Rules of Attraction

Summary: Wash, Zoe, and why they love each other so much. Very short oneshot.

A/N: This was kind of inspired by that one line in Our Mrs. Reynolds, where Wash says, "Some people don't get Zoe and me," or something to that effect.

Some might think she's most attracted to Wash when his skillful flying saves the day, most likely due to her habit of dragging him down to their bunk after particularly close encounters. And it's true, seeing her Wash do what he does best (well, second best, the man is a damn fine lover to boot), does tend to get her going. But she's most attracted to him, most in love with him, when he's just being...Wash. She just melts to see him playing with his dinosaurs, or making quips as fast as the opportunity arises. She loves him best when he's teasing her and making her laugh so hard she can't breathe. This is how he makes her feel most alive, and she can't hardly remember who she was without him. She loves him and could never deny it. Because, out of all the darkness in their lives, he's the light that keeps her going.

Some people might think he's most attracted to Zoe when she fights, because, well, when he's around to bear witness...he gawks. A lot, actually. Boy, does he like to watch as his honey kicks ass. Thrilling, terrifying, but hot as hell. If anyone asks, he'll say it's her legs. Long and lovely and just, ah, he gets overheated just thinking about it. But the God's honest truth is, it's not the warrior he fell in love with. It's that beautiful girl he sees when they're alone in their room. It's when she laughs and it lights up her eyes. It's when her hair is down and she's going on about things far from war and hurt, and instead quotes poetry and all matters of romance (he's sure he's the only one who has ever seen that side of her). It's her compassion for the crew, her cherished family. To be sure, he loves his Amazon. But he loves Zoe, his Zoe, for the true woman behind the walls.

A/N: And I love them both for all those reasons and more. :)