causing another gasp to break from his kiss-bruised lips.

"Kenny. . . me. . . me too. . . I want you too. . ." Kyle grabbed Kenny's shoulders, and kissed him again, holding onto the other desperately, eyes closed tight. The blond chuckled, kissing him back.

"Ah!" Kenny broke off the other again, this time dragging off a pair of pants and some boxers, leaving a very red hard on to stand in all it's glory. He licked his lips, touching the head softly with his fingers. A moan sounded above him and he smiled, licking the underside of the length.

"Tell me how bad you want it" he said with lust in his voice."

"I can't. . . It's too embarrassing. . ." the other said. Kenny pretended to begin walking away when Kyle grabbed his shoulders, breathing hard.

"Pl. . . Please Ken. . . I want it. . . I WANT IT!" Kenny smiled as the other rubbed his legs together in frustration.

"Well, since you begged. He smiled, pushing the other back yet again, and took the whole length into his mouth in one go, putting his hand into his own pants so he could jack off.

"Jesus Christ!"

Kenny broke away for a second, just long enough to say,

"Nope! Name's Kenny McCormick. . . ah!. . . at your s- service!"

"mmnn. . ." Kyle moaned helplessly as the other sucked harder and bobbed his head faster. Smaller fingers grabbed at his hair as the other came closer to release.

"Yes. . . YES! Oh God, KENNY!" Kyle froze as Kenny swallowed the evidence of his pleasure. Kenny took his hand out of his pants, wiping the jizz off his hand and onto the other's bed. Kyle fell back onto the bed, releasing the blond hair. He inhaled deeply, smiling as Kenny snuggled next to him, pulling the covers over their exhausted bodies.

"Next time. . ." said Kenny. "We're going all the way. . ."

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