You Are The One
Adopted from femmefatale2. One of the authors gracious enough not to just delete their fanfics people enjoy and allowed me to adopt it so people can enjoy.
Story Start

The Vibrations and sound of destruction jolted Gwen out of her sleep. It took her a few moments to collect herself as she realized that the cause was not a natural disaster. Using her ability to sense mana she picked up on something dark in the air. She immiediately rushed outside and that's when she saw it in the far out distant. It was a giant winged serpent, its long coils going on for miles as it bared its fangs, striking down at nameless and faceless victims; victims that Gwen couldn't make out from her current distant. For a moment she was paralyzed, unsure on what to do. It had been so long since she used her powers, but she couldn't just abandoned all those people to death. She couldn't turn her back on all those innocent lives when she had the power to do something.

'With this watch maybe I can make a difference. You know, really help people.'

He wouldn't have turned his back on those people. Summoning the courage deep down inside of her she made her way to where the creature was, but not before calling back-up in the form of her grandfather and the plumbers. Despite being cautioned to wait, Gwen went to where the creature was. She couldn't stand by and do nothing; she knew this was rather impulsive and unlike her but she couldn't help it. 'I won't...I won't let anyone else die in front of me.' she thought as she arrived to the scene. Her stomach wretched and she went pale. Leaning against the destroyed ruins of a building Gwen vomited from the nauseting smell and sight of mutilated bodies. It was absolutely horrifying and it chilled her blood; she felt dizzy but she steeled herself.

Screams tore through the air and the heavy vibrations of the creatures movement nearly caused her to tumble over. Violet energy flickered to life in her hands as they formed into orbs. With a battle cry she hurled the orbs of mana at the body of the creature which harmlessly disapated. Gathering more power she hurled large blasts as they floated through the air and nailed the creature in the face, drawing its attention. ''Meena Goh.'' Gwen chanted as a beam of heat escaped her hands and partially burned the scale of the snake's nose.

The creature bared its fangs and struck down at Gwen who leaped out of the way. ''Somnus!'' she casted, trying to place the creature to sleep. The creature's movements slowed, it became sluggish and began to wildly attack. Gwen broke out in a sweat, after spending so much time inactive she had slowly began to weaken. Her pools of mana were as vast as ever, but the amount of control and focus she once had, it was no longer what it once was. ''Facio Gravias!'' she cast, increasing the gravity around the creature's head, causing it to crash to the road, causing large cracks in the road. The creature proved stubborn as it lashed out with its tail, the force of the blow knocking the wind out of Gwen and slamming her into a car.

Gwen's mind almost went blank. Whether it was from the force of the blow or the shock of hearing the own sound of her body being tossed aside and broken like a rag doll. With her concentration broken so was the spell. 'I'm sorry Mom and Dad. I'm sorry Kevin. Grandpa!' she thought as tears stung her eyes. No matter how much she tried she simply didn't have the will to tap into her old power. 'I'm sorry Ben.' was her final thought as she prayed her death would be quick. Suddenly intense beams of heat impacted with the creature causing it to hiss and whip its head back in pain. Its attention drawn by the newest attacker. Out of the corner of her eye Gwen saw a bright green flash and flying overhead was some sort of white specter with golden wings? The creature fired beams of energy at the snake causing it to fall back onto the ruins of the destroyed and vacant business buildings. The creatures four golden wings began to glow to almost blinding proportion when and then fired. It impacted with the recovering creature causing it to explode into golden flames.

The winged creature then slowly glided down out of sight. Gwen could feel her eyes lids grow heavy and her consciousness fade. She fought with all her might to stay awake, already coming to conclusion that her organs could have been ruptured or she was dealing with internal bleeding and that if she fell asleep she might not ever wake up again. ''Hold on Gwen...just hold on.'' a comforting voice said.

''Ben.'' she thought. ''I'm dead aren't I?'' she asked as an image of Ben appeared before her eyes. She assumed she was either hallucinating or she had died and joined Ben in heaven.

''Its not your time yet Gwen.''
'Ben' said as a warm green glow washed over Gwen. The red-head soon feel asleep. ''Ben!" Gwen suddenly cried out and sat up in what she assumed was a hospital room. It wasn't like any hospital room she had been too, the machines were too hi-tech. A private medical facility?' She thought as her relatives walked.

''Gwendolyn! Thank heavens!'' her mother cried out as she went over and pulled her daughter into a hug. ''We should have never let you moved to Merryville. I knew it was a terrible idea and I should have trusted my judgement.''

''Thank god you're alright pumpkin.'' her father added.

''I'm sorry you guys. I'm sorry for worrying.'' Gwen guiltly replied as she fought back the tears. ''Grandpa. Tell me you and the others manage to stop that snake?'' Gwen asked.

Max only gave her a perplexed look in return. ''Gwendolyn, that creature was dead by the time the others and I arrived. In fact the only thing we saw was some strange golden glow leaving the site where we found you.''

''But what about...'' Gwen moved around and to her shock she didn't feel a bit of pain. In fact she felt better then she ever did. So that thing she saw, it wasn't a hallucination? So did that mean? Could it have been? 'Ben.' Gwen thought. She decided it was best not to say anything for now. After her aunt, uncle, and brother came to visit and check on her and the medical staff finally ushered away the rest of her family Gwen began meditating and trying to recollect her thoughts. One way or another she was going to find out what happened and whether or not it was Ben she saw. If so then there was no force on earth that was going to stop her from figuring out the truth.