You Are The One
Adopted from femmefatale2. One of the authors gracious enough not to just delete their fanfics people enjoy and allowed me to adopt it so people can enjoy.
Story Start

''Ben be careful!'' Gwen cried out as she used mana to shield herself from the enemy's attack as she quickly stole a glance at her cousin. Ben was of course in the form of one of his more commonly used aliens named Jet-ray who was firing eye beams at their enemy the DNAliens.

Ben glanced up to acknowledge her, but didn't have a chance to reply as a fresh horde of DNAliens charged at him. Sheesh. Aren't these…uh…creatures ever gonna stop coming? Just how big is their army, anyway? With a quick dodge, he evaded a group of aliens charging straight for him, meaning to swaddle him with their slimy stuff. Never knew fighting aliens could be this dirty. He looked over at Gwen once again. Well…at least Gwen has it better.

Gwen was currently firing out a mass of purple energy at a group of DNAliens, knocking them flat to the ground.' But not for long,' she thought ruefully. She espied a few more DNAliens charging for her. Too tired out to blast at them again, she just surrounded herself with a protective shield, waiting for them to come near, after which she'd make her move.

Strangely, the DNAliens seemed to be moving rather slowly.'Weird,' she thought. 'But then, maybe it's not just me this battle is tiring out. ' She snuck a glance at Kevin, who had absorbed something which had turned him into a curious teal color, braving it out against the DNAliens. She didn't feel like calling out to him, and advising him to be careful too. She felt as if even uttering a sound from her lips would drain whatever energy she had left. She took a deep breath, and turned forward, apprehending that by now, the DNAliens must have almost reached her. But astonishingly, the group of aliens she had seen charging for her a couple of minutes ago, now seemed to be nowhere in sight. Huh?

"Hey Gwen, you okay?" Jetray called out to her from above.

"Hmm?" She looked upward at Ben. "Yeah, I'm ok…but those aliens…they just sort of…"

"Vanished?" he finished her sentence.

"Yeah…but how'd you—" Suddenly, she put two and two together. "Oh, so you finished them off!"

Ben grinned. "When should I come in handy, 'cuz?" With a quick wink, he was off.

A small smile escaped Gwen's lips. Trust Ben to come to her help. And she hadn't even asked for it. But then, she should have known this, shouldn't she?

"Gwen! What're you grinning like that for? Get back to finishing off those multitudes!"

…And trust Kevin to always ruin her good mood.

"Yeah, yeah," she droned, getting back to 'finishing off the multitudes'.

Not that were many left anymore, though. Ben had annihilated most of them, with just a few still remaining.

Within a couple of minutes more, the entire group of DNAliens had been exterminated.

"Phew," said Ben, landing on the ground beside Gwen, and turning back to his human form. "That wasn't so hard, was that?"

"Speak for yourself, Tennyson," said Kevin, rolling his eyes. "Not all of us have the power of taking to the air."

"Jealous, Kev?"

Kevin grunted, but made no reply. He turned towards Gwen. "You okay?"

Gwen nodded. "Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks to Ben." She turned to Ben, and gave him a warm smile. Then she turned towards Kevin. "And thanks to you too. Though you were too busy exerting your muscle power to care for what I was doing!" she added mischievously.


"Shame on you, Kevin. Putting your own selfish needs before Gwen!" said Ben, feigning disdain.

"Tennyson, how dare—"

"Quit it, you two!" Gwen spoke up, interrupting them before they could break out in another argument...again. "Seriously, you don't need any concrete reason to get into an argument, do you?"

"Ask that to him," replied both Ben and Kevin in unison, glowering at each other.

'Oh, c'mon!" Gwen linked her arms with both boys on either side of her. "It doesn't really matter, does it? We just won a hard-hitting battle! Cheer up, guys!"

"Oh so? Do you really think you won the battle?"

The sudden harsh voice made the three of them stop in their tracks. Slowly, they turned around. They turned a trifle pale at the sight that met their eyes.

On top of a hillock, not far away, stood the Highbreed Commander, accompanied by an enormous horde of DNAliens.

"We just finished off an entire swarm of those creatures," said Kevin boldly, stepping forward. "Do you think another fresh lot's gonna stop us? Think of those poor fellows, dude. You still have time – back off."

Ben and Gwen exchanged a glance. Both had exactly the same thought on their minds. Did Kevin really think he could scare the Highbreed and his entourage off?

The Highbreed Commander laughed deviously. "Do you really think you can scare us off?"

The two cousins exchanged another glance. Exactly our point.

Without further uttering anything, the High breed gave the signal to his army to come down on the trio.

As the three got ready to face the oncoming horde, Gwen couldn't help letting out a little sigh. Looks like the battle is far from over…