Hannah's eyes slowly blinked open. She had a bad headache, and the light was hurting her eyes. She attempted to roll over, to go back to sleep, but found a heavy weight on her chest. She opened her eyes more, and looked down. On the crisp white bed sheets lay a small sparkly black lump, about the size of a large as this large ump was pinning her down, Hannah decided to look around. At that point she realized that she was definitely not in her room. The large, polished steel furniture, crisp white sheets and curtains, smooth marble walls, and rather distinct smells told her she was in the hospital to her right, she saw the sleeping form of Layne two beds down. Why were they in the hospital wing? What happened? What was this big lump of sparkly black on her chest?Seeing as she could not get the answers to the first two questions, she decided to prod the black lump to find the answer to the working an arm free from her side ad out of under the rugs, she poked the black lump. It was soft and warm, and felt like... juvenile dragon scales? She felt over the lump, and found what felt like a wing. Black scales with a bright sparkly pattern and small wings? That sounded like...The black lump moved, and a stocky head at the end of a muscular neck twisted round to face her, blinking its deep blue eyes a few times, before crooning and nuzzling Hannah's confused face."Farpar... what are YOU doing here..."

Layne gaped at the letter in front of her. "That absolute **! I can't believe her!" She exclaimed, dropping the letter onto the table in disgust. Hannah jumped, staring at her. "Oh, err.. Did I say that out loud?" Hannah nodded as several nearby students gave her strange looks and went back to their breakfasts. "What is it?" Hannah asked, reaching for the letter. "Remember Siera? From back home in Briggany?" Hannah nodded, eyebrows scrunching together as she began to read. When she finishes, she too dropped the letter in disgust. "I can't believe her.." Hannah echoed. "'It'd be so nice to visit you and Hannah, I'm coming up for your graduation.' PAH. She just wants to see the dragons and flirt with tenders." Layne snorted. Hannah shook her head. "Well, she's coming either way, I suppose we'll have to deal with her.." Layne groaned. She was looking forward to graduation - or she had been. But maybe this wouldn't be so bad… "Maybe I can use this to exact my revenge before we go to the first dimension, hmm?" She asked. Hannah arched an eyebrow. "Oh? Well, don't get too crazy, Layne…I know she's horrible, but we don't want to get in trouble…"Layne nodded absently. Siera had been her nemesis since they were five years old and starting school together. Siera came from a much wealthier family in the classy, mansion-filled part of Briggany. At first she took an interest in Layne, and they spent time together at school. But it became clear that Siera, the vain rich girl, disapproved of Hannah, who had been Layne's friend all her life (their families were friends). When Layne decided to be friends with Hannah rather than Sierra, they had become the other girl's least favorite was rather good at getting people to do what she wanted, mostly bought friends, and she took every possible advantage to make Layne and Hannah look stupid - from pushing them into the mud or tricking them into turning in extra homework that was never really called for. Siera did most the same activities they did, but only because she wanted to have a perfect image of perfected perfection (as the friends said). She was snooty and vain, and she drove Layne insane. Hannah disliked her, but not quite as much as Layne did."Are you all packed for the trip back home, Hannah?" Layne asked, pulling out of her thoughts to eat the last of her breakfast. "Yes. We're leaving bright and early tomorrow morning." Hannah responded around a mouthful of toast. Layne folded up a copy of the Hellfire Herald, the inter-dimensional dragon newspaper, and stuffed it in the purse slung over her shoulder. It would be nice to see her family and friends back home again.

Hannah sighed as she watched the world roll by her window. How long had it been since she had done this again? Right, 11 months. 11 months since she had come to the academy to learn to become a tender with Layne, and only one month more to trip home may well be their last time to see Briggany, and all the friends who wouldn't be able to make it to their graduation. So they would have to make the most of it. She started to go over the list of things she wanted to do, see and take photos of, before looking over to the lump on her shoulder.A very asleep Layne had laid her head on Hannah's shoulder, and was starting to drool. Hannah frowned, and tried to figure out how to get her sleeping friend to remove herself from her person. She poked Layne in the head, to be met with a mumble. "Dun't wanna, shaving cream, Siera's boots..."As amusing as this sounded, Hannah was less than impressed with the growing puddle on her shoulder. She grabbed her friend's ear and yanked."Remove yourself from my person please."She inwardly giggled at Layne's sleepy, confused and slightly shocked face, while outwardly keeping her unimpressed, slightly bored mask she had been working on.

