"It's no use!" Rachel Berry, sixth year Slytherin, exclaimed in frustration, slamming herself down into a desk in the empty classroom she was using to practice. She grabbed her wand (Aspen,dragon heartstring, 9 inches)from the top of the desk and threw it across the room in anger. It bounced and sparks shot out of the end. Her anger dissipated quickly, just like the sparks in the air, and she slumped down in her seat, laying her head on her crossed arms on the desk top. "I don't know why you're wasting your time helping with this," she told her companion. "I'm just no good at wandless magic. I can't do it."

Her companion, the tall, beautiful, talented, and intelligent Quinn Fabray, sixth year Ravenclaw, frowned in the direction of the thrown wand and summoned it back. "Well with that defeatist attitude you'll never get it. You have to stay positive." She put the wand in front of Rachel's crossed arms and then stepped back again quickly. Her finger had brushed the other girl's grey and green sweater and she had immediately thought about the arm under the wool and the skin that covered that arm and how soft it would be and-

She took a deep breath and focused on what Rachel was saying.

"The irony in this conversation just became apparent."

Quinn scowled. "Just because I'm not high on life like you usually are doesn't mean I don't have confidence in my magic. I know I can do it, so I can. If you keep saying you can't then you'll never be able to."

Rachel conceded her point with a nod. "Fine, carry on."

Quinn sighed and cocked her left hip, to which her hand attached immediately. It was a classic Ravenclaw 'I'm better than you' pose, and Rachel was sick of seeing it. "You're going about it all wrong."

"I've changed my mind," the brunette announced, sitting up straight. "I don't want to do this if you're just going to talk down to me the whole time. I had enough of that when we were young thanks."

"Look," Quinn cut in before Rachel could storm out, "I'm just saying that you don't understand the concept properly."

"Wandless magic!" Rachel spat, slamming her hands on the desk. He wand bounced again and the rolled toward her. "Magic without a wand!" She grabbed her wand and shook it in front of the blonde's face. Quinn leapt away when sparks shot toward her. "I know the concept," she slammed the wand back on the table. "The execution is my problem."

"I'm trying to explain it to you!" Quinn shouted right back in her face. "If you would just sit down for a minute and stop being so dramatic, maybe we could get somewhere."

Rachel huffed and puffed and stamped one of her little feet, which did nothing but make the blonde smile a little. She sat down with a few more huffs and a pout. "Ravenclaws," she scoffed. "Think they know so much."

"Because we do," Quinn replied with a gloating smile. "Now, your problem is that you aren't focusing your magic the right way."

"I don't know how to, I need my wand to do magic."

"No you don't. Don't you remember being a little kid and doing magic by accident?" The brunette nodded. "You're thinking about your magic the wrong way. Your wand is just a tool though which you focus your power. It shapes the magic with very little effort on your part. Wandless magic means that you have to shape the magic yourself." She took both of the Slytherin's hands in her own and pulled her to her feet. "The magic doesn't come from your wand, Rachel, the magic is inside you."

"That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me."

"I was being literal, not metaphorical."

"It was still the nicest thing."

"Well, we're in the DA together. I don't really have a reason to be mean to you anymore."

Rachel rolled her eyes good naturedly. "Just show me what I'm supposed to do."

Quinn helped her get into the proper stance, even going so far as to kick her feet apart. "Ok," she grabbed the girl's wand off the desk and handed it to her, "summon one of those books over there." Rachel raised her wand arm to do so but Quinn caught her wrist. "But while you do it, focus on the way the magic feels inside you. Pay attention to the way it swirls up; try to feel where it originates. Listen to what your body is telling you and just feel the warmth as it moves toward your wand."

Rachel tried to do as bid. It would have been easy, she told herself, if Quinn hadn't stood so close to her back, so close that she could feel the body heat in the space between them. She did focus though, eventually, and Quinn probably hadn't noticed her hesitation, or had chalked it up to mental preparation.

The familiar warmth of magic buzzed through her, filling her chest to capacity and then shooting along her arm to her wand. This time, she really paid attention to how it felt, and to her astonishment she felt like it was creating a pattern on its way to the exit at the end of her wand.

The spell flew free and the book she had chosen to summon flew at her. Quinn caught it out of the air and put it down on the desk.

"Do it again, and keep the same focus."

So she did, until the pile of books on the desk held more than the shelf across the room. When Quinn banished all the books back to their shelves in a perfect arch with just a single flick of her wand (Apple, unicorn tail hair, 10.2 inches) Rachel had to reign in her jealousy. The blonde was just so effortlessly good at everything she did.

"Now," she carefully plucked Rachel's wand from her hand and set in on the desk they had used earlier, "do the exact same thing, but summon your wand into your hand. You can get closer, if you want."

Rachel did want, but she didn't want to look weak so she stayed where she was.

"Stay in the same stance and extend your arm as if you're still holding your wand. In fact, envision that you are holding it."

She tried the spell, tried to pull the magic up from her belly in the same pattern as before, but nothing happened. The wand stayed where it was.

"Don't give up."

She took a few deep breaths and tried again. Again there was nothing. This time she didn't let Quinn say anything before trying again. Still nothing. Behind her, Rachel heard Quinn moving.

"Just give me a minute."


Rachel closed her eyes and focused her thoughts on what she wanted. She wanted to impress Quinn Fabray, captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and smartest girl in school, next to herself of course. She wanted to prove that she could do wandless magic. It was just one measly spell and she could do it. She wanted that damn wand in her hand and she wanted it now!

Her eyes flew open, glinting with determination. "ACCIO WAND!" The magic flew out from her hand, invisible and intangible, and without the funnel formed by a wand it spread out over the desk like a wave, most of it converted to thermal energy in the air before it even reached the wand, but some of it did connect.

The wand didn't shoot into her hand like she had hoped, but it did scoot across the desk a whole two inches before it wiggled to a stop.

"It moved!" Rachel crowed, rounding on the blonde, an excited spark in her eyes.

"It did," Quinn agreed. She smiled gently at Rachel's enthusiasm. The smile departed quickly and turned into a look of sheer panic when Rachel flew at her and wrapped strong arms around her neck.

"Praise Merlin! I made it move. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

The blonde couldn't form words in English, her brain, usually very well ordered, was a jumbled mess of sounds and thoughts. All she could think about was that Rachel Berry was pressed fully against her from shoulders to knees, a warm cheek against hers.

"I think that's enough for today," Quinn replied finally, her voice a little high pitched and frantic as she pulled away from the smaller girl's embrace and tried to gain back some control. "Keep practicing this week and you should be fine for the practical. As long as you show improvement you'll get good marks. Uh…I have to go to do a thing."

"A thing?" Rachel asked in amusement, high off of her small success and not even letting the disappointment of Quinn's eminent departure sully her good mood.

She answered as she backed towards the door, nervous of the predatory look in the Slytherin's eyes. "Yeah, a Quidditch thing. Very boring, I'm sure you aren't interested. See you in class."

Quinn bolted from the room before she realized she had left her bag and had to double back to get it, smacking her forehead a few times. When she ran back in it was to find a smirking Rachel Berry holding her bag out to her by the strap.

"Shut up," the blonde snapped, snatching the bag away from the brunette, her ears and cheeks a light pink.

"Didn't say a word."


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