I knew Kyle was aware of my staring. I didn't mean to be obvious, but Kyle was just far too sexy for me to look away. Over the years Kyle had grown. . . a lot. He now towered at 6'3", while I was a mere 5'6". I must admit I'm not much of a basketball fan either, but I could definitely "get into the game" if Kyle was playing, if you catch my drift. I'd probably die of embarrassment if he knew what went through my head.

The way his hair went everywhere no matter how hard he tried to tame it. . . the way he obsessed over the weirdest things and wouldn't give up until it was his definition of "Perfection". All of his traits, even the strangest ones, turned me on.

The seconds on the clock ticked away slowly. . . 5, 4, 3 ,2. . . and by signal of the buzzer, the teams began separate for half time. . all except Kyle. Where was he going when he should be-

Then I realized he was coming towards me. Jesus Christ. . .

I told myself to stay calm, but he looked pissed, and someone like me wouldn't last in a fight against someone like him. . . especially when I was already covering my bulge with my gym bag. . .

So I ran.

And Kyle ran right behind me, catching up quickly. I managed to stay ahead long enough to get into the Bath room.

He pushed the door open, coming in and standing in front of the doorway, taking out my only way of escape. I was about to beg for mercy when he slammed he against the wall, Kissing me harshly.

I couldn't breathe.

Kyle's POV

I pushed Kenny against a wall, and began devouring him. He couldn't be surprised that I'd react this way to his staring while he cutely covered his hard on with his bag.

To. Frickin. Cute.

I broke away, letting him catch his breath. He was gripping my red curly hair, and I chuckled.

"Do you like the Jew-Fro Ken?" I said, repeating what he'd called my mess of hair for years.

"Fucking Christ! Do you have to ask?" he whispered, tugging on it harder. I moaned, and a huge blush covered his face. I smiled. So the big perverted Kenny McCormick was shy, was he?"

"Kyle. . . if we're going any further than this, I have to tell you something. . ." he said, looking away in embarrassment. I smiled.

"I've. . . never done this before. . ." My eyes widened, and I chuckled a little.

"With a guy? Well, not that I'm surprised but-"

"With anyone. . ." he said, tears of fear dropping to the floor from his eyes. "I. . . made it all up so people wouldn't make fun of me for being poor anymore. . . It was easier to be called a player and a pervert than just being known as the . . . broke kid. . ." more tears fell and I hugged him to my chest, cherishing the squeak that passed his lips and I licked his ear.

"Well that's better for me I guess. . . I love you Kenny. . . And I love you as the poor kid, not as anyone else." He smiled cutely, a dark blush covered his face.

That was it. I ripped the clothing from him, and chuckling as he tried to stop me. As if he could. Soon he was down to nothing, and he sat against the wall, covering himself with his hands, and looking away from me.

"Let me see Ken"


I sighed, moving his hands away myself, and bending down to lick the head. He ripped his hands away from me and used then to grip my hair. I smirked, taking the whole length into my mouth without warning.

"Ah! K. . . Kyle!" he breathed heavily, leaning over me as I went to work, sucking harshly, listening to the moans he let out. I tried to ignore my own erection, but It became unbearable. I let go of him with a pop, and looked him in the eyes.

"Spread your legs Ken." He looked at me with fear and mortification.

"Spread 'em or I'll do it for you." And with a deep breath, he grabbed the underside of his knees, and pulled his legs apart. I smiled, pecking him on the lips.

"Thanks babe." And I licked my fingers, and put one at his entrance. He shut his eyes tight as I invaded his most personal area.

"ahh. . . mnnn" I couldn't believe the sexy sounds coming out of his mouth, and by the look in his eyes I could tell he couldn't either.

I slipped in another, loving the long moan that he let out, and I poked and prodded, trying to find the right place. It wasn't until the third finger I did.

"OH DEAR GOD!" he yelled, grabbing my shoulders to steady himself. I grinned, and began to pound at it with my fingers.

"Ah! AH! F- FUCK! KYLE! PLEASE!" he yelled, and I grinned, taking out my fingers, and unzipping my pants. . . He looked down and he went pale. . . I guess it was my size that shocked him.

9 inches isn't that long is it? Well, maybe it was the 2" diameter. . . Oh well. . .

I reached up to a soap dispenser, and got a good handful before I started coating my dick in the cheep substance. Kenny had forced himself to look away. . . until I pulled him up, then picked him up, letting him wrap his legs around my waist. I could feel him shaking, and I smiled.

"I'll be gentle, okay Ken?" he looking into my eyes, and for the first time I saw all the love he showed whenever he looked at me. He nodded, and I began to push inside. It was by the sixth inch that he started to tear up, wetness covering his baby blues.

"shh, I'm almost in." I comforted. He nodded, hugging my neck, and putting a kiss on my lips. It was the sweetest kiss I've ever experienced, and I'll probably cherish it for the rest of my life.

While he was distracted I slammed the rest of the way in. He froze, tensing before forcing himself to relax. I smiled, breaking the kiss and watching his concentrated face.

"Move. . ." he whispered. I smiled, and pulled out until only my head was in, and I slammed back in, watching his face begin to be covered with pleasure. I quickened my pace, relishing his beauty. It belonged to me at that moment, and no one else's, and I can't even describe just how much that meant to me.

"Ah! AH~ Kyle. . . KYLE! Faster!" I smiled, speeding up as much as I could, pounding harder. All I could here was my lover's Moans and the smacking of skin. . . and. . .

There was giggling outside the door. . .

I smiled.

And Kenny froze.

It was all too perfect.

I walked over to the door, and leaned Kenny onto the oak. He looked at me with fear, and I gave him a smile in return.

"Who's out there?" I asked. There were a few gasps, and I grinned. "You're not in trouble, just tell me who!"

"Don't do this Kyle. . ." said Kenny, already grinding on me, trying to restore the friction that I cut off.

"It's Bebe and Wendy. . ." they admitted. I smiled, and gave a quick thrust into Kenny, who yelped and moaned, clinging to me tightly.

"Enjoy the show!" I called, and began to slam Ken against the door, drawling out long moans from the blond, who had seemingly forgotten about the girls outside the door for the moment.

"Ah! AH! Ung. . . OH GOD!" that's when I knew I had found it. I smiled, slamming into the bundle of nerves again.

"YES! YES~ OHHHH~" he quivered before releasing onto his chest.


"KENNY!" I let go inside of him, and he shook as I pulled out, hearing my cum hitting the ground. His legs slid down onto the floor, and I heard the girl's running away, giggling like loony's. Crazy bitches.

"I love you Kyle. . ." he said, and I smiled back down at him.

"I Love you too. . ."

After we cleaned up we went back to the game, and I couldn't wipe the shit-eating grin from my face as I watched my boyfriend limp down the hallway. . .

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