Dragon Cave () is copyright to T.J. Lipscomb, the dragon breeds and art are copyright TJ and their respective artists, these individual dragons, characters and the storylines belong to Zephyr_Drake and LightningRip. Probably rated higher than nessesary because there may be fighting, there will be a zombifacation (eventualy) and mating flights.

Walking across the shell-littered cave floor, a girl paused and sat down on a rock that had been her perch for the last several weeks. Staring at the rain outside, she felt as though the weather matched her mood very well. She again looked at the egg shells on the ground. Not one of the 8 eggs she had tried to hatch in the last two clutches had survived. And just today, another 3 eggs had burst open after death, scattering their egg shards on the floor. She eyed the last egg in the makeshift nest. It was a light creamy green and only about the size of a large ostrich or emu egg, possibly a little bit bigger, and smelled of fresh mint. Out of the four eggs in this last clutch, it was the last survivor. Hugging her jumper closer, the girl got up and sat down on the pile of straw and rags she had been using as a bed beside the nest, clearing off a few stray egg shards. She sat for quite some time, just staring at the last egg, before slowly closing her eyes and falling asleep.

The girl woke to the sound of an eggshell cracking. Without opening her eyes, she groaned, believing that her last egg had died. Until she heard a shrilled chirp. She opened her eyes, and saw a small green head poking out of a large hole in the shell. She stared wide eyed at the little dear, before it pulled its head back upon seeing her. The girl tried to make comforting noises, but the hatchling was too scared to leave its shell. She reached for her bag to see what little food she had left. One apple and half a salad sandwich, it would have to do. She placed the sandwich outside the egg and little mint hatchling poked its head outside again. It was so hungry, but didn't want to leave its shell... The girl giggled softly as the hatchling tried to reach out to the sandwich without leaving the shell, and then toppled over as a result. The now-fragile shell cracked and fell apart, revealing the little mint happily munching away at the sandwich. The girl moved so she was in front of the hatchling, who squealed in surprise and tried to run, but found no way out of the nest."There there little one..." The girl spoke softly before biting off a chunk of apple. The little hatchling cautiously took the chunk and ate it, then still hungry, cried for more. "Ok, ok, I'll give you more!" The girl quickly bit off more chunks and fed them to the little mint. Once it was full, the hatchling curled up as the girl stroked it. She smiled "I am glad you have finally hatched, my name is Zephyr, and I will be your tender..."