PAIRING: Dreli also known as Drew + Eli

WARNING: Guy on guy action ;)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Degrassi. But trust me, if I did, it would just be Slash Kingdom.

Seal It With A Kiss

Part I: Keep a Secret, Me and You

It had all happened so fast, almost at some sort of warp speed level. One second, the two boys were talking, catching up on life and the next second they were all over each other, in the most intimate way possible. Their lips pressing hard against one another and their hands roaming each others bodies. Groin grabbing, heavy panting, combined with an intensity and roughness that only two guys could handle. Pulling away from the kiss, Drew Torres took a few seconds to admire the lips in front of him that he had just begun to bruise. So soft and luscious that he couldn't help himself from wanting try them some more, but as he leaned in for another taste, he felt hands pushing him back.

"Just... Don't hurt me, okay?" begged the other boy, looking into Drew's eyes so he would get the seriousness of his statement. He'd just gotten his heart ripped apart, and even though this would most likely be nothing more than a one night... one day stand, he didn't want to risk it. Elijah Goldsworthy, who somehow always had his heart on his sleeve, had no intention of letting someone else waltz right in and tear his heart to shreds... again.

Nodding, Drew leaned in, his hot breath against Eli's ear, "I promise... I won't hurt you." he whispered. Slightly turning his head, he gently pressed his lips against Eli's cheek. A small smirk coming across his face, Eli grabbed onto the other boy's hands, intertwining their fingers. Continuing to place the most gentle kisses all along Eli's face, Drew inched closer, pressing one hard kiss against his lips. Letting his lips linger for a bit, he felt Eli part his lips. Taking this as a sign for more, Drew deepened the kiss, his tongue colliding with the other boy's. Their bodies pulling closer to each other, Eli could feel Drew's heart racing. They were in unison, their rapid heart beats.

His body moving on it's own accord, Drew felt his body thrust forward, making Eli's head fall back against his pillow. Giving himself a moment to cool down, Drew looked down at the sight in front of him. He had Eli, the emo boy, the "crazy" guy, keyword: a dude, under his body, wanting him just as badly as he did. Thrusting his body down to connect their groins, Drew smirked, enjoying the sound of a whimper coming out of Eli. Licking his own lips, Drew leaned down and got himself another taste of Eli, latching on to his juicy lips. Letting out a needy growl, Drew bit onto Eli's bottom lip, pulling on it slightly. Letting go, he gave Eli a moment to regain his breath, ultimately deciding to go lower on the emo boy.

Placing a sloppy kiss on his chin, Drew felt his pants tighten, realizing just how close he was to Eli's Adam's apple. He hadn't admitted it to himself, but he'd been secretly wanting it for the longest amount of time. Eli, thrusting his hips up to try to relieve himself, let out a long gasp. Groaning, Drew let the lust take him over, as he kissed, sucked and devoured the neck in front of him.

Eli let his eyes roll into the back of his head, as he felt the effects of this new high. Drew was all over him, touching him, kissing him, tasting him, and it felt so good. It was starting to feel better than any sexual experience he had ever had in his life. Never had he experienced so much lust radiating from one person before. It took Eli everything he had to not yelp out, and plead for Drew to fuck him into oblivion. Biting his lip to try and contain himself, his hips continued doing their involuntary thrusting. The intensity of everything was started to hit him and he felt himself almost at his peak...

"Eli, sweetie. We're home!" shouted his mother, Cece, from down the hall. Eli's parents weren't strict, but after the car accident, they had put a "no friends for a while" rule. Mentally cursing his parents, Eli snapped back to reality, and tried to stop the jock on top of him that had lost himself in his neck.

"Fuck... Fuck...No." said Drew, in between sucks. Using one free hand, Drew went to work, quickly unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down. Giving one final suck to Eli's neck, Drew lifted his body up and got off the bed, his pants down to his ankles.

"I'm not fucking leaving this house with a hard on, Eli."

"Eli, I said we're home." Eli heard his mother shout once more.

"Yeah, mom I heard you. I'm getting dressed. Hold on a few minutes" replied Eli, diverting his attention back to the now completely naked jock that was in front of him. He said he wouldn't leave with a hard on... what the hell was he supposed to do? Running every possible option through his mind, Eli felt himself at a loss for words.

"Please, Eli. Just suck me off? It'll only take a few minutes and then I'll just sneak out through your window... Please?"

It was seriously now or never, and just the thought of "never""made Eli want to die. There was no denying how badly he needed to have him. Looking up at Drew, his eyes full of lust, he made his final decision. Moving towards the standing Drew, they shared one hungry kiss, before Eli felt Drew's hand on top of his head. Pushing down, lower and lower, Eli's face met with Drew's hard length. There it was, in all it's glory, his dick just pulsing, yearning to be pleasured. Giving himself a moment to relish in it's beauty, Eli almost forgot the fact he had no time to draw this out. He had to do it fast and he had to do it now.

Looking up once more at Drew, he opened his mouth and sucked the head into his mouth. A moan of relief coming from Drew, he threw his head back and gripped harder onto Eli's hair. Taking more into his mouth, Eli felt a hum of pleasure soar through him, the reality of what was happening finally sinking in. Feeling a tug on his head, Eli took it as a signal to take it further. Relaxing his throat, Eli took in Drew's length to the base, fighting off an urge to gag.

Taking control of the situation, Drew held Eli's head in place as he pumped his length in and out of Drew's mouth, the heat of Eli's mouth taking him to a new level of pleasure. Speeding up, Drew continued to thrust himself into the emo boy's mouth, a feeling of accomplishment every time he felt a slight gag. Feeling the heat forming from inside him, Drew thrust even faster, fucking the face of Eli. A slew of moans and groans coming out of his mouth, Drew felt his orgasm come through his body. Pushing Eli's mouth all the way down his base, Drew's moan hit a higher octave as he emptied himself in Eli's throat, his dick twitching wildly.

His body tightening up, Drew held on to Eli as rope and rope of his cum went from his length into the other boy's throat. Eli swallowed the entire load, the sweet taste of Drew's cum making him even harder than he already was. Finally letting go, Drew watched as Eli swallowed the last bit of his load. Bending over, Drew gave him a sloppy kiss, tasting himself. The mix of his load and Eli's saliva almost threatened to get him hard all over again.

Ending their intimate moment, Drew quickly started rushing to put his clothes back on. Eli simply fell back against his bed, amazed at what had just happened. He never thought giving a blow job could be something that felt so amazing and incredible. He'd thought Drew was supposed to be the only one getting pleasure from it, but here he was basking in the afterglow of an orgasm that he didn't even have.

Completely dressed and ready to go, Drew opened Eli's closest window and threw his leg over. Stopping, he thought of some sort of goodbye, that would possibly open up for something in the future.

"That was fantastic Eli, um, I'll text you tonight though, maybe you can possibly sneak out for me?" proposed Drew, a pleading look on his face.

"I guess we could figure something out." responded Eli, winking and leaning in to give Drew a quick kiss. Wiping the corner of his mouth, Eli picked up some of Drew's remaining cum.

"Looks like we forgot some." teased Eli, letting his finger slowly enter Drew's mouth so he could suck on it and get another taste of himself. Biting his lip, Eli whimpered, wishing that Drew was sucking on his member instead. Hopefully tonight, if he sneaked out, his wish would come true...