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WARNING: Guy on guy action ;)

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Seal It With A Kiss

Part V: Three is a Charm

Aligning himself, Drew started to slowly enter Eli when out of nowhere the door burst open, Jake Martin stumbling inside. Closing the door behind him, Jake stood with his eyes closed and back against the door, not yet noticing the scene that was in front of him. Slowly opening his eyes, Jake saw what was right in front him, the star football quarterback with his pants down about to fuck his stepsister's ex-boyfriend against the wall. His jaw immediately dropped and he didn't know what to say. Clearly the other two boys were just as in shock as he was because they hadn't done anything but stare back at him. Feeling his pants tighten up a little bit, Jake decided that he had better leave before he did something that he'd regret, or worse, enjoy.

"Well, uh I should probably erm, get outta here," announced Jake as he turned around, putting his hand on the doorknob. By now the combination of liquor and the two boys about to have sex behind him had him standing at attention and Jake hated the fact that Drew and Eli could clearly see it. Turning the handle to leave, a voice stopped him.

"Jake, don't," spoked out Eli, not sure of the what he was thinking or about to do. He had obviously wanted Jake before but he'd never thought something like this would happen, or that Jake would be turned on from it. "Just stay... And join?" Eli sort of asked the question, also looking at Drew to get approval of the situation that was unfolding in front of them.

"Yeah man. You're already hard so you might as well finish the job, right?" offered Drew, having no idea if this would end badly or not.

Closing his eyes once again. Jake placed his forehead against the door and tried to process it all. He had just wanted to come to this party, get drunk and possibly have sex and this would be the final check off his list, just not the way he had originally planned. Eli was here, offering to create a threesome. A mental struggle erupting inside of him, Jake found himself immersed in a pool of confused thoughts, with the overpowering lust starting to wash over him. Pre cum had already been erupting in his pants just the thought of having Eli's lips or ass around his dick made him shiver. If he was going to do this he would have to go all out and make it the hottest and most intense sexual experience of his life. It was now or never and Jake couldn't even deal with deciding upon never.

Locking the door, Jake turned around showing the other two boys just how painfully hard he was and it almost looked like Eli was drooling for it. Licking his lips, Eli waited for Jake to say the magic words to get things started, hoping that his puppy dog eyes would make Jake more than eager to join them.

Reaching down to grope himself Jake began, "Nobody is ever gonna find out about this and if they do, I will fuck both of your faces harder than I'm about to do now." He hadn't meant to be so blunt about it, but the smile that spread across the other boy's faces was more than enough to let Jake know that they would enjoy it.

Letting go of Eli's legs, Drew had to mentally adjust to the new situation at hand. It had gone from him and Eli about to have their first time together to Jake, undoubtedly one of the hottest guys at Degrassi, joining to what would soon become a hot threesome. But how would it all work out and who would do what? His mind being bombarded with questions, Drew couldn't even find a way to think clearly.

Eli, who was clearly the most eager of the three boys immediately removed all of his clothing, making him the first one to be completely naked. A sly smirk spreading across his face, Eli nonchalantly walked across the room to Jake. Leaning up to his ear Eli solely whispered, "Get ready", before getting on his knees.

Jake looked up at Drew, to see any signs of jealousy or something but all Drew was doing was biting his lip and stroking himself. Drew was getting off on the fact that his boyfriend was about to give him head, which turned Jake on even more. Signaling for Drew to come closer, Jake started to remove his own clothing, tossing his flannel shirt across the room. Letting Eli remove his pants, he felt a cool breeze as he felt his dick be exposed. Drew, who was now face to face with him, let out a gasp. It was as if Jake's dick had literally taken his breath away.

Eli waited no further as he took all of Jake into his mouth, not worrying about any sort of build up. Jake almost came then and there with the new sensation of Eli's lips around his dick. It was such a new but great feeling that he couldn't find it in him to control the sounds that his mouth emitted. Grabbing Drew by the neck, he brought him into a sloppy kiss finding it suddenly harder and harder to breathe. His body was on fire, fueled with all this lust around him and it only continued as he kept on kissing Drew while feeding his dick to Eli.

"I think it's time for a switcheroo boys," announced Jake as he ended his long kiss with Drew, finally coming up for air. As if taking orders, the two boys switched, and now Drew was the one taking all of Jake into his mouth, Eli's lips finally combining with his.

It was completely unreal for Jake at this point. The football captain was now deepthroating his dick like a champ, and he had his stepsister's ex begging for him to kiss him harder. With one hand grabbing Eli's neck to deepen the kiss, he used his other hand to force Drew to take more of him down his throat. Both boys responded with soft moans that nearly took Jake over the edge. He felt totally in control and it was time to take it to the next level.

"Let's take it to the bed boys," commanded Jake, removing the final remnants of his clothing that he still had on. The other two boys stood up and eagerly awaited for Jake's next moves as he spread himself on the bed. Biting his lip and pointing down to his cock, they got the message and climbed onto the bed. With an intense hunger, Drew and Eli both began sucking Jake's cock, making him writhe like crazy.

The room was spinning at this point and Jake didn't know how much longer he would last. The two boys sucking his cock had now come up with a technique so one could suck his dick while the other was able to suck on his balls. It wasn't like being with a girl, it was ten times better. Since they were guys, they clearly knew what felt good and he loved the thought. It was then that Jake realized that guys are the only ones that can give the best blowjobs.

Getting more into it, Jake had to literally bite his own tongue so his vocal chords wouldn't emit all of the moans and groans that were yearning to be released from inside of him. It was too much, too hot, too intense for him to handle. The inevitable was near, he could feel it. Washing over his entire body, Jake could tell that his orgasm was near. This blowjob from heaven would eventually end with his cum all over the two hottest guys, that he's ever seen.

He was squirming all over the place, he couldn't deal with the way Drew and Eli sucked. Their lips, their tongues all working together to give him the ultimate pleasure. Jake let out a loud moan as he felt the heat building inside of him. Rising and rising up to a point where he would eventually go over the edge.

"You guys, I'm gonna come... I'm gonna-", his voice breaking and his toes curling, Jake let out what he had been trying to hold off for so long. Arching his back, spurt after spurt of his orgasm was released and both Eli and Drew took turns draining his cock. Gripping onto the bed sheets, his orgasm literally ripped him apart, like he was having the last orgasm that he would ever have in his life. As the spurts continued, Jake wondered if it was ever going to end, or if it would just be one endless orgasm. It was as if he was dying from pleasure, and Jake hoped that something like this would be the last thing he would see before he died.

Falling down from the sexual high, Jake still felt his body twitch, his dick being in a most sensitive state. Looking at the two boys, he found himself admiring how adorable they looked almost nuzzling his limp dick. He didn't want this end and he wasn't going to let him have a mind-blowing orgasm spoil it.

"You guys, that was fucking amazing," admitted Jake, finding it extremely hard to take the smirk off of his face.

"It was amazing for us too," announced Eli, taking the words right out of Drew's mouth. Him and his kind-of boyfriend had just finished giving Jake an orgasm that he would never forget and he felt so accomplished.

"Could you be any more smug right now, Eli?" questioned Drew.

"Well, bring your dick over here and I could show you how smug I truly am, Torres." Leaning in for a kiss, Eli felt his heart flutter. Even though they had gotten another guy off, it was still all about the two of them. They did it together, which made it that much more intimate.

Watching the two guys kiss, Jake was reminded of what was about to happen when he had first walked into the room. They were going to fuck and he had kind of interrupted that. A genius idea popping into his head, Jake mentally prepared how he was about to say the next few words.

"I want to see you fuck him, Drew. I want to watch you while you pound Eli."