No Day But Today Drabbles

Summary: As the title may suggest, these are drabbles for my story No Day But Today. Technically they can be read alone, but I wouldn't recommend it; full understanding requires reading the story. HP/DM slash. Implied mpreg. Non-magic AU. Very few are in chronological order timeline wise.

Author's Note: …sup?

Anyway! On another note, doing these in order has loss all meaning to me. I'm going to dip my hand in the melting pot that is my mind and see what I can pull out. Cheers!

This one is for hpbrat2, you certainly waited long enough ^_^u. It's a bit different from the situation you gave me, but I think it will work just the same. I hope you like it though.


Word Count: 1540

Draco blinked blearily at the television, mind foggy and eyes heavy as he tried very hard to stay awake in the face of a lazy day at home. It was his first one in a while and he had planned to so something grand with it, like maybe take Harry out or spend the day spoiling his family However, as it turned out, his family, unknowing of his plans, had made plans without him.

Harry was off with Luna somewhere, catching up. The woman had just come back from Peru of all places after researching something for her mad zoologist of a father. She had wanted to share her findings with a friend who was both very interested and respectful of her work, i.e. Harry, and apparently they had decided to make a day of it. Harry had been regretful when he left but Draco had shooed him on his way, knowing that after the weeks Harry had spent stuck in the house with a pre-teen, a toddler and an infant, that he needed some time to himself, or at least with adults, even if it wasn't Draco.

After Harry had left and Draco had comforted himself with knowing that at least he would be able to spend the day with his children, he received a call from Adrian Pucey. The childcare worker had managed to procure several last minute tickets to some obnoxious production, Something-On-Ice? And was calling around to some of his favorite parents to see if their children were available to go. Mira, upon hearing, was ecstatic and looking at her pleading little face had made Draco sigh and inform Adrain that he'd have her ready within the hour.

He'd just finished helping Adrian strap the little girl into one of many car seats in the van full of screaming children when the baby monitor firmly attached to his hip, let him know, quite loudly, that Ashley was up for the day. After a brief farewell to Mira who, now that she was surrounded by her friends he was sure wouldn't miss him in the slightest, he back in the house and up the stairs into his son's nursery to find the babe waiting for him, teary eyed, wet and hungry.

It only took a few minutes to have the baby changed and just as he was heading back downstairs, Ashley in tow, Cailean made his first appearance of the day. It was nearing noon by then and the lack of anything to do on the sunny and surprisingly hot summer day had caused the boy to rise much later than usual. Cailean, upon learning where everyone else was, joined Draco on his venture for a late breakfast. They'd settled down informally on the floor of the sitting room. The television was turned up loud and playing cartoons, Draco and Cailean both had a bowl of colorful cereal that was undoubtedly mostly sugar, and Ashley had his bottle, lounging contently in his father's lap.

It had been a pleasant hour or so until the phone rang and Cailean went to answer. He'd returned to the sitting room only to unceremoniously inform his father that Charis's parents had just got her a splash pool and could he please, please go over. Draco could hardly blame Cai for wanting to get out and play with his best friends so, after checking with Charis's parents and getting a promise from Cai that he'd behave and be safe and would call as soon as he got there, he granted his permission and Cailean was out the door and on his bike, peddling the five or six blocks it would take his to get to Charis's as fast as he could.

Now, alone with only Ashley for company, Draco was trying desperately to stay awake. Today was not at all how he thought it would be but despite that he thought he should put up the effort not to waist it away sleeping. Just because his husband and children were out doing their own thing didn't mean he couldn't have fun as well. Well, most of his children. Ashley, having no qualms about sleeping the day away had been drifting in and out of consciousness since Cailean left. Splayed over Draco's chest as the man lay on his back on the couch, he didn't seem bothered by his lack of siblings nor the steadily dampening spot developing under his head.

Draco ignored the drool, much too use to it over the years and once more tried to focus on the television. Not exactly a productive pastime but still better than sleeping his life away, right? It was even on an early childhood education channel. Sure he already knew how to count to ten and could easily tell which shadow was a car and which was a tree, but it wasn't as pointless as some things he could be watching.

Sleepily, he rubbed his hand over Ashley's slowly rising and falling back and tried to focus on the singing puppet. Maybe he could close his eyes for just a moment….

The thump is what woke him later. As he stared groggily up at the ceiling he couldn't rightly tell how much time had passed, only that his eyes were dry and he was starting to get hungry again. However, when the high pitched cry was heard he bolted upright, fully awake and turned his eyes, stunned, to the ground.

Ashley, lying face up, stared up at him, blue eyes wide in surprise and quickly tearing, face scrunched in pain and becoming steadily redder as he let out a single wail. Heart thundering, Draco hurriedly gathered him into his arms and tried to shush him but Ashley was having none of it and instead just took in as large a gasp of air his little chest could handle and screamed louder.

"Oh god, oh god," Draco muttered, standing and starting to pace, holding Ashley as tight as he dared and bouncing him gently. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, Papa's sorry. Oh, Ash."

His startled mind, still sluggish from sleep was rightly horrified as it slowly worked out what just happened. Ashley had been sleep and then he'd fallen asleep. 'Ashley was on my chest when I fell asleep but wasn't, ooh, he so wasn't when I woke up. He fell! I dropped him! What if he's hurt? What if he has to go to the hospital? Should I take him to the hospital? What will I tell Harry? God! Harry! Harry is going to murder me! Why won't he stop crying? Oh, god, he's really hurt. I hurt him!'

"Please, baby," Draco plead. "Please stop crying. Papa's sorry, he didn't mean it. Please be okay, please, please."

Even as Draco started to work himself up into a right state, Ashley had started to do the same. His face resembled a tomato in his redness, his fists were furiously balled into Draco's shirt and his cries showed no sign of stopping. Tenderly Draco prodded the back of his head and could have whined pathetically at the feeling of a bump slowly rising.

"No blood, there's no blood. That's good," he comforted himself, as his words seemed to have no effect on Ash. Flailing for something that would help that didn't involve going to the hospital or Harry ever, ever finding out about this, he fished in his pocket and pulled out Ashley's binkie, and rubbed it temptingly against little lips.

"Come on, Ash, come on," he prodded and after what felt like an eternity Ash took it in his mouth, sucked twice, cried around it and then repeated. This went on for a few minutes until the little boy's caterwauls had been downgraded into a whimpering mess as he sucked furiously on his pacifier. His face was wet and his eyes seemed to glare up at Draco accusingly, but he was quieting and Draco was beginning to regain the ability to breath.

"Hush, now, you're okay," Draco whispered, unsure whether or not he was comforting himself or Ashley. Too worried to even think about sitting Ashley down or sitting down himself, Draco continued to pace around the room, bouncing and muttering soothing words. It was quite some time later after Ashley had cried himself into a shuddering sleep and Draco was almost willing to risk taking a seat on the sofa again when the front door opened and closed softly. Draco's heart raced again. 'He's okay, he's okay. You don't even have to say anything to Harry. Just say he was being fussy, that'll explain the tears. It'll be fine. He'll never know and he won't murder you.'

Harry stepped into the room a moment later, smiling slightly at what he probably thought was a sweet scene, his husband hugging their youngest child to his chest as said child slept away peacefully, head nestled under a slightly pointed chin. "Hey," he greeted softly so as not to wake the baby. "How was your day?"

Draco, having already mentally prepared himself for this, smiled handsomely and said, "Fine, and yours?" Or, at least that's what he meant to say. However, much to both his and Harry's surprise, what came blurting out was, "It was an accident!"


I hope you liked, I had fun writing it. I haven't written diddly squat in ages.


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