Layne, still rather grouchy about having her ear pulled as means of waking her up, had traded spots with Hannah and laid her head on the window. It was about 3 in the morning now, and Hannah's head was now on HER shoulder. She giggled as Hannah shifted, snoring loudly. "Payback time..." She poked her head above the seat to make sure the coast was clear, then stood on the seat to get her bag down, laying Hannah's head down on the seat carefully. The bus hit a big bump just as she managed to quietly slide one of her bags down, and she fell flat on her butt with a THUMP!"Dang bumpy road..." She muttered, peering around the seat. The driver was still unaware of her moving around. Hannah shifted and fell back asleep, and Layne quickly pulled what she had been looking for out of her bag - a can of nacho cheese dip, sitting right beside the partially-eaten bag of chips from the last gas station stop. She smirked, quickly tipping the last little bit of cheese dip out into Hannah's hand, giggling as she did so. Hannah shifted, and she quickly fell silent, reaching out with one hand. She flicked her fingernail lightly against Hannah's twitched. Layne tickled her nose again, and this time a hand flew up toward Hannah's nose irritably. Cheese dip plastered across Hannah's face, and she sputtered as she woke up. Layne busted out into all-out laughter, muffling it with her arm to stop the bus driver from coming back to was gaping at her, and drew a finger across her face, staring at the yellow on it. She sniffed. "Cheese.. dip?" Hannah asked, staring. Layne managed to respond in between laughing. "Nacho.. cheese.. flavored.. payback!" She giggled again, Hannah's expression was a mixture of drowsiness, annoyance, confusion, and laughter, and the cheese smeared across her face only mad her laugh stared at her in disbelief, but she cracked a smile. "JUST because I pulled your ear? Did it have to be CHEESE?" She demanded. Layne smiled. "Well, it's not like we had shaving cream with us," She snorted. "And I just couldn't pass up a perfect prank opportunity." Hannah shook her head. "Your more trouble than your worth, Layne." She teased. "Hey, I see the welcome sign ahead - 'Welcome to Briggany, enjoy your stay!' Go back to the bathroom and wash your face off, I'll clean the seat up and get our bags off the rack, ok?" Layne said. Hannah nodded and headed for the back of the bus just as the bus driver pulled his radio down and started to speak. "Alright, I know you're tired, but come on listen up! Roxanne, Layne, and Hannah, your getting off in Briggany. Roxanne, your the third off, I'll drop you off at the airport. Layne and Hannah, your getting off at Layne's house, and we've made arrangements for you to stay the night at Layne's, seeing as it'll be 3:30 in the morning when we get there. You three get your stuff ready and clean up after yourselves. If I have to clean up after you, I will personally see that you get punished before you graduate!" He glared them down in the rearview mirror before returning the radio to it's hook. Hannah returned bright-eyed and clean-faced. "Your crashing at my house, Han." Layne said, brushing the crushed-up chip crumbs off the seat. "I have a bet for you." Layne challenged. Hannah groaned. This couldn't be a good thing. Layne smiled. "I bet you can't stay up the rest of the night with me without going to sleep." She challenged. Hannah made a face. "Probably not, but your on, Miss Nocturnal! What are we going to do then?" She asked. Layne gaped at her. "Oh, only drive my sister insane and have fun!" She exclaimed. Hanna shook her head. "Alright, but your parents better be stocked up on caffeine and high-sugar and high-energy foods.." She said disbelievingly. Layne grinned. "Don't worry, I won't let you fall asleep!"Hannah made a face. "That's exactly what I'm WORRIED about!" She said under her breath, Layne jerking their bags down just as the bus screeched to a halt outside their house. The porch light was on, but other than that, there was no obvious sign that they were expecting someone bus radio beeped on again, and several irritated teenagers muttered in their sleep and rolled over. "Alright, Layne, Hannah, time to go! Off off off I've got a schedule to keep! Don't forgot the stuff in the cargo hold, I ain't driving back to give it to you!" The bus driver shooed them off after they said good-bye to Roxanne and a few quickly got their things and walked towards the house, opening the unlocked door as the bus zoomed away. Layne poked her head in first. "Mom? Angel? Hello?" They closed the door, leaving their stuff beside it, and locked the deadbolt, turning out the light before entering the kitchen. There they found Layne's mother, head in her hands, elbows resting on the island, sound asleep and even snoring slightly. All there was a small lamp on, and there was a book on the counter in front of Mrs. Herring. Layne smiled. "Look at her pajamas!" She giggled. They were green cotton pajama pants with little green dragons on them - Pebbles, Vines, and the like. Then she had an old gray t-shirt on, and fuzzy pebble dragon slippers. "She's taking the whole mother-of-a-tender thing seriously, huh?" They giggled at Layne's comment."I can hear you." The new voice made them jump. A kaleidoscope-like blue, green and brown eye opened, and a smile flickered onto Mrs. Herring's face. "I didn't realize you'd be in this late. Hannah's staying the night here, Layne." Her mother yawned, standing and picking up her book - The Life of a Dragon Tender - Dragons, Dimensions, and Monsters and other Threats Tenders Face Layne shook her head. "Why are you reading that, mom? You know we'll tell you all about our dragons and dimensions! We CAN send letters and visit sometimes, you know." She mother winked. "Oh I know and I expect plenty of those letters, miss." She attempted a stern expression. "I was just curious, and you left it in your room." Layne stared at her. "You were going through there? Why? And where was it, I couldn't find it when I got there?""On the floor under your bed, and I was just tidying up a bit." Layne groaned, taking her book. "Mom!" I love her, but I can never find anything after she 'cleans'. "Well, goodnight girls. I'd love to stay up and talk, but I'm exhausted. There's food in the refrigerator, and get Angel while it heats up, would you? She was waiting for you to get home to eat and talk to you about The Academy. I think she wants to apply too." Her mother laughed, rolling her eyes. "I suppose she's taking after you, huh, Layne? Goodnight, girls." She disappeared down the hall. "C'mon Hannah, let's take our stuff up to my room and then we can find Angel and eat dinner, alright?" Layne asked. Hannah nodded, yawning, and they went to retrieve their bags.