Intersecting Thoughts

"I sent her a letter today."

"He sent me a letter today."

"I hope she reads it and replies to it."

"I looked at the letter and ripped it to shreds."

"I saw her today."

"I saw him today."

"I gave her a warm smile."

"I shot him an icy scowl."

"I kicked him, hit him, etcetera, and beat him up."

"I was beat up by her."
"It hurt so much and my heart swelled with sadness."

"It felt so good and my heart raced with triumph."

"I want to see her again."

"I never want to see you ever again."

"I love you."

"I hate you."

"I think of her every day."

"I try to forget about him every day."

"Whenever I see you, you remind me of a warm, beautiful meadow on a crisp spring day."

"Whenever I see you, you remind me of a pathetic fool who is falsely in love."

"Why does she hate me?"

"Why does he love me?"

"My heart races crazily for her."

"My heart stops beating for him."

"She reminds me of early spring."

"He reminds me of early winter."

"I want her to be that special person who'll be with her for the rest of my life."

"I want nothing to do with him."

"My face turns unhealthily red as she pulls my heartstrings."

"My face turns blood red from anger he's caused for me."

"I would always race back for you even when you kick me like an abandoned puppy for eternity."

"Don't race for me through the ends of time, it's pathetic."

"Today we're on a date."

"Today I've been forced to be with him."

"We hold hands."

"I tug my hand away from his."

"We stop at a café."

"It is old and musky."

"I order a hot chocolate."

"I order an iced coffee."

"I steal glances at her while I sip my drink."

"I see him staring at me pathetically with those googly-eyes of his."

"Do you want to go now?"


"We walk into a noisy, annoying park."

"The scenery there is bright and beautiful."

"We sit on a bench to rest."

"He begins scooting too close to me."

"We sit in silence for a while."

"I hate this silence."

"I look at her."

"I look at him."

"We stare at each other for a moment's time."

"Then we both glance back at the frozen fountain that sits idly by itself."

"I wish I could throw a coin in the fountain and make a wish."
"It's stupid that people use this fountain for their petty wishes."

"I would wish that I could be the most special person to her."
"But even so, I would wish to be able to marry my dear brother."

"I lean close to her face while she isn't noticing."

"I'm mesmerized of this fountain and I'm wondering how to break the frozen surface of it."

"I peck at her cheek softly."
"I can feel someone's warm lips on my frozen cheek."
"She whirls her face away from me."

"I whirl my face away from him."

"I see her brush her fingers to her cheek."

"I touch my touch and rub that kiss away."

"A warm, unknown feeling tickles into my chest."

"I can see her face turning a light shade of pink, and I'm sure it's not from the cold."

"I feel heat flutter into my cheeks and wonder if it's from the sudden cold."

"Snow begins to fall."

"The first snowfall is beginning."

"We are heading back to each other homes."

"He tells me that he'll walk me home."
"I think I'm too cold to say no right now."

"Her body is cold, but her hand is very warm."

"He wraps his hand around mine and I don't pull away this time."

"He gives me his scarf and I take it because I'm cold, not because I'm accepting his kindness."

"I give her my scarf and she takes it without saying anything."

"When he walks me up the stairs to my front door, a small urging feeling wells up in my stomach, like I don't want him to go."
"I walk her up the stairs to her door and I don't want to leave her side just yet."

"He is a few inches taller than me."

"So I stand a little on my tiptoes and give him a clumsy kiss to his cheek to return his."

"The sky sprinkles snowflakes in the air."

"The air is cold and stiff."

"But from her kiss, her warm lips, warm my soul."